2002 Chevrolet Silverado Z71 4 x 4 8 cylinder from North America


Overall OK, but...!!


I have owned this vehicle for 31 months. As a retired, but very active person, this vehicle is primarily used as a light duty truck i.e. light construction and farming.

I have been relatively pleased with its performance... until the last few months.

In March 2004, the pinion gear was replaced under warranty at approximately 43,000 km.

In early April, 2004, I became stuck in snow. After engaging the 4 x 4, a friend noticed that the front tires weren't rotating. Returning to the dealer, I was informed that the transfer case was "toast". A cause could not be found. Metal and oil were both sent to a GM lab for analysis, but to no avail. This would not be covered by warranty, to my surprise! After a detailed discussion with the Regional Service Manager, it was decided that this would be covered by warranty. Consequently, I must now have this checked by the dealer with each oil change, at no charge I might add.

Within a week of this, the universal joint was replaced by warranty.

Would I buy another Chev/GM half-ton truck? Am I optimistic or scared about the next few months/years while possibly owning this truck? I'll have to think long and hard before arriving at a decision.

General Comments:

This vehicle handles well, both in-town and on long distance drives. The front bucket seats are great, but passengers are not comfortable in the rear seats. A good all-season vehicle for the variable weather in Ontario.

Bill Adams


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Review Date: 4th July, 2004

24th Sep 2005, 00:57

You should be optimistic. I have been looking at reviews of many diffirent full size pickups and there is always someone with major problems. Seems that Chevy does not have that many.

2nd Feb 2011, 13:20

I have 2002 Chevy Silverado Z71 and it has 297000 miles on it. I have owned it for 3 years and the only thing I have replaced on it is the water pump and fuel pump. The 4wheel drives work great.

So, all in all, I would rate these truck on a scale of 0-100 as 99.

10th Apr 2011, 11:01

The fuel tank sensor system is a expensive replacement, as are the brake lines alone, & I had the misfortune of losing the front left tire/wheel assembly while driving... and adding to that is the fact that the brake lines rot real fast & the master cylinder is a piece of junk (go custom after market with an adapter plate, that'll fix the M. Cyl problem) & needs to be better made.

BODY: better stronger bumpers are recommended, lower door rocker panels rot fast, paint them with THICK coats of rhino

paint-on/roll-on bed liner... the entire underbody should be made a lot more rust resistant to New England weather -or- any kind of topsy turvy weather, wet dry/hot cold/dry /moist

weather (a Corvette body fares better) a fiber-glass nose/hood, body panels would be better for fuel economy too!

OVERALL A GOOD TRUCK FOR HAULING WOOD OR A CAMPER/BOAT or even a bike (a Harley or any vintage 350/1100 series of sportster-cruiser copy Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, etc). Though I'd gladly take another early 90s Chevy Blazer Sport or a good early 01-05 Blazer ZR2 Sport 2 door with a digital dash & 6 cyl with a lot of better than stock parts replaced/made in America!)...

OVERALL: if you like pickup trucks, this design is a canvas waiting to be painted, customed, touched up by you - go for it.

2002 Chevrolet Silverado LS 5.3L V8 from North America


Don't over look this great V8


The passenger side door lock did not work when it rolled off the lot, but it was fixed the same day by the dealer. The CD player has also stopped working; well it cannot fast forward several tracks witout freaking out and spitting the disk out as "err".

I also broke it in an exterme off road situation that I am still sure no truck could have escaped from alive. The right manifold cracked.

Nothing else to date.

General Comments:

I love this truck! I have been good to it and it has been great to me.

It is hugely powerful and a blast to drive. Who wouldn't like a truck that chirps over-sized tires off the line? The V8 sounds and feels fantastic! At this point I believe that there is no better engine that the Chevy small block. A look under the hood reveals a spaciously laid out Vortec engine that is very easy to maintain. Nothing gets me fired up like a clean spacious engine bay, and this is the best. My only complaint comes with the territory: fuel economy kills me. I have a very small commute and drive mostly in the city, and I put $50 bucks in it a week. 25,500 miles in 17 months.

The interior is plush. It doesn't belong in a truck. I have the LS which is not even the top of the line trim level and I feel like I am being spoiled. Keep in mind that I am only 21 and am easily impressed since my first car was a total piece. All of the climate and stereo controls are well placed and logical. The seats are beyond comfortable and the wheel and gages are perfect. If you get the bucket seats you get a cassete player which is great because I can hook up my iPod to the truck stereo. You also get a BIG center console which I use all the time. I have the extended cab version, not the four door, and there is tons of room in the back seat. I frequently fit adults in the back with no complaints (Maybe because they know that if they complain about my truck they'll be riding in the bed). The cabin is remarkably quiet, but doesn't let you forget that there is a big ol' V8 under there.

The automatic transmission is smooth for the most part... It shifts abruptly under hard acceleration, but remembering just how much weight it is pulling it's not outrageous. Sometimes, rarely, but sometimes the trany will hesitate. From a dead stop the engine will rev and and then all of a sudden grab. It's not bad, but it is curious. I drive it over a local mountain range here locally (Santa Cruz Mountains) and it handles the windy steep conditions with great ease. I find that the "tow/haul" mode is perfect for this, it gets the RPM up where the engine produces more torque. In fact one of my favorite things to do is blow by sport compact cars up and over the mountains while pretending like it's no big deal and watch them sneer as I pass.

The suspension is great in all aspects. My truck is equipped with the Z71 Off Road package, giving it larger bore shocks and a limited slip diff in the rear, and a very slight lift. It is ideal for off road conditions that are anything short of tank trails. I have taken I through some pretty rough stuff and except for the afore mentioned problem it has come throuth like a champ. It's pavement performance is also fantastic considering that it is a truck with big tires, and a light rear end. I often come around a right turn merging onto the expressway hitting 50 and merging flawlessly.

I am very pleased overall with the pickup. I think that it is the best half ton pickup on the market today (if I didn't I wouldn't have bought it). The engine is great and the cabin is beautiful. I hope to own it for at least a couple hundred thousand miles. If you could bare to get through my long winded praising of this truck I hope you found it helpful. Keep in mind I'm just a kid with a truck I shouldn't have been able to afford and would probably give everything a good review. But I really love my Chevy. Here is my personal email address, if anybody has any questions please let me know. (sigmapolitian@hotmail.com)

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2004

6th Mar 2007, 13:45

These trucks are sweet. I have owned mine for about two years and no problems to date, I have about 67,000 miles and hope to keep it for many more miles. The 5.3 v8 is the best engine you could possibly buy as well. Z-71 package is also a great add. Country Cadillac!

17th Sep 2009, 01:48

I have had my 2002 Silverado LT extended cab with the 5.3 V8 from 80k to 150k, haven't replaced anything but brake pads.

This engine is amazing - very smooth, reminds me of European engines with its refined smooth sound, but has an American V8 low end grunt power torque. Tows my work trailer everyday very well, and tow/haul mode is great for this, but honestly the engine is powerful enough that I rarely use it, I just keep it in regular mode!

Rides like a Cadillac, handles better than you could dream a truck could - the sway bar is ginormous.

Brakes will make you a believer - 4 wheel discs on the 2002 model, and even with a trailer in panic stops, you quickly relax with every pressing of the pedal, no matter how scary the situation ahead of you.

I absolutely love this truck, and plan to keep it till it gets 300k. I've had several Chevrolet trucks and am extremely impressed with their durability and their superior ride and handling compared with the Dodges and Fords that I have driven. I looked long and hard at all the available trucks, and personally I am very satisfied with my decision. I would recommend looking at all brands before making up your mind, but if you like the Chevy, buy it because it's reliable.