2002 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Small V8 from North America


It is a poor example of a quality truck


So far the steering has a major rattle and clunk that comes through the steering column.

The transmission after making a turn acts like it is slipping.

The wheel covers have fake lug nuts that keep coming loose.

At highway speed the truck will shudder and vibrate after hitting a bump in the road.

General Comments:

The vehicle sags badly if you put a minor load on it.

When driving on curvy roads, the truck leans badly, my wife's Dodge truck handles really well and can handle a heavy load. This truck is more like a car with a pickup bed on it.

Very poor fuel mileage.

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Review Date: 5th August, 2003

11th Feb 2004, 14:09

I have a 2002 silverado Vin 2GCK19T321183677

Major brake failure at 30K rotors, calipers, pads $1000.00.

Noise in rear found to be yoke at transfer case $400.00.

Steering box noise, repaired warranty. Ride suspension switch repaired 2 times WT. Vehicle rides like a car which it was what I wanted, however cannot carry a load or tow a trailer at all.

22nd Jun 2006, 12:15

That "clunk" or "rattle" that you are hearing has something to due with a grease packing in the steering column. I had the same thing happen to mine. It should be covered by the manufacture.

2002 Chevrolet Silverado LS 4.8 from North America


Good looking truck with the Bridgestones


RR Goodyear Wrangler tire blowout at 40,000mi.

Steering stiffened up for a few seconds when starting it in the morning at around 50K.

Allison trans shifts hard, "jerky" and takes 2-3 sec. to get to reverse.

Inside right door plastic lock knob fell off, leaving metal wire exposed.

Drivers door gap adjustment at approx 33,000mi. (It was too far out)

General Comments:

This is a LS ext. cab 2WD oilfield truck, w/4.8L V8 engine, driving mostly highway miles. I get between 15-18mpg, and have a hard fiberglass tonneau cover over the bed. I would not tow anything of weight with this truck.

Its very comfortable, according to others who have ridden in the oilfield standard F150's. However, when A/C is on it seems hard to adjust to the correct temperature, always "too hot" or "too cold".

RR P235/75R16 Goodyear Wrangler tire blowout at 40,000mi, (15,000mi tread left). I have replaced with a set of Bridgestone P245/75R16 Dueller AT Revo. The aggressive tread pattern and wet weather compound makes these tires handle like a dream in the oilfield.

Having only regularly scheduled maintenance from GM dealership, there have been no major problems. I have complained about Allison trans; shifts hard, slips every once-and-awhile in first. They could find nothing wrong with it. I got the trans service, (50K), and this tightened up the trans for awhile. Now its loosey-goosey again. However, with the abuse it takes, I feel it will last until 140K when I get another truck.

Windshield seems rather thin. It has 3 star chips in it. However, they haven't spread at all like the F150's winshields do.

Oilfield standard is this: F150 is the overall best truck. Good price, excellent reliability. However gas mileage suffers compared to Chevrolet. Our company let us pick Chevy or Ford, because of similar pricing. Even though Ford will win out in reliability, I chose Chevy since it has sex appeal. Gas mileage is also better, (I have a Chevy personal truck). Dodge is also a nice truck, but I hear of auto trans/suspension/body problems in the oilfield.

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Review Date: 22nd June, 2003

14th Aug 2003, 20:45

You can't get the allison transmission with a 4.8 liter. You have the 4L60 transmission and it should go out on you by 50,000 miles.

23rd Apr 2004, 08:20

First Chevrolets are far more reliable than Fords. I am a certified mechanic and work on cars all day long. The mechanics in the Chevrolet are much heavier duty than the Ford. Fords IFS is very under built, while Chevys IFS is stronger than Fords straight axle. As for the 4l60 going out at 60,000 miles, I currently own a Suburban with that Transmission and it is about to hit 150,000 miles they are good trannys.

18th May 2004, 23:54

My Chevrolet truck is the best one I've ever owned(02' LS Silverado). I've haven't had one single problem yet. I've driven F-150's and Dodge Ram and there is no comparison. People just whine about every little thing when every make of car has quarks in them. Be grateful and keep them bowtie's rolling.

24th Jul 2012, 01:38

Pshhhhh, 150,000 ain't nothing. Ford trucks don't even get broke in until about 250,000 miles.

1st Oct 2015, 03:01

Same here. 02 Silverado has 267000 miles. Replaced starter once, just changed power steering pump, and hold your hats boys, all of this with 4 oil & filter changes, only 2 of them really needed. Every mile loaded to the gills with tools and pulling a trailer load of lumber.

Chevy till I die.

2002 Chevrolet Silverado LS 5.3 from North America


Good truck' bad service


Rear end front and rear popping and slipping.

General Comments:

When it is wet a wheel spins,the thing pops, have had it back to dealer 5 or 6 times, all there trucks do this, my 2000 didn't do it my 99 didn't do it.

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Review Date: 2nd February, 2003

8th Sep 2009, 11:17

That is the limited slip kicking in; it's not a bad noise.

2nd Mar 2014, 19:31

If it is a 1500, the issue is spring wrap, and there was a dealer fix back in '02.