21st Apr 2008, 22:40

I have a 2003 Silverado. I have had no issues with this truck. I was leary of all the computers and electrical stuff so I bought the 100,000 mile warranty, however I have not had to use it. I have 89,000 miles on it now. I would definately by another GM product. This is my 10th GM vehicle, I had one ford truck and it was a good truck and one dodge van, it had issues.

22nd Apr 2008, 19:45

C'mon coolant bottle loose, tailgate strap adjusted, tailgate minor adjustment, touchy brakes... go to the dealer just spend a couple of hours and have the prep people go over it again.

I have had 3 of these great trucks and they perform great. I would rather deal with this than engine or trans replacements common on new imports.

I had my seat belt tension adjusted on my SUV and I am a very picky owner as well. My only issue is that I wished I had 2 Artic White vehicles instead of one being black and hard to keep immaculate all the time.

I took the free dealer GM shuttle to and from work, had my tensioner corrected, and drove it home. You have 100,000 mile warranty, not 36,000 miles, which in a year and a half I would be footing the whole bill.

26th May 2008, 08:17

Hi all.

I have a 2005 Crew Cab LS model, and have 102500 miles on it.

The only thing that has been a problem to me has been the noise out of the steering column.

When I first got the truck, the front tires wore on the inside at 10000 miles. Took to dealer to check front end, and he told me that I had not rotated tires and that was the problem. Took it to front end shop, and front end was 1/4 inch out. Had alignment and has been right.

By the way I pick up a new 2008 Crew Cab LT1 this week. This will be my 3rd new Chevy. I had a 2004 F-150 that I traded on my 05.

7th Jul 2008, 13:39

I'm not going to accuse this reviewer of exaggerating because ALL manufacturers DO occasionally turn out a real lemon. I'm blessed in the fact that none of my Ford, GM or Chrysler cars or trucks has ever had a problem. My 2 current GM vehicles are 6 and 8 years old, and neither has had a single problem.

As for test drives, I'm a mechanic and car enthusiast, and my wife and I have done stunt driving. When we test drive a car, we TEST drive it. That means flat-out take-offs, on-the-edge cornering and performance braking. If the salesman is along he can sit quietly or request to get out. One of my best memories of a test drive is of my wife pitching a V-8 Mustang into a turn at 105mph, while casually discussing the benefits of different fuel injection systems. The salesman was slightly green, and I'm sure he was glad to get out, but at least we knew what the car would do. You owe it to yourself to really DRIVE a car during a test drive, unless you are a 70-year-old lady who never uses the potential of ANY vehicle.

2nd Aug 2008, 18:46

I have owned many GM products with most of them being Chevy trucks. I currently own a 2007 Silverado Crew Cab LT1 Z71. This truck has the 5.3 liter V8 engine. Overall, I am very pleased with the truck. I have had no issues with engine noises and have found the truck to have more than adequate power. I did have one electrical problem with the instrument cluster. When I was finally able to take it to the dealer broken, they fixed it. I am also having some trouble with tire wear on the inside edges. I have since had an alignment performed and hope this will correct the problem. My seat is comfortable but it is a power seat.

In general terms, I have had very good service with GM trucks. Some of these I have driven 100,000 miles or more without a single repair. I am pleased with the 07 Silverado. I will know more in 4 to 5 years.

21st Aug 2008, 16:55

Should have bought a new Tundra, I did and have no regrets. A couple of people I know who own new G.M.s would agree with me. North Americans no longer make the best truck, actually they do... THE TUNDRA.

28th Aug 2008, 21:06

I am also having a tough time with my 07 1500 Sierra. The brakes run hot. The rotors were replaced once, but they have hot spots on them again. The front end is making a lot of noise and the speakers suck. The dealer claims this is all normal. I have been back 4 times. I have driven GM's all my life, but this truck is really making me think I may have made a bad choice. Everything seems to be falling apart at only 25,000 miles.

28th Dec 2008, 21:33

I'm going to have to go ahead an disagree with the few mechanics that say they need Chrysler products for business.

Over the last two decades I have mainly owned Dodge Trucks. I have beaten the crap out of these things and put tons of miles on them with minimal work. Because of the amount of miles I put on, I generally like to trade up every 2-3 years or so, most with end up with more than 100 thousand miles on them.

For one spur of the moment decision, I decided in 1998 to try out the redesigned Ford F-150. I was by no means disappointed with it, and would probably buy another Ford sometime down the road. I did however, have a few issues with it, so I traded it for a 2000 Ram. I loved it, but had the chance to get a great deal on a year Clearance sale for a 2002 Ram, so I bought it.

Then, in 2006, I made the biggest mistake of my life, I bought a 2006 Toyota Tundra. I did fall into the hype that surrounded it and bought because of the reviews, instead of for my own opinion. I only kept it a year because it was by far the biggest money pit ever. Not cheap problems, very expensive ones.

So, not thinking again, I purchased a used 2006 Silverado in its place. Only had about 3000 miles on it and was priced right. I traded it in earlier this year because it was just getting too expensive, with many of the problems in this review.

I bought a new Ram, and I love it, drives better than any of the previous trucks I've owned. This is, however, my experience and I understand that everyone has different ones.

I will agree with the people who take their cars for "Hard" test drives; you need to experience how they will drive with how you actually drive. I will also say that you need to try things for yourself, don't listen to the hype, it could cost you big time.

5th May 2009, 20:18

I own a 2007 Silverado K1500 lt1 Ext cab.

The speakers do suck. Go with the Bose package.

The rear doors seem to take a lot of effort to close fully. If they're only closed partially the painted areas on the top contact each other (not good). I've spoken with other owners and tried their doors and they don't seem to have the same issues.

Slight wind noise from doors as well, but at almost 18,000 miles it hasn't bothered me enough to bring it to the dealer.

Seats also double as a lint roller. I hear there is a service bulletin on this matter.

I'm happy with it.