20th Aug 2007, 06:09

Be glad you haven't had an engine recall trans etc with an import. I own 2 late model Silverados. If you have minor adjustments tailgate strap etc. go in on one visit get it all corrected under warranty. I get the free shuttle to work and back without having someone accompany me to my dealership. My older 2004 Silverado...85,000 miles no issues other than brake, tires and oil changes. I also upgraded the CD/radio removable face and also have Ipod connection now for under $200 for the Silverado at Circuit City using the stock speakers if you are into audio.

22nd Aug 2007, 19:38

Well, I picked it up from the dealer this morning... Here is what they did to it:

-Replace leaking rack and pinion.

-Replace missing rubber plug on rocker panel.

-Reprogram pcm.

All the noises, the burning brakes, the squeaking, the tailgate strap... ALL NORMAL IN THE EYES OF GENERAL MOTORS. I used to be the biggest GM fan, especially over their trucks. I will NEVER purchase another GM product again. They gave me a front end alignment, and now the steering wheel is cocked to the left. They said that the tires were low on air, causing the lights to come on the dash. I inflated the tires last month, and since then, they lost 6 lbs each. They have no holes in them. Now I'm wondering if the wheels are porous. I can't wait to see what will break next.

27th Aug 2007, 21:34

OK thankfully I don't own a GM product anymore, but I still have to use them at work. Sorry to see you bought one of these poor quality vehicles. If I were asked to describe the 2003 Chevy Silverado at work using only one word it would be CHEAP.

Some of the issues we've had with this truck since it joined our fleet include:

- A/C arrived without enough freon

- Vehicle arrived with an oil leak

- Both door replaced after one fell off (They turned into suicide doors one windy day because GM didn't provide a good stopper to prevent them from opening too far)

- The Air Bag light came on after about 2 years

- Steering wheel replaced after 1st one fell apart (The plastic GM uses on their steering wheels starts to disintegrate after so much use. Seen this same problem on our Impala sedans too.)

- A mystery electrical problem; lights coming on, instruments stop working

- Vehicle has recently started to overheat.

It seems that in a desperate attempt to compete with foreign auto makers GM has gone the cheap route. They apparently use the cheapest materials available, with no regards to quality, in all, but their most expensive vehicles. Don't take my word for it, just go to the dealership and check out the interior, fit and finish, of a Chevy.

Concerning your truck bud, I've got two words for you LEMON LAW. Good luck.

6th Sep 2007, 07:59

Obviously many of you are not GM fans. I have only bought Chevy products for the last 20 plus years. I currently have a 2007 1500 pickup truck. It's great none of the problems mentioned on this site. If you are having problems, does one vech mean all are?

7th Sep 2007, 18:55

I have to agree to with the original reviewer... this truck may be Motor Trend truck of the year, but it is pretty sorry. I have a 2007 Silverado Z71 4x4 LT2 extended cab and I do not feel it was worth what I paid for it. Like the review said the engine make a whining/whistling noise. Let me tell you it is bad. I can't stand it in stop and go traffic. The metal is almost paper thin and the tires pick up EVERYTHING! I too have multiple small scratches and scrapes all over the side of my truck, and I still haven't received my license plates yet! Thankfully no major malfunctions have occureed with my truck, but once I am no longer upside down with this truck it is going bye-bye.

30th Sep 2007, 07:34

I lost all faith in Motor Trend over this choice. Oh well, nobody is right all of the time. This is the worst truck on the market, which is usual of any GM truck. To be fair, I haven't driven this particular truck, but I've had enough experience with GM products that I'll never sit behind the wheel of another one. I did look closely at one though, just for laughs. This is a cheesy looking, cheaply made vehicle. And I'm sure it will have the infamous GM motor and transmission issues.

8th Oct 2007, 10:02

I am going to have to disagree with you in saying gm vehicles are junk. I have been a mechanic for the last 25 years and own my own shop. If it were not for Chrysler products I would be out of business. all vehicles have there fair share of problems, but from what I see, gm has the fewest. There is a reason that 90% of automotive techs drive gm vehicles, its because they are all around good brand. I'm sorry you had such a poor experience with gm. Oh and the 5.3 liter is actually a stronger motor than dodges big 5.7 liter Hemi and fords Triton 5.4.

18th Oct 2007, 05:18

"Both door replaced after one fell off (They turned into suicide doors one windy day because GM didn't provide a good stopper to prevent them from opening too far) "

Although there seem to be a few faults with these GM trucks, I think that door problem is your own fault. This will and has happened on many other cars and trucks. Toyota, Dodge, Honda, it's happened to all of them. You just have to learn how to hang onto your doors and be able to close them correctly.

10th Nov 2007, 09:05

I am looking for a good work truck with a relatively comfortable ride. I can't decide between the silverado or the f-150.

21st Dec 2007, 03:09

Have any of you who are having problems considered that you have a first year vehicle? This is a new design for 2007. There are probably some bugs that have to be worked out yet. I'm not trying to downplay your problems, but it's almost always best to wait 2-3 years before buying a redesigned vehicle.

1st Jan 2008, 23:24

If I were in your shoes I would be mad too, however I bought a 07 LTZ 367 hp 6.0 ext cab Z71 in March 07. It has 11000 miles and I could not be happier with any other vehicle. The only issues 1) charging system not keeping battery charged. Took it in for service they re flashed the computer and been doing fine since. 2) seat track noisy and bumping while adjusting seat. Took it in for service, they replaced the tracks and motors under the seat and been OK since. The new body 07 has pulled my 16 ft enclosed trailer all through the mountains of Tennessee, West Va, and Pa. without a problem and with that drive train (6.0, 4L70e,& 3.73 corp 14 bolt) I do not have ANY issues with hills, passing or, getting up to interstate speed. Truck gets 13 mpg pulling trailer, 13 to 14 around town and 17 to 18 on the road if you behave yourself with the gas pedal. The LTZ model is comfortable, as well as, attractive. I will keep up with this blog and if issues arise I will gladly post them because even though I like this truck a lot I am, and will remain un biased and im partial.