15th Oct 2006, 20:40

I too have a black 1999 Silverado Ext. Cab LS 4WD Z71 in TX. I have all the problems listed here.

- Air leaks from rear windows unless air re-circulate is on. I'm about to silicone them shut, since they are awkward and worthless to use... they should have been power windows like the fronts instead of Chevette style pop-outs.

- ABS went at 110K, pulled the fuse.

- E-brake failed, replaced at 110K ($700) now they are pre-worn and will not engage.

- Gauges zero and computer resets, seconds later, back to normal and stealership has no clue why.

- Service 4WD light appears, replaced switch module.

- Security light stays on while driving until the gauges zero and reboot with the seatbelt light flashing for a moment.

-Seatbelt light comes on at random and will go off if I unclick and re-fasten seatbelt.

- Radio started going off for a few minutes or seconds at around 130k sometime it will stay off till the next day.

- Started overheating at 149k miles and had to replace to a fan unit ($450) upgraded to electric.

- Heater core inlet (plastic?) busted for no reason on an 80 degree day when getting on the highway (still not replaced).

- Rear end locked up, shattered and broke tail shaft in transmission at 150k ($4,000). The bolt that hold the main pin came loose.

- Clunking sound in rear when taking off from a stop.

- Clunking under motor/trans when shifting under hard acceleration.

- morning start ticking.

- Plastic bezel on tailgate disappeared along with the plastic clip to allow tailgate to operate steel shafts/pins.

- Window regulator was going down one day and I heard Ghezghhhhht and the cable drive system inside went haywire. $120 to replace. now both windows are slow as ever.

- Light dim when anything comes on and off. The blinkers even dim the headlights slightly, had 140a alternator tested fine, battery tested fine, but acts like a constant drain and will occasionally shut off the radio if running lights, wipers, brake lights and blinkers... forget about rolling a window up too... Weak. The stealer says everything is working fine, now bend over and that will be $180 please.

- Tranny just went out again at 167k ($2,000) immediately after the 1 year 12k mile mark. The main shaft was worn where it met the drum and caused pressure loss.

- Starting to vibrate under load in overdrive, like going up a hill on the highway.

I get 14.2 to 14.7 MPG, no matter if I drive easy and the speed limit or flooring it on every take off or doing 100+ on the highway for 3 hours... 14.2mpg :)

Too expensive to drive and too cheap to buy another truck, so I'm buying a Harley and a rain suit.

I'll never buy another Chevy Truck... Like a Rock is it? They must have dropped it, cause it's a lot like gravel or junk.

4th Nov 2006, 12:37

I have a 99 Chev Z-71...Have had problems since the git go 10,000 miles, 4wd module went out...15000 miles ABS went out. Also, ever since 10000 miles I am going through fuel filters every 500 miles, check engine soon light comes on, gas mileage down to 9mpg black smokes blows out the exhausr. Of course the stealer won't work on it, never has, have to drive another 100 miles to get it worked on. Dropped the fuel tank, cleaned new filter new injectors...350 miles later, same deal. Anybody have any clue whats wrong with it? Please help, or maybe I will just put a stick of dynamite in it and blow it to smithereens.

This is the first brand new rig I have ever owned, and now I wish I never bought it.


21st Nov 2006, 12:18

I have a 99 Chevy silverado I bought used back in 2004 with 56000 miles already on it. Around 80000 miles the ABS went out and tranny shifts harder than my old 3/4 ton. Just had 4 new rotors put on due to stock rotors warping. Pumpkin cap on rear end won't quit leaking, but as for the gas mileage still gets 18 mpg on highway. Has anyone else had tranny problems along with problems in 4 high and 4 low?

30th Jan 2007, 18:04

My ABS also went out a week after the warranty expired. Same as all the rest humming had to pull the fuse. I pulled the black plastic housing off of the top of the pump. It is held on by torx screws which are a little difficult to get too, also the heads were filled with rust which needed to be pecked out before the torx bit would fit into the head of the screw. The plastic is screwed to an aluminum casting and also glued along the seam. I used a knife to cut through the glue. I unsoldered the circuit board which has 25 to 30 solder joints. The FET, black, is about 3/8 of an inch square and 1/8 inch thick soldered to the board in three places. Very poor design to expect a FET this Size to control the amperage expected to run the ABS pump. Realizing this I piggy backed two FETS together, soldered them to the board. Soldered the board, glued back together, reinstalled all screws. End result fixed for less than $5.00. Dealer wanted $1200.

Next problem hard starting at times, poor gas mileage, sluggishness. Check the fuel pressure regulator, on the right side of the engine, above and about the middle of the valve cover you will see a round device about 1 inch in diameter between two pieces of 1/8 black hose. Pull the bottom hose off the regulator nipple if gas drips out the regulator is bad. You can buy a new one at Chevy for $100 or one from Napa for $50 or less. In any case your problem is solved in less than 1 minute. By the way a buddy took his to Chevy and they charged him $600 to repair. GM might be going broke, perhaps their Stealer ships have a lot to do with it.

15th Feb 2007, 12:43

When starting my 1999 Chevy Z71 truck today I noticed a strange sound and the ABS warning light came on. The ABS motor kept on running even after I turned the engine off and removed the key from the ignition.

My neighborhood repair mechanic picked the truck up for me. The mechanic just called and said the replacement part alone is $950.

This truck is in excellent condition and has 54,000 miles on it. I am very disappointed that Chevy is having quite a few of these problems and are not recalling the trucks.

22nd Feb 2007, 22:30

I too have a 1999 Chevy Silverado. I bought it used, 30,000 miles on it, after trading in a NEW 2000 Chevy that had too many problems to list. (ABS, main computer, transmission...) I was going to go with another brand, but couldn't because of financing details. Anyway, had no problems until about 60,000. Then ABS went out. Luckily I had an extended warranty, but I had to fight with GM, my local dealership and the warranty company to get it fixed. The local dealership botched the job twice; after their second "fix" I almost rear-ended another car when the ABS kicked in for no reason at a stoplight less than a half-mile from the dealership. I turned the truck around, drove back and threw the keys on the service manager's desk and just started yelling in front of everyone else there. After that outburst and a very angry letter to GM and the dealership, they replaced ALL the ABS equipment at no charge to me. Since then, I've had to replace the fuel-gauge sensor; rear shocks; front brake rotors (TWICE) ; and emergency brake mechanism. The fan for the heater/vent/AC doesn't work on the two lowest settings. The power steering hoses blew. The rear main seal is leaking. And now my drivers-side power window motor is shot. This truck is used for daily commuting and some occasional hauling, but it's not used hard enough to justify all the problems. I've never, ever had this much trouble with a vehicle. The heartbeat of America? Better get a pacemaker? Like a rock? Sure - sandstone. I will never, EVER buy another GM product.