8th Jan 2008, 08:18

I just bought an immaculate 1999 Chevy Silverado Z71 Xtra-cab (new body style) from a fellow I work with and it only had 52,500 miles. 2 days after I bought it the "Service 4WD" light came on. I went to the dealership and purchased a new switch box for $75, including tax, and replaced it in about 5 minutes. The 4WD has worked great ever since. Here is a list of some small issues I am having with the truck since I purchased it.

*Recently the brakes have acted funny, but I have yet to get any ABS lights coming on.

*Also both seats shift/move when accelerating or stopping because of some rubber bushings in the power seat tracks that are bad and needing replacement.

*The brake light above the back glass does not work when the brake is applied, but the cargo light does work.

*The driver side power window makes a noise when going down, but not when going up.

*The dome light does not come on unless the door is opened.

*The seat release mechanism, to allow someone to enter the back seat, will not release the seat to move it forward.

I have had this truck for a few weeks and it now only has 54,200 miles. It is amazing the amount of problems with this year truck yet no recalls!!!

20th Jan 2008, 11:57

I have a 99 Silverado LS that the engine light stays on no matter what I fix or change. Naturally the guys at the parts house are telling to just keep replacing things until it goes out. But I can't anyone to reset the computer can anyone tell me a way to reset it without buying a 300.00 + computer???


7th Feb 2008, 20:39

Going to look at a used 99 Silverado in a couple days, very glad that I found this site, its given me something specific to look for.

I have also heard that the 99 Silverado's have an engine rod-knock problem... anyone experience anything like that?

Transmission problems?


-Ryan in Washington


10th Feb 2008, 04:38

I forgot sticky or sluggish windshield wipers is caused by a loose nut on the arm. Simply tighten nut under the arm cover.

10th Feb 2008, 10:26

I also have a 99 Silverado and have problems with the ABS and brake light coming on, and I am surprised to find this many people having problems with these trucks.

I am a die hard Chevy man, and hopefully GM has learned from this problem for future vehicles. I work for an assembly factory, and can understand with new models of product that there are going to be problems, like with this truck. If any one hears of a recall, I would like to be informed.

21st Feb 2008, 12:28

Most of the complaints are on vehicles that are 7-8 years old I do not know any trucks or cars that are problem free for 8 years. I own 4 gm vehicles from 96 to 2004 and have never had serious trouble. The company I work for has ford ,chevy, and dodge vehicles and the chevy's have FAR less trouble than the others. so for those of you that think you are going to buy another make and be better off GOOD LUCK.

22nd Feb 2008, 16:07

Guys I've been browsing and here is a little info for the ABS issue we all love so well. Check these 2 web sites: www.modulemaster.com, or absfixer.com. $150.00 plus shipping to fix your problem. Module Master is out of Moscow, ID, and they guarantee it for 5 years. It's the route I'm going.

10th Mar 2008, 22:28

I also have a 99 Silverado 1500 4wd z71, and have had the same problems as most people. The rear clunks when transmission shifts. I changed the universals and still the same noise. Dealer where I bought it said its the rear shackles, which I think is not true.

Had to replace the fuel pump.

Both window motors are slow, ready to die any day now.

Parking brake doesn't work.

A bunch of bulbs burnt out.

Driver's side rocker panel is rusting badly, makes me wanna sell the truck.

But on the other hand, the truck is fast and very good looking, pulls my boat with absolutely no problems.

Never had an ABS problem, but my tailgate support cables did break.

Love the truck would buy another one, but.

15th Mar 2008, 00:08

I just bought a 2002 Silverado 1500. I was driving down the road around 55 mph and I heard a couple of pops behind the cab area under the truck. The tranny wasn't shifting or anything, so I don't know what it was. I didn't sound like a backfire or anything. I was pulling in my driveway and I almost hit my mom's car because the brakes didn't work. The brake pedal felt funny and I heard a loud shutter noise and there wasn't any stopping action. I hit the pedal again, 2 feet from the other car, and the brakes stopped like they should. I am afraid to drive the truck. I assume it was ABS related. I didn't have time to see any if any lights came on in the dash. I want to remove the ABS fuse. I need to know if it is okay to do this. I love the truck and it looks good, but I don't want to die or kill anyone else because of brake failure. I wish I would have bought something else after reading all these problems. I love the old S10's and wanted a Chevy.

24th Mar 2008, 22:02

I also have a 1999 silverado. Fuel pump went out at 85000, cost $800 to replace. Later found out that LOTS of 99 chevy models have had the fuel pump go out at about the same mileage. The dealership tries to say that it was fuel filter not being replaced, when it was replaced according to the owners manual at the specified mileages. ABS and brake lights come on but ONLY when outside temperature is above *80. Talked to a local mechanic and he said ABS sensor overheats because it's next to the disc brake. He said brakes will still work fine even if the ABS and brake light stay on. Said he could replace it if I had money to throw away.

6th Apr 2008, 21:58

I bought my 99 Z71 new. I replaced the ABS brake module at 40000 miles; cost me $900.

Both power seats rock back and forth when you stop and go; that started at 38000 miles.

I haven't bought nothing but Chevrolets for 44 years (ten of them). If GM doesn't recall this truck it will be my last.

9th Apr 2008, 00:03

Great information... keep up the good work...

12th Apr 2008, 11:54

1999 Ext. cab Z71, 101,000 miles.

I have also experienced similar issues with the ABS, power window failure, 4wd switch and the parking brake. However, I want to point out that these are minor issues and I absolutely love my truck. It has been lifted (CST 6"+) and completely abused off-road, hauling, towing and commuting daily. The loss of the ABS was the best thing ever. Before the ABS went out, I almost drove off trail several times because the brakes wouldn't lock up. My buddy has a 2000 Toyota Tacoma and has faced many more, more serious issues (tranny, clutch, rear end). So good luck to all of you who think switching brands will give you a truck that lasts 2 million miles w/o a tail light going out. I'll still be driving my Chevy.