10th Feb 2004, 15:56

I also have a Chevy Silverado LS and it also has a problem with the ABS module, gas gauge, AND sticky gas pedal. Reading your comments about these problems was like reading about my own truck. I hope the two problems mine doesn't have won't show up, but they probably will.

GM knows about the problem (s), but won't issue a recall.

When I asked about it, they told me that 'x' number of the same type of vehicle have to be documented (i.e., fixed by a dealer) before the problem (s) can be viewed as chronic and thus a recall issued. The catch 22 is that because each of the problems cost so much to fix, everyone is just pulling the fuse for the ABS problem and using their trip meters to determine when to fill up. (The truck bed must be removed to access the fuel sending unit.) Oh well...

21st Sep 2004, 11:40

I also own a 1999 Silverado Z71. My ABS module failed and for one year I ran around without ABS. As I understand it simply replacing the control unit my not work because of incompatibility issues in the software of the control unit. My wife found out about the Electrical Engineer that rebuilds the ABS units on Ebay. He did a pretty good job repairing and even upgrading the control unit, the cost for the rebuild was $120 including shipping and new screws. The only thing that I have noticed that is different is the ABS tends to activate more when I am braking over rough roads.

14th Sep 2005, 15:25

We own a 1999 Chevrolet Silverado. The ABS module went bad and we had to disconnect the fuse to keep the pump from running. When this happened the red brake warning light came on with the ABS light. The truck was failed on inspection because the brake light was on. The ABS was not required to be working. General Motors has it fixed as to where they both burn when there is a malfunction. The mechanic we took it to has been sent two wrong ABS modules and we were quoted $600 for these. Since the two were wrong, we are now told that the "right" one will cost $1,200. We have written General Motors to complain as well as the NHTSA. We have sent the module to be rewired and sincerely hope this works as we do not have $1,200 for the part and who knows how much more for the labor. Everyone should complain loudly about these problems since they are so common and so expensive to repair.

15th Oct 2005, 20:15

All your ABS problems can be put to rest. www.absfixer.com can repair your EBCM module from that awful pump running issue for only $158. The repair includes overnight shipping back to you and a one-day turnaround. They upgrade the malfunctioning circuitry to standards that way exceed the original so it won't happen again. These guys are great, and they have helped out so many people. Check them out!!!

12th Feb 2006, 22:49

I also have a 1999 ls z71 & my ABS failed chevy is aware of issue, but will not recall very dangerous on a rainy day all 4 tires will lock up if on brakes too much.

17th May 2007, 10:04

As far as the ABS problem, did you try to clean the sensor on the front drivers side wheel. Corrosion build up causes the ABS to come on prematurely. Simply unbolt it and clean the bottom of sensor and area of wheel that it attaches to, after removing tire and brake assembly. Not a big job. As for the sticking gas pedal, the problem is in the air intake to engine, (throttle body). Remove the plastic air intake piece to engine, which will expose the "butterfly", and spray with carberator cleaner and wipe clean. Reattach air intake, should be good for a couple of months. As for the fuel gauge, Seems like everyone has the same problem and GM is not doing anything about it.

4th Jun 2007, 21:47

I have a 99 Z71 LT and my ABS went out at 77K miles. I was too cheap to pay the repair cost so I went without. I now have 261K miles on it. They did the recall on the ABS sensor, but that wasn't it. I had the Tow/Haul problem which I fixed my self. There is a orange wire on the bottom side of steering column that is small and breaks easily. Respliced and it works fine now. My problems now are my odometer and gear selection work about 20% of the time. If I hit the dash it may come on. It is still registering the miles. The other newest problem is my turn signal is possessed. When I cancel the turn or out of the blue I get the noise, but the turn light isn't flashing. My service engine light is on now so I may have to get that one checked out.

28th Aug 2007, 17:42

I own a 2003 Chevy Silverado and bought it for the purpose of pulling a horse trailer. I have only owned the truck for six months and already had to have the fuel pump module replaced and the vent valve replaced also. I don't think the truck should have had these many problems already!!! The cost of the pump costs us $750 and the valve $140. Bull I say. Why can't manufacturers build decent vehicles that last longer after your warranty runs out!?

29th Aug 2007, 13:07

I have the same problem with my '99 4WD Z71. First, my service 4WD light is coming on, I have been told that I might have to just replace the switches on the dash, hope so. Then after reading all of this, it looks like my ABS is going out now! My ABS and brake lights come on randomly and do not go out until the truck is switched off. My truck does have a lot of miles on it, and is a great vehicle, but damn, everything at once?! I just replaced the O2 sensor, put a new single chamber exhaust on it and new tires and brakes, if I'm not careful, the truck is gonna break me!


12th Sep 2007, 17:15

I also own a '01 Silverado. Same issues as every one else.

Third complete brake job, including rotors and calipers.

Gas gauge goes from empty to full at random.

Ball joints replaced.

Today I had it in for the ABS sensor repair and was told the module was bad. $1145.00 to replace. The cashier at the service counter laughed as she told me "they go bad all the time". Nice job Chevy.

Next new truck will be a Toyota Tacoma. I just can't afford to buy American any more. There is obviously a problem with the brakes on these vehicles, and G.M. refuses to do anything about it. It's no wonder the Japanese automakers are overtaking the big three as fast as they are.

30th Sep 2007, 03:19

You've got to be kidding. I have 80,000 miles on my truck and have never changed the front brake pads, changed the rears only 5000 miles ago, and even have not had a light bulb burn out. Absolutely flawless truck.

I think the complainers are Tundra owners who are jealous.

12th Oct 2007, 20:42

2000 Silverado z-71, Problem with the 4 wheel drive service light coming on was solved by replacing the 4 wheel drive push button control panel.

The Tow haul feature has now failed, the dash light does not come on and the transmission does not change to the tow haul mode. Anybody have the same issue?