21st Oct 2007, 14:47

I own a 99 Silverado. I have 196K miles on my truck and do have the pesky gas pedal sticking issue. (To the person that listed the fix in your comments...THANKS!) Not that big a deal seeing the miles my trunk has lasted. I was looking to buy a Toyota the next time also, but I think since it's been a pretty good trunk and Toyota isn't ranking so well lately I'll stick with buying America.

5th Nov 2007, 09:07

I have 2001 GMC ext cab, I owned same 1992 GMC before with minor issues. I had faith in GMC so I bought the 2001 model.

I began having the gas pedal sticking at 45,000 and again at 75,000 miles. I do a lot of city driving with heavy traffic. I think the sticking gas pedal is a safety issue, because the truck leaps forward when engaging the gas pedal. I'm concerned that in heavy traffic you could rear-end the car in front of you.

At 80,000 I lost my fuel gauge reading, I'm getting the same empty to full flip flop as everyone else.

And then I lost my cluster, the panel went dark, I had to count what drive gear (PRND123) I was using. $300 later the lights are working correctly.

However the tow/haul never lights, the gear selection, ABS, seat belt and message center sometimes fade in and out during the ride.

I'm living with the fuel gauge problem, thinking about getting out before something else goes wrong. My friend unloaded his Chevy Suburban when the dealer told him $500 for fuel gauge repair.

No owner should need to spend $500+ to read their gas level. GM is going to annoy a lot of customers with this $500+ bill; what prevents this from happening again ($500) and again ($500)?

I had faith in GMC when I bought this truck, now I've lost faith in GMC to do the right thing.

GM should recall and fix these problems and restore our faith in GM again!

14th Dec 2007, 10:13

I own a 99 silverado 2 wheel drive. I have 56,000 thousand miles on it. First week I got it the transmission went. One year after that ABS sensor went. One year after I needed a full brake job. As of now, back in shop dealer telling me I need new rotors, because they can't bleed the front brakes, in addition to replacing ALL the brake lines. I think I have to switch to a more reliable manufacturer. Also I left out a new head gasket!

29th Dec 2007, 18:01

Have a 2004 silverado same as everyone else at 40000 ABS goes out dealer says it a problem and hands me a 600.00 bill. This will be the last Gm I buy Tundra here I come.

6th Jan 2008, 11:29

1999 Silverado 4x4 Problems with ABS.

ABS unit activated when pulling into my driveway. However truck did not stop and went through garage door. BS!! The ABS wheel speed sensor is bad in the front of the truck. THIS IS WIDE SPREAD PROBLEM THAT GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION (CHEVROLET, GMC) should recall and fix on all trucks not just the several states noted in the recall. This problem could easily result in the death of people. For example I could have hit my kid if he was playing the driveway. CHEVEROLET should not bury their head in the sand. This is an extremely dangerous situtation that could create tremendous liability for General Motors Corp.

By the way my ABS unit went out at 60,000 miles and cost over $1000 to fix, then the fuel pump/sending unit went out. The transfer case is junk as my went out. I asked the Chevy dealer if this is common and they said no. However after looking around I found out that many people have the same problem with this transfer case. Mine is style with the 2Hi, 4Hi, 4Lo and Auto 4x4.

I will definetly not buy a Chevy next time. They claim it is "America's Truck" but what I have found is that it is not dependable. Don't get me wrong there are some things that I like about the Chevy and wish they could gain my confidence to buy antoher one, but at this time I am going to look for a different brand. Probably a 2008 Fullsize CrewCAb Toyota Tundra.

9th Jan 2008, 17:53

1991 XTRCAB 4X4 Silverado 168,000 Miles.

1 - Fuel Gauge/Sending Problem (I live with it)

2 - Sticky Fuel Pedal (I live with it, I live in the country)

3 - 4x4 Selector Switch Failed (I replaced this myself for $33.00, very easy repair) Works great!

4 - Water Pump is leaking (adding coolant every few months)

5 - Tail Gate straps broke (I fixed myself then the recall came out, dealer stole my straps)

6 - Drivers window regulater wire corroded, went two years without a window used a clamp to keep it up, cost $240.00 to fix it.

7 - Now the tran is slipping from 3rd to 4th.

8 - I hear a loud pump noise coming from the gas tank area so I presume it's a fuel pump ready to die.

Sorry not trucks, but GM products.

2000 Blazer, wheel bearings out every year, steering issues, ditched it with a loss.

My 2005 Impala is having steering, bearing issues, and I think a fuel sending unit issue is cropping up, only 68,000 miles. I had ABS sensors go out around 28,000 miles.

My wifes 2005 Malibu had electrical issues, like the radio on AM would fade out, then hit the brake or turn signal and the Radio would come back loud and clear, one back light keep frying contacts were burnt, and steering issues. We ditched it with a loss.

I don't think I'm buying anymore GM products anymore.

23rd Jan 2008, 09:05

I've read 28 comments, mostly complaints, on this site about 99 Chevy trucks, etc. Most of the complaints regarding brakes are not valid. Brakes wear out.

But the complaints about the trucks' and cars' fuel gauges not working (like mine) are very valid. It's a widespread problem most mechanics tell me, and mucho expensive to repair! I've lived with this problem for 3 or 4 years and am tired of it. The fact that Chevy/GM never issued a recall for such a COMMON DEFECT in design for their vehicles has forced me to look to foreign manufacturers for my next purchase. Are you listening, Detroit???

I guess next I'll be experiencing the widespread ABS issues with my truck. Hope I sell it before then.

It's a shame. I've really loved my truck until now. Not had a ton a problems with it, just the ubiquitous message to "Service 4 Wheel Drive"- (which a Chevy dealer's head mechanic said was very common.) But to have multiple mechanics, dealer and private, tell me the malfunctioning fuel gauge problem is very widespread, and to read so many owners complaining of it on the web with NO RECALL offered to repair such an expensive item, it's been enough to force me to buy foreign next time. Simple fact: Americans (as individuals) show pride in their work, but American companies put profits above pride!!! Wake up, Detroit!!

18th Feb 2008, 20:43

Just found this site trying find how to remove dash panels to replace blower motor resistor and radio lights. I too had to pull plug on ABS pump after about a year and I refused to pay $700. Electrical problems have been constant. Fuel gauge reads empty right after I fill up. Coolant sensor is way too sensitive as it will say "coolant low" when it only needs a couple of ounces to fill it up. Running lights only lasted about a year and half. Other than electrical problems it is still an excellent truck with almost 200,000 miles. I still do not know how to remove dash panels.