2000 Chevrolet Tracker Base 2.0 from North America


Decent, reliable, cheap and economical vehicle

General Comments:

Decent, cheap, reliable compact utility vehicle. Well designed for the purpose. Very economical and cheap to maintain.

Do not expect it to have towing capacity, or to go faster than the wind. It is not a giant diesel motor, nor is it a performance car. With that in mind, the car will get you anywhere safely and reliably.

I have the very very basic model. I love it. I like manual transmission; I wish they made the V6 2.5 model in 5-speed, I think I would've gone for that.

Overall, a very well balanced vehicle, with the limitations in mind.

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Review Date: 7th September, 2012

2000 Chevrolet Tracker 6 cylinder from North America


I hate this piece of crap


AC stopped working.

Rear seat belt doesn't work.

Very flimsy sheet metal.

General Comments:

Car is under powered, gets good mileage, but isn't good in the hilly area we live in.

The car was bought 2 years old with only 10000 miles; 7 years later and it still only has 42000 on it.

The A/C doesn't work (leaks out).

The biggest issues I have with the thing is the construction of the automobile. All 4 doors have dents just from shutting them - very weak sheet metal. It is also uncomfortable for me to be in, either driving or riding passenger. No console or armrests.

It makes ridiculous amounts of road noise and wind noise. It is like driving a sail boat in the weakest of winds.

Rear seat belt broke. The only reason we still have this is cause wife likes it, cause it was (her) first car and it's paid off. I hate the thing and dread having to drive or ride in it.

I have owned many Chevys. and this doesn't deserve a bowtie. Would not own another.

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Review Date: 15th April, 2009

20th Apr 2009, 15:39

It's not really a Chevy. The Tracker is a twin of the Suzuki Sidekick with the Chevy name and slightly different styling, but Suzuki parts, engine, etc.

23rd Apr 2009, 01:00

I know this, but it still has a bowtie on it and the Chevy name.

19th Aug 2009, 10:03

I feel your pain. I also own a Tracker and it struggles along the road with its weak 2.0 four cylinder engine. 127hp wasn't enough for this truck. I must have an upgraded one because mine has arm rest and a lot of extra stuff, but no options can make you get over the limited power this thing has.. one of my biggest issues is the ride is so rough even over smooth pavement. I plan to trade it in soon for something that has a little power.

17th Sep 2009, 11:44

100,000 KMs and all I have done was change the oil every 5000 KMs, new air filter every summer and rotate the tires... and a new serpentine belt at 100,000. That's it.

No doubt it is underpowered, but it is so reliable... dependable and decent on gas. Don't make 'em like this anymore... too bad!

9th Dec 2009, 10:58

In 2004, the last year for the beloved Tracker, GM made all Trackers standard with the V-6 engine. That should have been long ago, since the four cylinder engine was too weak for this vehicle. The sad part was the V-6 almost had the same gas mileage as the 4 cylinder.

2000 Chevrolet Tracker 2.0 from North America


Very good


The automatic transmission began to slip and required rebuilding.

The reason for the slipping was due to a faulty kick-down cable attached to the throttle.

If you feel your transmission slipping between drive and overdrive, it's too late. You will need to replace this cable and re-build your transmission for a cost of $1200.00

I had asked the dealer about the cable 3 years ago, but they didn't know what it was for.

General Comments:

Very reliable vehicle, but dealers seem to know little about them.

Economical four by four that has great traction and control in snow, but catches a lot of wind.

I didn't have to change the original tires until 110,000 kms. The vehicle still rides straight as an arrow.

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Review Date: 5th March, 2006

14th Sep 2006, 07:54

I was wondering if anyone could help me out. My 1998 Chevy blazer is acting alittle funny. The check engine light came on and I was losing speed. I took it to the mechanic, and he told me it was the transmission, so he serviced it. About 2 weeks later the light came back on. I took it to auto zone and they hooked it up the to machine and said it wasn't the trans, it was because my four wheel drive doesn't work (which I already new). Now I hear a low pitch howling sound coming from the engine... Is it my transmission?

3rd Mar 2007, 16:29

What would be the name of the $10.00 part you suggested was required to do the transmission repair?

23rd Mar 2007, 10:05

I am having issues with my 2000 Chevy tracker that involves my transmission shifting funny & rpms going up & down while driving... Please whats the good $10 idea...

2nd Sep 2008, 15:34

I suspect he's talking about replacing or adjusting the "kickdown" or "detent" cable. I have no experience with this particular vehicle, but I had a Volvo that tended to run up the RPM's too high before it shifted, and then would sort of jolt into gear. Adjusting the detent cable fixed that.

10th Nov 2008, 18:27

It was the kickdown cable that needed replacing, but because it was not functioning properly, the bands in the transmission were damaged and required replacing. Because the transmission bands were slipping and not grabbing like they should, it caused the fluctuating RPM's and the motor would rev up and down on the highway, because in effect, the transmission was engaging and disengaging because of the slippage.