2nd Sep 2003, 20:09

You haven't had problems yet? Get ready... by now your headlights and tail lights should be going out on a regular basis. Perhaps it won't start or just dies on you. If you drive this unit very much longer you will find these problems are intrinsic in the design. I know 4 Trailblazer owners that all have these problems. Sorry!

28th Sep 2003, 00:25

We have had one headlight and one tail light replaced so far. We have 40,000 kms (~25,000 miles.) on it over 1 year. That, so far, has been the only problem. Yup, a couple bulbs and it has gone through a Canadian winter with flying colors (not many vehicles can handle our winters -25 to -30 most nights.)

10th Oct 2003, 09:13

My wife bought our 2002 Chevy Trailblazer LTZ after test-driving several SUV’s. One was the GMC Envoy. The Trailblazer has a different style that we both liked better than the Envoy. We liked the two-tone color better than the optional solid color that is seen most of the time on the road.

Power and performance is superb. It has the most power for a six cylinder on the market. A drawback is that gas mileage is not too good for a vehicle of this size. Ours averages only 17.5 all of the time, city or highway.

We have had some problems with it. 1) Mirrors fail to adjust automatically from driver to driver. This problem has not been corrected yet. 2) Automatic wiper control had to be replaced due to short in wiring—wipers would come on when hitting a bump in the road. 3) Right front seat was replaced the next week after we bought it. There were 2 cuts on it from the dealer taking off the plastic wrap.

15th Oct 2003, 15:35

After owning 3 Suburbans since 1984, I decided to get a smaller vehicle and go with the Trailblazer. What a mistake! We are in arbitration to return under lemon law. Be very careful on the gas mileage that is stated on the sticker. We currently are getting 7 mpg in the city and 10 mpg on the highway. Our dealer mentioned that this is a big problem nation wide since the wrong drive train was used on some vehicles. In addition, we have had this vehicle numerous times for leaky seals and oil consumption.

21st Oct 2003, 21:36

I've owned 3 trailblazers. Still have 2 2003's. I love them. No problems whatsoever.

23rd Oct 2003, 14:40

I have had my 2002 Trailblazer since new. Have replaced headlights 3X on one side. 2 brake lights and 2 reverse lights. Passenger mirror doesn't work. CD player buttons keep having the paint flake off. A bunch of problems but it has been a great truck otherwise. Almost 2 years old with 66,000 miles on it

19th Jul 2004, 00:24

I have a 2002 Chev TB LTZ. Only problem is the auto-mirror (reverse assist)... it's in-operable. Still no fix. Other than several recalls, problem-free driving for sure. My only question to all of you is the paint. My vehicle oxidizes after wash. Any thoughts on correcting this??? Am I the only one??

1st Jan 2005, 10:16

I own a 2002 Trailblazer LT. It has been a good vehicle with two exceptions. For some reason the right headlight burns out frequently, replaced it 4 times. The other more serious problem has been the transmission. It failed at 32,000 miles after 18 months. Dealer said the sun gear broke, and replaced it and rebuilt the transmission. That was done 12/22/2003. Last night 12/31/2004 it failed again, with the exact same symptom. In drive it seems to shift into neutral, and make a loud whine, then "catch" for a minute, and then back to the neutral and whine. There is no reverse at all. I bought the 100,000 extended warranty, so it's covered, but I am wondering if this is a common problem? Otherwise, I like the truck, average 17.4 mpg in my daily commute, has a good ride and many nice features. I'm still running the original tires and brakes.

19th Jan 2005, 22:18

I HAVE an 03 north face edition...23,000 miles... and I just had the 4wd transfer case replaced!!! Just picked it up from the dealership today, and guess what, the 4wd is still bad!!! I've been seeing a lot of similar complaints on other web sites. Who do I contact to see if a recall is in order?

25th Feb 2005, 08:21

I have a 2003 Trailblazer LT Nicely equipped. The ride is awsome and I like the vehicle very much, but I have had a tremendous amount of problems with it. This vehicle has had a rebuilt transmission, 3 PCM replacements, a new rack and pinion steering system, new rear coil springs, a new fan clutch, the back cargo area leaked pretty bad, and various other little problems such as moldings replaced and a rear cup holder that wouldn't close. This vehicle currently has 30,600 miles on it. I am seriously considering the lemon law on it!!

31st Jul 2006, 23:01

I just recently purchased a 2002 Trailblazer LS. I got it with 94,000 miles. Figured what the hell, it's a Chevy, it should still be good.

Since I've had it, I have had a head light go out, a brake light go out, had the clutch fan replaced, and now I am having an even worse problem. IT WON'T START. If you turn over the ignition, there's nothing there, come back 30 min later, maybe it will turn over. No it won't start at all. I waited 4 days last time before it started.

Whatever it is, I believe it's a computer problem. The fuel pump is not turning on, I can't take it out of park, and like I said, when I turn it over, there's nothing... silence. I believe maybe the security system has malfunctioned or perhaps the computer is fried. Whatever the case, I jumpered the fuel pump to get it going, then manually took it out of park, then I went to the solenoid and jumpered that to get the starter to turn over, and it still won't fire.

I am taking to Chevy dealer later this week. I'll post an update on my results.

22nd Apr 2007, 10:14

I have a 2002 Trailblazer LS. I have had no problems with this vehicle, except that sometimes it idles rough. I'm not sure if this is a common problem or not. It has 80,200 miles and it is still a great vehicle.

25th May 2007, 16:43

I bought my 2002 Trailblazer from my sister and her husband. They kept it up and had it under warranty and the extended warranty the entire time they had it. Now that I have it I'm having problems. The headlights started going on and off randomly. I had to use my high beams to get home sometimes and only when I pulled into my driveway and shifted into park would they come back on. I had to change one tail light and one head light (driver side) so far. Now the headlights are out all the time. F.Y.I. If you want to extend the paint on the radio keys try this - clear nail polish. Paint over them from time to time and it will protect the numbers from rubbing off.

25th Jul 2007, 16:13

I have a 2005 chevy trailblazer LS just yesterday I've been having problem with my car.. where my rpm is going up and down when I'm trying to pick up speed in the freeway. I don't know whats wrong with my car. Now it won't even let me pick up speed more than 35mph even if I do the car feels like its struggling to go.. with the wheels shaking like my wheel are off alignment do you guys have any clue whats wrong or does your trailblazer does this to..?

29th Nov 2011, 18:21

Replace your ignition switch. That'll fix your issue.