13th Aug 2006, 18:27

Same problem. Chevy '02 Trailblazer sounds like a jet taking off. It was every now and then, now the check engine light came on and it sounds like a jet all the time. We're gonna fix it ourself. There's SOOO much info on this problem that we can do it instead of paying the salary of Mechanics to fix it for 5 times the cost. Wish us luck. This will be the LAST time I EVER buy a GM car.

21st Aug 2006, 10:13

I own a 2003 Chevy Trailblazer LTZ. I had a ticking noise begin in 2005 while running the a/c. The noise was intermittent, so it was hard to diagnose. I took it to the dealer and they fixed it. This year again, the ticking noise is back, along with the jet engine sound. I called the dealer to see if they had any ideas as to what the revved up noise was and they advised me it could possibly be the fan clutch. I only have 64K miles on my truck and of course the warranty was out at 60K. After researching the web, I agree with the diagnosis, although I haven't taken the truck in to have it officially diagnosed. Does anyone know what needs to be done to get this on the recall list?

25th Aug 2006, 14:36

Same Problem with a 2002 envoy. this should have defiantly been a recall.

I too will never buy another American made car.

Had 3 Nissan's with over 300,000 miles on each.

Going back to them.

30th Aug 2006, 09:12

WOW! I just turned in my 2004 TrailBlazer for a check engine light that intermits, & I just got a call by my services, they said that my Fan Clutch going bad, but not making the jet noise that ya been describing, but on the other hand, I usually have my A/C or Radio on full blast, plus my hearing bad. Go Figure. Vehicle has a little over 39,000 miles on it. Thank god that my is covered thru the Extended warranty, but I still have to pay for a reprogramming of my PCM.

1st Sep 2006, 10:03

I just got the call from the service dept. of my Chevy dealer. I have a 2002 Trailblazer LTZ with 62k miles.

$630 for the clutch fan, and another $250 to fix- yet another problem with the 4 wheel drive.

Is this a common problem with suv's at this mileage or just with GM products?

20th Sep 2006, 12:54

2004 Chevrolet Trailblazer LT.

Loud fan noise, and something of a grinding type noise was happening to my truck, and Service Engine Soon light came on. Dealership called and said the were replacing the clutch fan and water pump. Luckily, I was still within my warranty, so both were covered.

21st Sep 2006, 08:40

I had the fan clutch issue with my 2002 Trailblazer about two years ago. I was aware of similar fan clutch complaints floating around the Internet, but I had to bite the bullet and pay the $600+ repair bill since no Recall was on record for this issue. After getting my car "repaired" I decided to file a complaint with Consumer Affairs or BBB, can't recall which. In any event, I was contacted by GM about two weeks after filing, they decided to "make an exception" and refund my money. How nice of them to give me my money back for a repair that should have been covered under Recall!

File a complaint - you should not have to pay for manufacturer error. I'm still wondering why a class action lawsuit doesn't exist for this and other Trailblazer problems - especially the '02.

22nd Sep 2006, 19:14

I've had the same problems as everyone else with my 2002 Trailblazer, except mine has 110,000 miles. My fan clutch was sounding like a jet engine. The mechanic was stumped, and cleared to P0495 "High Fan Speed" code from the computer which triggered the "Service Engine Soon" light. The problem went away for a while, but is now back...I'm going to bite the bullet and pay the $650+ repair... Chevy needs to recall this.

25th Sep 2006, 10:17

'03 trailblazer, Ticking fan clutch, now roaring. Dealer did a computer update to eliminate the ticking, came back a few days later, then the fan started roaring. Luckily I can do this repair. I would love to see the Class action suit come about, definitely poor part engineering.

25th Sep 2006, 15:47

Here again! Yet another fan clutch on a 2003 Chevy Trailblazer. Sadly, I am done buying American. Unless they start offering to pay my monthly payments for me, I am going German or Japanese! This is a ridiculous thing to have happen over and over and just let folks pay out the nose to fix.

25th Sep 2006, 17:05

Took my 2002 Trailblazer in for a bad water pump, and was called today about the fan clutch. Was told $660 to replace. The service rep did say that he was going to talk to the service manager about getting some relief from GM. I found this web page and was reading comments when the dealership called me back, said they were going to replace the fan clutch, no charge. I am not sure if complaints of this wide spread problem has finally gotten the notice of GM or what. I am just thankful for the free replacement.

28th Sep 2006, 19:23

I have a 2002 trailblzer ls and has 58,000 just bought it 2 weeks ago. started it up in the morning and pressed on the gas and it started to hesitate. so I let it warm up a little longer and then it went away. then left work and it sounded loud and the rpm's was over 1100 and wouldn't go down. I put it in drive and it did the same thing as the morning. what do you guy's think.

29th Sep 2006, 14:24

I have a 2002 trail Blazer with the same roaring noise that gets louder as you accelerate. I changed the fan clutch on the recommendation of a transmission specialist and the noise is still there. I now smell overheated water However, temperture gauge displays normal levels.

I like the car, but this common problem merits a recall!!!

1st Oct 2006, 20:47

OK, so what else is new??? I have a 2003 Chev. Trailblazer ext. with 52000 miles just like the rest of you all with the jet engine and fan clutch problem. Here's my message to GM: If you have a recall, I will forgive you and buy another GM product. If you don't have a recall, you can be just like Ford and start going down the drain. Oh, I forgot, you guys are going in that direction too aren't you? It's all about honesty and integrity folks! That's how you run a business!! OH WHAT A FEELING! TOYOTA!

2nd Oct 2006, 06:39

Well, same as everyone else. I have a 2002 GMC Envoy with 70,000 miles. The fan clutch has often not worked when cold. Then this past Friday, the fan clutch decided to lock-up and now it must be bad. Now we have a jet-liner like everyone else.

9th Oct 2006, 10:07

I am from Mississippi. I have a 2003 LT Trailblazer. It has approximately 61,000 miles, and is no longer under warranty. I am experiencing a problem with my fan clutch (just as many of you have experienced). It seems as if this is a recurring problem among these vehicles (trailblazer and envoy). Does anyone know if there has been a recall on this part? Also, I do not think I should be responsible for 100% of the cost of repair. Has anyone contacted the dealership or parent company and received complete or partial financial assistance?

I am also having problems with my driver side seat-belt. Sometimes it works and other times it does not work. It sticks and will not pull out. Is this also a common occurrence or problem with trailblazers?