28th Mar 2007, 08:44

My wife and I have an 03 Trailblazer that we have had some of the same problems. It has been back and forth to the dealer 3 or 4 times in the past couple of years. It just doesn't start sometimes. Now our problem sounds a little different than everyone else's though. When this happens, it does turn over, it just doesn't start. However, if we press the gas pedal a couple times and then retry, it starts right up. I've been told it has something to do with a relay that sticks? Don't know. But, we have had the ignition switch changed out before, and a couple of other things too. And yes, one other person had that "ticking" sound from the fan. Us too.

3rd Apr 2007, 09:48

I posted a couple of weeks ago about our problems with our 2003 Trailblazer not starting intermittently. We had the ignition switch changed at our request, and so far this seems to have solved the problem. It has been 2 weeks without an issue and before it used to happen every few days or so. We are hoping there will be no more problems, but are still very nervous about the reliability of this vehicle, especially having 2 small children. The towing and repair bills have been huge.

4th Apr 2007, 08:56

My wife and I own a 2002 Trailblazer, we just started having this problem a few days ago. We have had no problems with this truck from when we bought it at 150,000km until now, over 200,000+km. We live in Canada, and had no troubles starting it in the -30C weather. I talked with a local repair man, he suggested checking the starter relay myself, and if that is not it, he said he'd take a look at it. I'll reply in a few days to let you know what's happening.

13th May 2007, 19:12

I have a 2003 Trailblazer doing similar things as many of you. Mine has about 61k miles on it. It has been fine up until now although we have had the fan ticking noise like others and I have replaced the brake lights 3-4 times and they keep blowing out. Now to my current problem...

Last night without any notice my wife cranked the care and it cut off while we were loading my son into his car seat. Since that time it will not run. Most of the time the gauges are all going crazy even the speed odometer jumps from 0-60 and back over and over. this is with the key turned a half turn. Sometimes the engine turns over, but it never cranks up. Other times it will just not turn over at all. My radio windows lights and horn all work fine. I had the battery checked today and put it back on with no luck. I was curious if the ignition switch problem would still let it turn over, but not crank like mine is doing. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

19th May 2007, 06:58

Ignition switch fixed the problem.

30th May 2007, 02:47

I just started having the same type of not starting problem, except the day before while driving down the road, my security light came on and re-locked my doors. After parking, I turned it off and restarted it and everything was fine... until this morning. The lights on the panel light up,and my headlights work, but nothing else, no radio, interior lights, and it wouldn't crank.

11th Jul 2007, 18:41

I own a 2003 Trailblazer and have been having this issue for approx 6 months. I will go to start the vehicle and the lights and radio work, but that's it. I have had it towed 3 different times to my husbands work and so far I have replaced the ignition switch 2 separate times. It works for a little while, but then it starts again. The last time we replaced the ignition switch and key tumbler - that lasted about 2 months. Today I went to get into my trailblazer and boom - it won't start. I had to wait 2 hours for someone to come and get me. I now will have it towed for the 4th time to be fixed, but at this point we are at a loss. What else could be wrong.

12th Jul 2007, 19:10

Has anyone been able to permanently fix this? I've had this problem on my 2002 Trailblazer for about 6 months. It wasn't bad at first. But now I can't get it to start. I've replaced the ignition switch and starter and still no luck.

12th Jul 2007, 23:25

My wife has a 2003 trailblazer North Face. Tonight it did not start. Everything worked, but it would not start. It would crank over sometimes and the gauges would go crazy. The best was that it would not go into neutral so it could be moved. The ignition switch would not activate the switch on the brake pedal so the shifter button would push in to allow you to move the shifter.

I had a tow truck come and brought it home. I traced the problem to the ignition switch and am going to replace it tomorrow. I thought I would check the webb and I thank everyone that took the time to write in. I am a licensed mechanic and this confirms my finding. I think I will send a message to the desk of the prsident of General Motors suggesting he look at these pages.

12th Jul 2007, 23:43

Again, I'm having the same problems as all mentioned previously. On a frequent basis the car will not start until several frustrating attempts at turning the ignition. The guages go crazy each time. Just recently the car has been suddenly turning off while driving. Taking it into the dealer this weekend. Will find the advice already given very useful. Last time I will ever purchase a chevy. (2005 trailblazer)

21st Jul 2007, 23:00

I hate it when you have car problems and the dealer looks at you like your dumb because they have no problem out of it. I do not have a Trailblazer, but I was looking at one today. After reading the comments on this page I have to say I will not own a Trailblazer. I was looking for reviews online about it because Kelly's Blue Book listed the car around $15,000 and the lot wants $10,995 for it, which I thought was alittle off. Now I know why it is so low because the car is a hugh problem and I have to say I will not return to Chevy. I was raised on Chevy, but I found a good deal on a Dodge truck and have to say it as been a very good truck. I got the truck when it was 4 years old and I have owned it for 7 years and with 170,000 miles it is a very dependable truck. So if you want something other than that money pit get a Dodge you will not be sorry.

26th Aug 2007, 13:14

We have a 2005 trail blazer and it is having the same problems. I will take it in 08/30/07 to be fixed. Right now I will have to have it towed because it will not start at all. There should be a recall.

6th Sep 2007, 07:08

I own a 2003 Silverado and I am experiencing the same problems, though my battery is weak (failed load test).

After charging the battery for 4 hours it failed to start, though this morning after a small hesitation it started.

So... Do you think I'm in the same boat as you folks?

Thanks in advance.