27th Dec 2005, 22:02

Your posting on the pumping gas problem is interesting. I own a 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan, and I am having similar problems. (See posting on 2002 Grand Caravans. I don't know how I mistakenly listed it as a 2002?) I was considering a 2005 Trail Blazer to replace my van specifically because of the gas filling problem, but now I don't know if I want to trade one problem for another! My dealer has looked at my van twice now, and they tell me nothing is wrong. However when we take it to the gas station, we have to spoon-feed it gas because the pump keeps clicking off. Good luck with your problem.

28th Dec 2005, 08:24

I have the problem with pumping gas (overflow) with my Trailblazer only at specific gas stations, depending on what kind of nozzle with vapour recovery. In my town I have the problem at the Citgo station (7-11) but not the Shell station. So I just buy at the Shell station and am extra careful about spilling gas out of town. However, I am not having trouble getting it to fill up.

17th Mar 2006, 15:57

To solve the gas filler problem, back the nozzel out about an inch or two when filling. The system needs to breath as it fills.

6th Aug 2006, 13:02

For your problem with the "cracks and Crevices" in the cargo area. Try a cargo mat. they aren't very expensive and keep the interior clean and will stop you losing things in your third row seat.

2nd Nov 2007, 22:43

I own a 2004 TB also and have been having the same problems when I fill the tank. As soon as the tank clicks off the gas starts pouring out of the tank and all over the ground. I brought it back to the dealer and they said they took the whole gas line apart and could not find a leak. I have tried many stations and happens at all.

7th Apr 2009, 09:38

The gas pump issue was the one and only negative experiences I've had with my TB. It happened while the dealer was filling my tank after purchasing it. I fooled around with the pump gun and found that if you place the nozzle in as far as it will go, then back it out to where you can rest the gun on the outer ring (about an inch) you won't have any more issues. The trick is to let the pump do its thing... DON'T try to hold the pump gun, just let it rest. If you do hold it, the angle causes the same issues even if it is backed out an inch or so because the air trying to escape from the tank engages the pump shutoff. This is something that happens on many types of vehicles, not just the TB.

25th Jul 2009, 09:38

Get a nylon rope and tie a small hook on the end drop it in to the filler tube and yank out that restricktor valve!