17th Aug 2006, 23:17

More class action suits need to be filed because there is power in numbers. The world needs to know how this company is ripping people off. My email address is: sugaplum0072003@yahoo.com

I thought I was the only one and fighting alone. My vehicle was one of the early 2002 that came out in 2001, but GM says there's not a recall on mine. I believe they are lying. I have been having a problem with my 2002 trailblazer since 2003. I took it in and explained something was wrong with my engine, the radio station would switch, the tail light sockets were literally burning the plastic of the bulbs. The only thing that was done by the technicians were fixing the recalls, and reseting the power train. The problems began at 46,000 miles and I was told I went over 30,000 miles and GM will not buy it back or do anything for me except put me in a more expensive vehicle like a Tahoe or Suburban for more money. I have been spoken to harshly by customer service and told nothing could be done at that point, service people have told me to get my car off of their lot. They are not very nice or helpful.

I got a lemon lawyer and nothing happened, I think they paid him off. Now I am at 84,000 miles and my engine is gone. I took the vehicle in for service on 8/3/06 because my engine light was on, not to mention the driver's power seat collapsed while I was driving. I was told there was no problem with the engine. The technician told me the only thing the system detected was a problem happened 200 miles ago, but it was okay. On 8/11/06 while driving, the engine shut down while I was in motion. The car was towed to the closest Chevrolet dealer and I was told nothing could be done there was no assistance because I had gone over 70,000 miles (but didn't I report a problem at 46,000 miles??). A new engine will cost $5,000.00 not including the $1,100.00 it cost for them taking out the engine and inspecting it. Oh, the seat will also cost $6-700.00.

14th Nov 2008, 03:15

I drove this Chev for about 180.000 kms during 4 years in Holland (Europe). It drives well, but it is technically very poor. The first light winter snow caused the spoiler on the tail to explode, so the 5th door could not be opened anymore. After 3 months this was repaired, without costs but after a lot of troubles with the cardealer. After 130.000 km the gear box broke down, caused by bad wiring. Costed me Euro 3.300 to repair. After 150.000 km the engine broke down complete. Costed E 6.500 to replace. Warranty none. Gas - consumption is average. I also had troubles with the rear lights/ wiring, but that was solved by the dealer. (3 days searching on warranty).