21st Nov 2005, 17:38

No wonder you have all these problems, you have a one off, custom, 2005, V6 Trailblazer.

28th Nov 2005, 10:36

I'd have to say the reviewer doesn't really own a TB. If you noticed all of the problems the first time you drove it then why did you ignore them on the test drive? Unless you were stupid enough to buy the TB without driving it first then I don't believe the review is truthful. Another sign is the poor marks for performance and comfort again leading me to believe either you bought it without driving it (or even sitting in it) or you are lying. The V-6 comment is one more tip... but I guess there are many out there who don't research their $30K+ purchases enough to know what engine they actually are buying within their new vehicle.

8th Jul 2007, 20:16

There is no problem with the brakes. If a new car sits on the lot for a while before it is sold, rust will form on the disks and they will make noise when they are first applied. This could also be accompanied by a decrease in effectiveness, and/or the brakes grabbing. It goes away very quickly, and is completely normal. I have experienced this with every single brand of car I have come across - GM, Ford, Toyota, Mercedes, all of them...

There is nothing wrong with the brakes. This person just wanted to bash the TB. If you want to discuss real problems, how about Toyota engines blowing up due to sludge, or Honda transmissions failing before 40,000 miles?

This reviewer should be glad they have a TB instead of a 4-Runner. The TB is a much better vehicle by far. If I am not mistaken, it is the best selling SUV in its class, and I can see why. I particularly love the fact that it has an I6. Except for the stupid defective fan clutch on the earlier TB's which has since been corrected, GM really nailed that engine.

19th Jul 2007, 09:59

To the person who made the comment about GM selling rebadged Toyotas:

Do a google search for "Toyota Cavalier", yes that's right.. Toyota sold version of the lowly Chevy Cavalier in several overseas markets including Japan and didn't even bother to give it a different model name. What do you make of that?

20th Jul 2007, 10:30

Have you forgotten about the Trailblazer 390 hp SS? Why want the Toyota???//

20th May 2008, 15:11

For the sake of conversation, I'll note that my mother has an '05 TrailBlazer, 4x4 model with the inline-6. Her car now has roughly 35,000 miles on it, and in that time, it has been to the dealer to have the arms for the rear liftgate replaced after they collapsed and the heavy liftgate almost knocked me unconscious. The car has been in six different times for brake problems, and even now, one has to push the brake pedal well over half way to get the brakes to engage. The transmission shifts into second at about 15 and holds it until 55, then slamshifts into Overdrive, and the dealership claims that it's completely normal. The 4x4 does not engage about 50% of the time and then stays engaged even after you've turned the switch to 2wd. The rearview mirror fell off the windshield on the first freezing day after my mom bought the car. Oh, and of course, on a good day, it gets 17 mpg.

My family is a family of GM loyalists. My grandfather retired from GM, and my uncle is a manager with Buick, and yet because of my mother's TrailBlazer, when I was looking for a new car in 2006, I bought a Honda. My Honda has 30,000 miles now, and has been to the dealership for oil changes, and that's it. I've tried to get my mother to file a lemon-law claim on her car, but she won't do it.

Whether the first commenter really had the problems and didn't convey his thoughts well or he was lying, you have to trust that I am telling the truth. If you buy a TrailBlazer, don't say no one tried to warn you.

21st May 2008, 11:31

I leave AWD on my Trailblazer all the time, as I have gotten spoiled with the handling.

I have no issue with the heat as I have dual front and back climate control. It cools down pretty nicely with having a black SUV. I also ordered in with the extra dark factory tint.

My hatch wires work perfect. If someone is reading back in 2002, they are probably addressing the left rear tailight recall. I have not been back for a single issue with mine and love it.

I know the brake comment is due to sitting. I also own a GM Conversion Van, and after a couple weeks sitting it simply cleans the rotors off. I have all new drums and rotors, and know the brakes are perfect. It's from sitting only.

I am glad I am not having engine sludging and transmissions issues like you see on imports here.

16th Mar 2009, 18:23

I had a 2005 Trailblazer for 2 years, and that was the best automobile I ever purchased, the only problem was a rear breaklight went out, but I replaced the bulb and it was fine. I totalled mine in 2007, and still wish I had mine, everytime I see one on the road. I love you trailblazer:)!

3rd Jun 2010, 08:57

"I leave AWD on my Trailblazer all the time, as I have gotten spoiled with the handling."

This is interesting since the handling is quite unaffected by the AWD unless you are on a slippery surface. It is electronically controlled so if you are just driving the car on dry pavement you won't notice any difference. It only kicks in when you need it. Otherwise you are still just using the rear wheels to drive the car.

4th Jun 2010, 15:28

When we were searching for an SUV in 2003 we were greatly influenced by my wife's brother's Trailblazer. He is a physician and is on call a lot for emergencies. He was required by his medical group to buy a very reliable 4-wheel drive vehicle. He traded his very unreliable Mercedes M-class SUV for a 2002 Trailblazer. We were so impressed with it we bought a GMC Envoy (exactly the same car). The brother's Trailblazer was passed on to his son at 165,000 miles. It now has over 200,000 miles and has never had a single problem. It was replaced with another Trailblazer.

Our Envoy just hit 90,000 miles and has had nothing but one battery and one set of tires. Not even a brake job yet. We like these cars. We're sad GM quit making them and plan to drive ours another 200,000 miles. It is currently just like new inside and out, runs flawlessly and rides like a dream.

4th Jun 2010, 15:32

"The IIHS basically says this vehicle is dangerous."

It's hard to regard any heavy, truck based SUV as dangerous. I've seen these things drive THROUGH a mid-sized sedan without so much as cracking the windshield. My wife rear-ended a truck with hers and knocked the truck 20 feet. It didn't even dent the bumper and the air bags never even deployed.

5th Jun 2010, 12:12

This is typical thinking and a major reason why our roadways are clogged with oversized poor handling heavy vehicles. Just because you can plow through the other car doesn't make your vehicle safer, and in fact makes your vehicle even MORE DANGEROUS. Accident avoidance would be the safest. Having too much weight and too high of a center of gravity ALWAYS equates to a more dangerous vehicle. Stop thinking of only your own well being, because you will regret killing someone in that smaller car someday with your oh so safe SUV.

That accident involving plowing through another car could have probably been avoided with a sharper handling, quicker stopping car. Your wife probably could have avoided rear-ending that truck too, although if she moved a truck 20 feet she was definitely driving way too fast and probably would do the same in any car. Dangerous drivers are dangerous no matter what they are driving. Put the phone down and pay attention! That's how you get sued out of everything you own these days...

The IIHS probably rates these truck so unsafe due to high rollover probability and extremely poor side impact test results. If you get t-boned by a truck or SUV of the same size, you will get seriously hurt or killed in one of these trucks. I have seen videos of SUV's getting clipped lightly behind the rear wheel while doing about 30 mph and they flip so quickly. There is absolutely NO WAY to avoid this from happening, no matter how good you think you can drive.

I really wish people considered the safe travel of that Honda Civic owner as important as their own safety in their truck or SUV. Sad really that this "bigger is better" mentality continues to dominate and the automaker wins again by selling their high profit margin SUV's. I seriously think we need $4.50 gas as a norm to get these vehicles to disappear once and for all. Then the roads would be safer for ALL of us.