18th Aug 2008, 20:52

Bought a Chevy Venture van from a Chevy dealership in 2002 with 33,000 miles on it at the time.

I read the comments about the Venture vans that precedes my comments and find the same problems everyone else is experiencing.

Power window driver's side went up down slow then just stopped working.

Gas gage stays as full all the time, and rocks back and forth.

Heater stopped working in the middle of the winter; had it repaired three times.

Windshield wiper stopped working, found that the linkage was defective, repaired myself.

Headlights have condensation behind both lenses.

Low beam stopped working.

Check engine light goes on repeatedly even after clearing the computer.

Transmission went while driving on highway at 50 MPH. Just stopped working mid stream.

Code for torque converter relay kept coming on.

Transmissions shifted very hard.

Had transmission rebuilt. Other parts of transmission went after 10,000 miles of the rebuild.

Engine started overheating, had head and intake gaskets replaced.

Engine overheated, didn't know because temperature gage stopped working.

Replaced engine because of warped head.

Radiator rotted and leaked, was replaced.

Power steering pump continues to make noises but works.

Just dropped off the van to replace the transmission with a junk yard unit because a second amco rebuild went.

All these things occurred prior to 89000 miles.

The dual cassette / CD player still works well.

Ready to repair it and sell it. Hoped to keep it as a second vehicle and wanted to buy American.

The last great Chevy I owned was a 69 Camaro 4sp 396. That car ran forever.

What happened to General Motors?

1st Sep 2008, 16:38

1999 Chevrolet Venture LS extended body.

We got this vehicle from my wife's parents when they could no longer drive it. They should have junked it, or we should have junked it, but it was Mom's car and she liked it.

We then sold our 1996 Ford Explorer, which had zero problems. The Venture had 60,XXX miles on it.

So far we have replaced the engine (warped heads) for $4,600. The replacement engine was used.

We had the head gaskets and bolts replaced, the plugs replaced, the water pump replaced, thermostat replaced. All this before the replacement engine was installed.

Unbelievable as it may seem, to replace the plugs with the engine in the car means you have to rotate the engine forward to get to the rear plugs - sounds like a 'dealer place to go to get maintenance' to me.

Later on came a new alternator, which was bad causing a second one to be installed (Auto Zone paid).

Replaced the antifreeze to get the orange gunk out of it.

Heater does not work well. On the high blower position it blows hot air for about 20 seconds, then it turns cold. Have to use the heater on lower blower settings. Rear heater is okay. To help solve this problem I replaced the front heater core - a job meant for a complete idiot that's retired with nothing else to do. It helped the problem a little bit. AC works fine.

Next was the driver side window electric controls - a $70 replacement - dealer item only. The parts guy said they sell a lots of them.

Next was the keyless entry thing you carry in your pocket. No problem, I thought it was the battery - wrong - the dealer wanted $77 to order a replacement. Not to worry, I use the key now. Divers side window has a mind of its own. In order to make it go up without binding or stopping I have to lubricate the front guide channel with a long snout on the spray can about every three months. It goes up okay now after slowing down about half way up.

All in all, what's left. It rides nice, it's quiet since I replaced the front brake pads twice. It is now running good (probably should not say that).

Gas mileage is very acceptable with a rounding out in town at about 24. Highway was a surprise - last trip to Chicago from Denver was 31. Probably that tail wind we had on I-80. I check mileage with a calculator, not the thing that reads it out for you.

I think GM had either a blind person engineer this car or someone that had one heck of a hangover on engineering design day. And from what I have read they tend not to learn lessons and make things better for future models. The sneaky replacement for the Venture is the Uplander. After all, as the parts guy said, 'we sell lots of those'. If you were a dealer wouldn't you have a very large parts storage area?

Prior to the Ford Explorer we owned Honda cars. They are just excellent from every possible vantage point. Guess what my next car will be? Mom is now gone and so will the the Chevrolet Venture. We also own a 99 Ford Superduty crew cab diesel. It has become an anchor in my driveway and well as our 5th wheel being in storage - all because of diesel prices. This truck, at 134,000 miles has been absolutely excellent. Normal maintenance only.

Good luck with your Venture, venture to the point that you should have someone follow you in another car (Honda or equivalent) wherever you go. Interesting to note that all Hondas sold in the US are made in the US, to include all parts. Check out you GM car to find out it is made in Canada, dash board made in Mexico, transmission made in Germany, seating made in either Mexico or another foreign country, etc, etc.

Thanks for reading. My email is jbnorton80138@yahoo.com

5th Sep 2008, 12:49

Wow is all I can say! I thought I was getting a great deal. And I really regret this. I am going to sell the van for parts. It was too good to be true.

5th Jan 2009, 10:12

I bought a 2000 Chevy Venture in Jan. of 06 at 103,000 miles on it. Now it's at 148,000 and it's still running good.

I haven't had any engine problems with it yet, but the air bag light does stay on.

My back left brake light always goes out for some reason. I notice a lot of them in my area have the same bulb out.

My gas gage has the same problem like every Venture but it's not a big deal.

The driver side wheel bearing needed to be replaced.

Now I have a loud clunking noise when I turn right. I found out it was the left lower control arm. The bushing is popped out so it's metal hitting metal. I got an estimate for 300 bucks to get it fixed, but I found the part for 50 and my brother is going to fix it.

Other than that, I take care of the oil changes and give the vehicle treatments. I guess some people just have bad luck. I took the van on tour with my band with 5 guys and a trailer, and drove over 2000 miles!

17th Feb 2009, 14:46

I am on my second Chevy Venture in 2 years. I bought a 2000 in June 08 and it was obviously poorly maintained by the previous owner. The engine was fantastic, no leaks, no knocks, and had lots of pep to it. The van had high mileage too, 250000km.

The check engine light was on for 4 reasons, the camshaft position sensor, the bank 1 oxygen sensor, the EGR valve, and the pressure control solenoid in the transmission. I could have fixed these four things and all would have been good. I replaced the transmission cooler lines on it as well because they were rotten, may have been too late though as the transmission ran low on fluid and started whining... I take the blame for that.

I sold the van for what I paid for it in November intending to find one is less rough shape. Last week I picked up a 99 Venture with near 200,000kms on it. It has NOTHING wrong with it, seems all the issues were taken care of before I bought it. I love the rig, it's spacious, practical, efficient for the size, and comfortable. It's not as if I spent a lot of money on either of them in the first place, but I really can't complain about the Venture.