18th Apr 2009, 06:57

Yet another commenter, who based on experience with a single vehicle, freely broad-brushes the entire American auto industry.

19th Apr 2009, 00:26

As regards the last comment, on what basis would you expect the review? He or she has formed their opinion on the vehicle they have owned, if it appears to them that the vehicle is shoddy and badly built and happens to be American, should they not have an opinion?

19th Apr 2009, 10:50

Their opinion is based only on one single vehicle. Furthermore, we, the reader, have no idea how they actually treated that car. Their review is actually suspect when they talk about how much they love the power, and in the next breath talk about how the transmission is starting to slip. Sounds like somebody who tromps the throttle all the time, and then wonders why the car is getting worn out so quickly.

Their opinion is based on one car: that limits them to AT BEST saying "all Chrysler 300's are junk" although even that is a stretch. They have no basis upon which to say even "all Chryslers are junk" let alone "all American cars are cheaply built."

21st Apr 2009, 00:12

Surprise, surprise, very few of us know how other people treat their vehicles. Have a look at reviews of American vehicles of recent manufacture mostly submitted from North America, as was this review, and you will find complaints as regards quality and reliability in the majority of reports.

21st Apr 2009, 16:45

Perhaps, because people are more likely to take time to write on a site like this if they have a problem. What point, if any, are you trying to make? You can't seriously be suggesting that because the visor clips on this one Chrysler 300 broke, that every North American auto is substandard. Besides, if you have some sort of anti-American agenda, the Chrysler 300 is built in Canada, so sorry.

22nd Apr 2009, 23:52

Sorry I must have misread the original comment. I thought there was a complaint about a transmission problem. Anti American HA HA.

7th Jul 2009, 19:58

I'm not sure how "American" your 300C Chryslers are. I know for a fact that for the New Zealand and Australian market the 300c is assembled in Austria. I'm not sure if that applies to the US market version too.

23rd Nov 2009, 09:42

RE: Limos and cabs lasting forever, while private party cars die at 50,000?!?

I've driven a cab in my past and had some interesting conversations with the taxi company mechanics. They said that some reason cabs go to 400,000 miles or so is:

1. Rear wheel drive.

2. Inspections by mechanics much more often than most drivers do.

3. (most important) Not so many cold start, on-off 2 mile trips. If you drive your car every day from a cold start to 2 miles away, park it for a few hours, then drive 2 miles, park it for a while, etc that really gives a lot more wear per mile on components as they never really get warm and lubricated. Yes, cabs have lots of 2 mile trips, but the engine doesn't get cold in between. And, god knows how cab drivers can be hard on transmissions, but we did learn how to baby bad Automatic transmissions and wait a few seconds between park, drive and reverse, sometimes with the brake on to build up pressure...

3rd Oct 2011, 09:00

Stop worrying about "turning heads" and buy a car that works the way it should.