9th Jun 2009, 09:41

2005 Chrysler Touring Limited. Brand new at purchase. This car has had 22 work orders on it since purchase. I'm not a foolish kid. I'm 52 years old. I know how to drive and apply basic car maintenance. The problems have run from emergency brake light staying on when in drive, engine/airbag/ emergency icons flashing for no reason, two major multicylinder misfires, tie rod replacements, and if you reach 75 the whole car starts to shimmy.

When I tried to trade it in (it looks gorgeous BTW) and give them another chance with a new 2008 Chrysler 300, they schmoozed me to the nines, and then after I waited two hours in the showroom, told me they could not find a single lender. This BTW is the same dealership that has done my service these many years. Disgusted, is an understatement.

I had a Geo Prizm that outperformed this car. I'm out over 30 thousand, 5 thousand of which is still owed. I hope it lasts till payout. Only 42K, I drive back and forth to work,and run household errands about twice a week.

9th Jun 2009, 11:12

If you've had so much trouble with your 2005 Chrysler 300, why on earth would you want to trade it in (and give Chrysler another chance) on a 2008 300?

Do you think that Chrysler quality has gotten better as they circled the drain?

I would think you would want to go with a make that has a better reliability record, based on your experience with your Chrysler.

17th Jul 2009, 13:55

I have a Chrysler 2005 300 Touring, 39,400 miles. Purchased July 3, 2004. The car shutters around 35-45 mph. The torque converter was replaced, did not correct the problem. I have contacted Chrysler Customer Support and waiting for their answer to the problem.

23rd Aug 2009, 09:39

I own a 2005 300 Ltd. with the 3.5 V-6. Oil consumption us also a problem with the level at the add level after 3000 km. I purchased it last spring with 35000 km and the original tires had been replaced with Michelin hydroEdge tires. I now have 70000km and had a minor problem with the vehicle. If the tilt steering is used, the horn ceases to function, so returning to its original position, everything is fine.

Gas mileage is at best 9.6L/100 km on the highway and 11.5 in the city. Nice car, comfortable and problem-free so far.

1st Dec 2009, 21:20

I have a 2007 300 Touring with the 3.5 L engine. I bought it brand new.

The car uses excessive amounts of oil. It does not leak, nor do I see any signs of the car burning oil, it just disappears. I first noticed it after approx 16000 miles on the car. I had always had the oil changed every 3000 or so, but the one time I went to 6000 between changes, the oil level was so low it would not register on the stick. I had to add nearly 5 quarts of oil to get it back to full. I have no idea where it went.

My wife's 2008 Town and Country is the same way. I have to constantly check and add oil to both cars between oil changes. I have had to have brakes and rotors replaced on both vehicles at around 15000 miles, which I find unacceptable.

I will Never Ever Own another Chrysler Product. They have always been junk and they will always be junk. I bought the 300 because of styling, it's really too bad they can't get a grip on quality. It's no wonder Consumers reports and others won't even list a Chrysler product as a recommended buy.

15th Dec 2009, 09:33

I have a 2005 Chrysler 300 Limited. The lights on the car flash and the tires don't last long at all. Does anyone have an idea on the lights or the tires?

29th Dec 2009, 21:56

I own a 2005 Touring, purchased Jan 21. 05. On Feb 8, 2005 I returned to the dealer because while driving 60-70 miles on the express way, my speedometer went to zero, ABS/ESP/and BSA lights started flashing, and the car started to stall. I took it to the dealer and was told the computer had to be reset. Feb 14, 2005 I returned to the dealer with the same problem. After three days with no car, I was told the ABS module was replaced.

May 2008 I returned to the dealer with the same problem. My speedometer's not working, the gas gauge does not work, and the same lights were flashing. Now the car is out of warranty and I'm told the instrument cluster has to be replaced at a cost of $1023.00. Chrysler agreed to pay a portion of the repair, but I haven't had it replaced. This should have been done while the car was under warranty.

The car has been back three times, the latest was to replace the EGR valve pipe. The car use oil, but I never see any leaks. I am totally disappointed. As with all of us I love the style and look of the car. What happened to quality? A lot of people got scrambled.

15th Jan 2010, 17:46

To everyone who had trouble with tires not lasting; the original tires were Continental tires - no good, there was a class action lawsuit that was won, and depending on the mileage of car, owners received full replacement value of tires or varying amounts. As the original owner of car you should have received notice and had a chance to file a claim. I think it's too late now. I received 269.00. I hope this answers your questions re:tires wearing out fast.

22nd Feb 2010, 11:00

I have a 2005 300 with 101500 miles on it. It's the 3.5 V, and only have had to replace the brakes. No problems except unfortunately the lights have started to flicker, and it's only noticeable at night. All lights flicker except the radio/navigation unit. The headlights and dash are the most noticeable at night when flickering. I wish I knew why, cause I love my 2 tone leather seats, and the car is fun to drive.

25th Mar 2010, 12:24

I purchased a 2007 Chrysler 300 Limited in 2007.

I first noticed that on occasion, the brake light would come on after I put the car in drive... strange since I had not engaged the brake. Now it does it nearly all the time, but all I have to do is pull on the brake release to release the brake and the light goes out.

I have noticed a shuttering in the car, but not while driving... mine has occurred while stopped at a traffic light more than one time, but not so often that anyone but me would notice. Dealer was unable to get the car to "shutter" while there and dismissed the issue.

I am having a tremendous amount of trouble with the oil disappearing. I get the oil changed at Jiffy Lube every 3000 miles, and over the last three changes it has shown no oil on the stick. I took the car to the dealer for a transmission oil leak and had them check for the disappearing oil... they said it wasn't burning it, wasn't leaking it, and didn't know where it was going! I guess I will have to keep checking the level and make sure it doesn't get so low it hurts the car.

Good luck to everyone else... If the car wasn't so much fun to drive, I would have gotten rid of it by now... But it is fun, so I'll keep it.