1995 Chrysler Cirrus LXI V6 2.5L from North America


Good car, good performance, costly if needed to be fixed


The steering junction and control arms went at 200,000km (cost of $1200CDN)

Just recently had to replace the wires they were bad. The cost of the wires and, new spark plugs was $150CDN, but, the labor was 3 times that since you have to take half the engine apart to get to them.

The front and rear struts are gone on the vehicle (didn't replace yet) and will cost me $1000CDN.

Overall, costly car to fix if something breaks.

General Comments:

The car's interior is great. I fell in love with it at the beginning. It is elegant and practical. The leather seats are also great since the creamy color doesn't get hot during the summers as do other wehicles. Acceleration and handling are pretty good, although more horse power would add a lot. For a 6 cylinder engine the fuel economy is pretty good.

Finally, the way I drive cars (push them to their limits 95% of the time) this one has held up nicely. For an automatic I can hold the gas down and bring it to 6500rpm (7000limit) almost any time I like and hadn't had any problems.

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2005

25th Aug 2006, 22:07

To the writer of this review: you submitted your car as a 1994, while the first year for the Cirrus was 1995.

1995 Chrysler Cirrus LX 2.5L V6 from North America


Maybe costly: but well worth it!!!


My car was a flood car, so when I first got it, everything needed to be replaced.

I ended up spending $3,300 on repairing the engine and everything that needed to be fixed.

The distributor I remember was quite a bit of money. I called around and the cheapest one I found was $250.

The ball joint also went and on that particular car you have to buy the entire arm too, so that was pretty costly.

General Comments:

In my opinion, I really haven't had that much trouble with my car. I think it can be pretty costly, but very reliable and comfortable. I think my car also handles very well in snowy conditions, and is a very quiet vehicle. I think Chrysler did an excellent job with this car.

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Review Date: 17th March, 2005

1995 Chrysler Cirrus LX from North America


Worth it!


I bought this car used with 94,000 miles on it. It is an R title. Before we bought it, we took it to my dad (who is my mechanic) to make sure there was nothing severely wrong with it. You have to be careful when buying an R-title. There was no frame damage. The car was hit in the trunk. I love this car and have had very minor (cheap under $50) replacements.

The biggest problem is the transmission is going. It has been going for 1 year. I can drive it about 25 miles max. Basically to work, let it sit for 8-10 hours and then back home. We are getting rid of it.

Another problem was with the air conditioning. The car will fill with a smoke like substance. This has happened about 5 times since I have owned it. I don't know what it is. I heard this happens with some cars. It's only when I am using the air conditioning. It's scary when you have a little baby in the car.

Anti lock Brake System light won't shut off. We took to the dealer to have the car checked and everything is fine. They can't shut off the light.

General Comments:

The car is so comfortable and reliable! If it wasn't for the transmission I would be keeping it!

I don't like driving big luxury cars. I grew up driving small cars. My husband has an Intrepid. They ride so nice, but they are too big for me. I like the Cirrus because it has that luxury smooth ride feel and comfort without being large!

It is stylish. Everyone who has gotten into the car always says, "What a nice car."

The headlights aren't the best or the brightest. This model has fog lights so that helps.

The cup holders are in an awkward position. They are partly under the dash.

My husband has dreaded having to change the battery due to the location. Luckily, he hasn't had to.

The car dings when the lights are left on. I love this! I used to kill the battery in my old car by leaving the lights on. The lights also have a delay. If you shut them off after you shut off the car, they will remain on for a few seconds.

Great handling! Takes turns with ease. My husband loves to "play" with the car. I don't drive fast like he does, so he loves to take it out for a ride.

Not expensive to insure.

All in all. It was worth it! It gave me a good run. We knew it couldn't last too long. It was something inexpensive till the other loan was up! It lasted me over 2 years.

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Review Date: 1st February, 2005