22nd Jan 2008, 08:52

I'm glad a lot of you are lucky enough to have a lot of miles at least until the problems started. Mine only has 52,000 miles and it just dies out. I bought mine in 2004 and am the second owner. Thank god the original owner had an extended warranty because the head gasket and solenoid were already replaced. I truly feel I bought a lemon!

The oil light still comes on and off and the check engine light is on. As I mentioned earlier, when I took it to the mechanic the code said all my cylinders are misfiring which I don't get since the car for the most part runs fine, but I have to warm it up for about 15 minutes. I definitely can't run the car from a cold start.

I think very soon I'm going to get rid of it because I can feel it now needs brakes and it needs new tires. I actually disconnected the battery and now the check engine light is out, but I'm sure it will come back on and I know it won't pass inspection when it goes this July. If that oil light decides to come on then for sure it won't pass.

12th Mar 2008, 23:44

I own a 1999 Chrysler Cirrus LXi. Multiple times it has shut off while in drive and moving anywhere from 0-60 in most cases. The RPM or tachometer (I think) needle will flat line to zero, will be the tell tale sign, followed by the oil lamp or light and power steering will go and power brakes. I've sat for over 15 minutes on occasion for a restart, and experienced a "No Bus" text come up on the mileage display. I thought initially it was because of rain, but now does it all the time. Tomorrow I'm off to said dealership or mechanic with my info in hand, with the desperate need of an explanation or a fith' a Goose (you know).

I was almost killed and lost my car on a particular rainy night coming home from work.

I've read on the internet that it's faulty wiring from either PCM, ECM, or fuse box. Since no one has mentioned that really so far.


I HATE American cars as the two I've owned (only cars, I'm 23) have cost me literally thousands and have lasted less than they're worth for sure. If this is the threat of faulty laboring with rush jobs and less human interaction on assembly lines, then these big Industries (Daimler/Benz/Chevy/GM/SATAN) need to feel the same life and death struggles as we middle class hard working Americans DO behind the wheels of their death machines. Like I paid thousands to die because the cars defective, no thanks.


I can't wait to purchase a nice Toyota or Honda. Reliable 200K machines. No wonder our economy sucks, AS AMERICANS WE HAVE NO WORTH IN THE QUALITY OF OUR WORK ANYMORE.

31st Mar 2008, 18:40

I finally got fed up with mine and got rid of it. My car always just died whenever it rained and it's been raining so much here in NJ that I couldn't take it anymore. It truly is like riding a death machine!! To top the decision was the fact that the check engine light came on and I refuse to find out what it is and to have it fixed.

My grandfather was getting rid of his 2000 Infiniti I30 so I bought it. It's been so nice to finally have a car I don't have to warm up for 15 minutes before I take off!!!

I'm still surprised and shocked that this car has not been recalled.

11th Apr 2008, 14:56

1999 CIRRUS LXI. 78K just started to die. Sounds like I'll be selling it. Any takers? I know better than to by this brand of car. Thought I got a great deal at 63K. Back to try out GM. At least I can replace parts myself on most makes for now there.


Still Dies

Oil in spark plugs = Valve cover gaskets

Need a tow

New wires and plugs

Tranny Leak

Aparantly there isn't a mechanic that knows anything

Good luck...

24th May 2008, 13:56

I have a 1999 Chrysler Cirrus and have had a ton of problems with it. The most recent would be the car just quiting. I got the NO Bus code. After weeks of every machanic telling me it was something different and spending quite a bit of money I finally took it to the dealer. It was the fuse box which ran into around about $800.00. Now I'm having problems with the brakes going to the floor if it idles.. like something is getting too hot. The front driver wheel is grinding, had the brakes and rotors changed with no help. This car is driving me crazy!!

3rd Jun 2008, 21:16

Hi, I have a 98 Cirrus and have had some of the same minor problems that so many of you are talking about.

The oil light coming on and then goes off after I start driving again.

The check engine light is on. Found out it's the number 1 oxygen sensor that has the check engine light on at this time.

Yesterday, upon arriving home, as I was backing into my driveway the car cut off, and will not start. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.

7th Jun 2008, 08:29

I just posted on the 26th of May, and would like every one to know that changing the crankshaft sensor has fixed my problem so far. I have a 96 Cirrus that would just cut out on me, and wouldn't give a code to tell what is wrong, but since changing the sensor it has not done it again. It's the most cheapest way to go first. The part costs around $65.00 at Auto Zone. It's not the most fun to change, (it sits way under the distributor) but it's better and cheaper than changing the distributor. So for every one that is having this problem with a Cirrus cutting out on them, try this crankshaft sensor first is my suggestion.

26th Jun 2008, 17:28

Hey all, sorry we all bought a lemon. Can anyone tell me where that crankshaft sensor is? Thanks again.

8th Jul 2008, 21:11

About three years ago, my fiance was given a 99 Cirrus Lxi from her grandmother. Car ran fantastic, loved it and very enjoyable to ride/drive.

It had been making a winding noise since we got it, then one day that noise became a loud almost tuning fork sound. The bearings went out on the idler pulley. It only cost $170 to fix, but I could still barely afford that.

I don't make much at all, and now the timing belt, valve gasket, and A/C compressor need replacing?! It hasn't died on us yet and I'm hoping it never does before I get the chance to get rid of it.

A most expensive car to maintain, and poorly engineered, parts and labor are just too much.

If anyone wishes to join me in getting together a large group of people to bring this to Chrysler's attention, contact me at chryslercirrus@gmail.com. Let's do something about this people, it sounds like all of us are fed up. We need to take some action.

I would also like to add, that this is not the only site with similar complaints about this particular car.