22nd Aug 2007, 18:50

We have a Chrysler lxi minivan 1996. The electronics recently "froze" in the middle of a main road and failed to restart. The mechanic spent quite a bit of time diagnosing the problem and has determined that it is the computer and the coil. Seems to be a recurrent problem. Quite dangerous too... surprised this has not been resolved by a recall. $880 and a near miss with the 2 month old in the back seat.

22nd Aug 2007, 21:44

That noise that you are talking about is coming from the torsion bar or "sway bar" its probably just loose. mine was rattling for about 4 months before I got it fixed. it costs about 550.00 if you go to a dealership to get it fixed. good luck!

15th Sep 2007, 05:01

I have a 1998 Chrysler Cirrus with 44,000 miles on it and love it. However, I am having a problem with squeaking coming from the suspension. I had the dealer do a lubrication job ($26) and that did not fully cure the problem. My concern is that a squeak means that two components are rubbing together that will eventually cause wear, etc., etc. Has anyone else had this problem? What "cure" did you find?

Thankfully, I have not had any problems with the engine quitting (knock on wood!).

19th Sep 2007, 08:57

I just bought a 1998 cirrus lxi gold edition. Love the car. The only problem is the fan switch only runs on high and you have to stick a toothpick in it to get it to run at all. Can anyone tell me how to get the switch out to change it? No problems with the motor or pcm yet knock on wood.

9th Nov 2007, 11:51

I have a 98 Chrysler Cirrus LXi with about 54,000 miles on and my oil pressure light has been coming on, but only when I'm at a stop and when I step on the gas it goes out. Took it to my local mechanic who checked all the fluids and said it was fine. Mechanic said it's possible the nodule is getting stuck and when I give it the gas and fuel is going back it's why it goes back out.

I too find when the weather is cold I need to warm it up or I will stall like the others. I have added fuel injection cleaner which seems to be helping.

Anyone have this happen with the oil pressure light?

15th Dec 2007, 03:09

I have a Cirrus that just dies out of the blue, on the highway and you name it. Probably some people have lost their lives driving this weapon, though Chrysler seems to over look the problem. This is too much of coincidence. The bottom line is Chrysler needs to be sued.

18th Dec 2007, 14:34

I have the same problems; I tried the same things: new plugs wires, distributor, and rotor. I took it to the dealership three times. They had me come and pick it up, stating that it was ready. On the way home I started it so many times that the starter went out. So my lemon is currently dead in showguns parking lot. 1500 in repairs and rentals and still no transportation. D'oh!

22nd Dec 2007, 11:48

I made the previous comment in Nov., 07 about the oil light coming on...well...check engine light just came on. Hoping it had something to do with the oil light I took it to my local shop to check it out. Well... computer says all my cylinders are misfiring!! What the heck is that? It wouldn't give a significant code. Car runs fine so long as I warm it up for about 5 minutes. I'm not putting money into this car so I've decided to just use it until it dies out. 2 years ago the entire head gasket was replaced and a new solenoid put in. That's it!!

Why has this car never been recalled???

31st Dec 2007, 13:58

I have a 98 Chrysler Cirrus. I got the car in 2000 and have driven the car until June of 07 with no problems, when it just died. Since then it has been a circus. I have put a lot of money into this car and the Check Engine light just came BACK ON! My biggest mistake was having the car towed to a "professional" garage. They should call themselves professional parts changes/chargers, because that is all they do/are! They kept my car for over a month (twice) telling me that they could not find the problems, then mis-diagnosed the problems, then sent me home with a badly running car with crossed plug wires! I had too many repairs to list, that I think were not necessary now!

My suggestion to everyone: get your own OBD II tool and learn to use it. It might not be fun working on your own vehicle, but it will save you time and effort and a lot of money on the long run. I know that is what I plan on doing!

1st Jan 2008, 11:21

I don't understand how this car just DIES!!! Out of the blue with no warning! I just made the second to the last post and since then the car ran fine, so long as I warm it up. I live in NJ so it's been very damp and it's those conditions that it seems the car runs the worse!! So I warm it up for about 10 to 15 minutes. now without a problem until again today... warmed it up and then it just died... started it back up and it was fine. Thank god I wasn't on the highway!!!

I bought the car in 2004 and besides fixes here and there the worse has been 2007 with the car just dying out.

I don't think this car knows what's wrong with it because my mechanic can't get a definite code either. My check engine light is still on, but not flashing. How can all cylinders be misfiring and it still runs??

7th Jan 2008, 15:44

I just bought a 1999 Chrysler LXI in March 07 and since then I've taken the car to the dealership 4 times. I am having the same problem with the car just stopping on its own without any warning. Its been doing that since July and no one seems to know the problem. We had a new sensor put in, a new distributor, new wires, and it is still stalling out. It is currently still at the dealership and now they think its the bellhouse. The bellhouse holds the sensor and they are saying that is the problem now. I guess I'll find out.

15th Jan 2008, 17:46

I cannot get over how many of us are having the same EXACT problem!

Why hasn't this car been recalled? What are they waiting for; somebody getting killed when the car just dies out and someone gets rear-ended?

20th Jan 2008, 06:21

I considered myself lucky to buy my 99 cirrus lxi with 170K miles on it, for a low price of $500.00 The previous owner told me about the problem of it dying on me just out of the blue, and that it would start right back up.

I've had the car a month and it has done it to me once. I tapped on the gas pedal a couple times during it dying on me, and it seemed to kick back on and off, so I am lead to believe it is either a fuel issue or a sensor issue. I have read all the other comments and have very similar issues. I just don't want to dump a whole lot of money into it, considering it should be a recall. I couldnt imagine it stalling on me at an intersection, since it only stalled on me on the highway and only after going over 60-70mph.

I was about to replace the fuel filter ($25) myself, until I found out what a pain it is to do.

I'm hoping this problem is minor, but after reading all the other comments prior to this one, it looks as if I'm in for a crummy ride.