13th Oct 2005, 00:25

Hi all.

I bought a '98 Chrysler Cirrus with 70,000 miles at the end of May this year. The car is in mint condition. It was so well kept a couple of people even thought it was a new car.

After about a month, it started to have the "stalling while driving/not restarting" problems many of you mentioned. The first time I took it in, they changed the fuel pump. It kept up, took it in, they could find nothing wrong. That's when I found this site. To make a long story short, the problems worsened until I wound up having it towed to my mechanic or the dealership. EVERY TIME the car restarted and showed no problems! Twice, I even left it for a week and let them drive it everyday, nothing.

Finally, the dealership here said the PCM was bad. To my great surprise, they told me it was UNDER Warranty and replaced it at NO COST. This was over two months ago now. The car has run like a champ ever since, not even a hint of a problem. *knockingonwood*

Hope that is helpful to somebody.

15th Mar 2006, 10:22

Well, after reading this page, I don't feel alone anymore. I have a 96 chrysler cirrus. I love the car to death, but as you all say it stops running. I will be sitting at a light, and I can watch the RPM switch drop way down then my car will stall. I will also be driving down the road, and then it will just quit and I will have to coast over to the side of the road. I have taken it to a car garage, and the only thing they can find wrong with it is the fuel pump. 300-500 dollars.

15th Jun 2006, 18:49

I have a 1998 Cirrus Lxi. I've had problems with it since day one. Like most of you the main problem is no starting. Mine at times it starts and other times just doesn't start. Or it starts and stalls after a few seconds for no reasons.

Finally I had to call a tow-truck and tow it to a mechanic to have it examined.

They ran all the checks and couldn't find anything wrong with the computer or sensors. Then they told me that these cars are nothing, but trouble no matter the year or the names;Cirrus, Stratus, etc.etc.

Their conclusion was that I had a defective distributor and it had to be replaced. I opted for a used one and they will charge me $275 parts and labor. Not bad.

I would like to add that, this particular car had a recall on the "floor shifter ignition interlock". The recall # is C45. I found this out when I called Chrysler and complained about the poor quality of their new cars. (1-800-334-9200).

My advice: don't keep spending money on this lemon. Buy a much older car!

10th Aug 2006, 18:31

It has now been a year since the PCM was replaced on my 98 Cirrus under warranty. It has run absolutely perfect ever since. The guys didn't want to do anything without a code, but replacing the computer made all of those problems stop. Get this done before the warranty expires. It costs you nothing.

26th Mar 2007, 20:53

Hi, I just bought a 96 Chrysler Cirrus (156,000 miles) and only had it for 2 days. When I came home, I parked the car and noticed a burning smell. I touched the hood and it was very warm. I'm nervous that my car will break down soon and suggestions? I paid 2500 for it and will be ANGRY if it dies within a year!!

30th Apr 2007, 16:47

HI.. I bought a Chysler Cirrus 1998 (67kmiles) and now it is 74 k miles old... It has stopped once... but not much problems.. However it always shows the 'Check Engine' light. Don't know why... sometimes it also shows low oil pressure.. but it still runs... I think my car will stop one day and that day I have to probably take it to a scrap garage.

13th May 2007, 22:20

Needless to say I have a 1996 Cirrus and I love that car so much. We have had that car since 1999! My Cirrus is right at 149,000 miles. I am not saying that it is perfect because you all know otherwise. 1 month ago my Cirrus started stalling like it wanted to shut off every time I pressed the gas. I took it to the car shop. I was told that there was a leak in my glass. I was told that when I tried to accelerate the reason it would stall is because not enough gas was going to the engine, so the engine thought that it was running out of gas.

As for the gas pump, 1 year ago I had my gas pump put in by a company (I won't mention any name) put a pump in my car that was defected. I actually had it replaced for 250.00. Now she is back to normal.

Does any one know how to strip tint off???

22nd May 2007, 09:39

Short and simple I also have a 98 Chrysler Cirrus. I really like the car. But the problem is that it will just stop for no reason, like I would turn the key to off. I took it to the car lot that I'm not to to say the name, To see if they could fix it. They said there was a loose wire some place. As soon as I got off the car lot The car did the same thing. The car doesn't do it every time. But I don't know when it will do it again. could it be the distributer, or fuel pump? I just don't know. And neither does the car lot where I got it from. HELP! I do like the car! I just want it to run.

11th Jun 2007, 21:02


I have a similar problem, but with added features. I have a 1999 Cirrus LXI with 24000 miles. Obviously it was not driven much by the prior owners. After a few months, I noticed my gas gauge light would come on, the needle would plummet to empty, and then creep back up. I let that go figuring it was my sensor, but yesterday my check engine light came on, and 2 miles later the speedometer stopped working, and like many of you, the car just died while driving. I called a tow, and of course it started once he arrived... I would assume all these are related, but has anyone else had the gas gauge as well as the other symptoms???

4th Aug 2007, 21:28

Just got a 98 Cirrus LXI. Looks good and runs well.

The only problem I have is going over bumps. It makes this weird noise. The mechanic can't seem to find the problem. Any ideas?

15th Aug 2007, 19:52

I have a 97 Cirrus and it has been a very good car to me over the years. I now have been without it for a month. My mechanic has it as one day when I left work it would not start. No spark. The distributor has been replaced and so has the PCM. Myself and my mechanic are at our wits end. I am tempted to tow it over to the local chrysler dealership with a huge lemon on the roof. With so much of this occurring has anyone actually been able to figure out what this problem is and how to fix it? What does Chrysler say?