11th Oct 2009, 21:00

I have a 95 Cirrus that was running great up until 3 weeks ago! Stalled out on me while going 70mph on highway, didn't even realize it stalled until I gave it gas and realized the engine was off! It is amazing to see how many people are having this problem. My mechanics are at their wits end with my car. They have replaced the distributor and the computer with no luck... Anyone find a good result yet??

20th Oct 2009, 12:15


I have a 97 Chrysler Cirrus LX, which has been stalling all the time! If I stop at a light, it stalls and it idles crazily! I took it to get a new inspection and they said it was reading out that my plugs were misfiring! I thought that was the problem, it just needed a tune up! But after reading all these comments, it seems that it could literally be anything. I want to fix it, but it's expensive to change all those parts out and then it still stalls! So I guess I'll just change the distributor and plugs and see if that helps. If not I'll just accept the fact that this car is a piece of crap and try to sell it!

If anyone has found a sure way of fixing this, please please let me know. I'll pay for the info if needed!!!

25th Oct 2009, 18:24

I have 95 Chrysler Cirrus. It started stalling out about a month ago. I have no idea why! It will run fine for 3 days, then it just stalls out and won't start. When I go back 5 hours later, it starts up again like nothing is wrong, then once again 3 days later stalls out again. Please, if anyone has any suggestions, please help davidjennamills@live.com

4th Nov 2009, 15:59

I had a problem with a 95 Cirrus that would not start. It would act like the battery was dead, but lights worked fine. Nothing on the dash, but the brake light would work. They replaced the ignition tumblers and it worked fine (for a while). 90 miles from home, my daughter had it happen again. The mechanic found a TSB that stated it was a high resistance problems. He removed and cleaned the positive and neg posts on the Lt shock tower and now it seems to be fine. I was told it was too much corrosion/paint that blew the ignition fuse (20 amp). Once he finished, it seemed to work. Just an idea.

9th Dec 2009, 12:22

Currently have a 99 Chrysler Cirrus. Thought I was just the most unlucky person in the world with this piece of crap car... apparently not. Had $500 worth of repairs done last week on hub bearing, brakes and new valve cover (it cracked magically)... it also has a sunroof that won't open, a radio that won't make any sound (but does turn on), and then 2 days ago I was driving along, stopped at red light, tried to go and NOTHING. The car will not turn on. It's been in the shop for 3 days and they have no idea whats wrong with it, they said it's not getting fuel and there's no spark... whatever that means. They think it might be the computer. With 100,000 miles and a few normal usage dents and scratches, not to mention the badly fading paint, this car is not even worth as much as it will be to fix it, any advice??? Or maybe you know what it is???

9th Jan 2010, 06:58

Just adding my "me too" comment on the stalling syndrome.

2000 Cirrus LX, 74K miles. Other than minor issues, the car has run great up until a week ago. I can be driving and it will just die. If you feather the foot pedal, it might start running again, but it's getting worse. Now, I have to pull over, turn the car off for a few seconds, then it starts again. It's yet to have stalled when idling, and it will almost always stall if I gently accelerate from between 30 and 50 mph. No codes, baffled mechanics.

I'd suspected a fuel pump, as did a mechanic - so I bought one last night with the intention of switching it out today. Luckily, I found this site! Based on what I've heard, I think I'm going to take the fuel pump back (it's not been opened) and start with the cam sensor.

There probably aren't a whole lot of people here with these cars anymore, since 2000 was the last year they made them, but I'll post the results of my adventures here in case they can help anyone else.


25th Jan 2010, 22:01

I have a 98. I like it more than my previous 95 Neon. It's like a poor man's luxury car.

Mine has acted like it was going to stall after getting off the highway before, but I just kept my foot slightly on the gas so it would be revving around 1.5 or so, and then when I start going it is fine.

My only problem right now is the whining coming from the passenger side in the engine compartment. Power steering pump maybe? While I'm idling it's pretty annoying. Then when I hit the gas, it gets louder.

Other than that, for 2500 a year and a half ago, I feel fortunate.

28th Jan 2010, 17:29

Wow, did a job and the person gave me this car in lieu of some money owed... thought it was a good deal... nice lookin car, clean, no rust, no dents... but as you guessed it, battery is dead, oil pressure light is on... ABS light is on... and then I find this site LOL.

I jump started it, and took it for a cruise, but it is kind of sputtering a little bit... huh, so do I invest in a battery or jump start it and drive it into the river LOL before I end up like everyone else on here, and sink all kinds of money into it, and the end result will be still stalling and no starts... What a crappy deal eh...

Chrysler... and I thought they were good... guess I'm sticking to Chevy tough!!!

Good luck to everyone on here, and thanks for all the info, and for saving me from spending all kinds of money on this lemon!!!

2nd Feb 2010, 14:47

I have a 1998 Chrysler Cirrus, and about a month ago my oil light began flickering at idle or when the RPM's were below 1000. I had the oil changed, and the oil pressure sensor replaced two weeks ago, and the light stopped. However starting last week, it began doing the exact same thing. I heard through word of mouth that it may be an oil pump, but that also on the 98 Cirrus that it could be the engine bearings going bad.

If anyone has ideas, previous experience with this problem, or input - it would be very helpful! I might consider using a heavier weight oil, but not sure that's the issue.

5th Apr 2010, 11:59

First off I would like to say, I am a huge Chrysler/Mopar lover. I am willing to buy a few late model Cirrus, if you want to sell them email me below, and we can discuss it. I too am disgusted with Chrysler/Dodge at times. I own quite a few of these beasts. 2 Stratus, 2 cirrus, 2 caravans, 74 D300 Ram Dually, and a 84 Ram Stepside hotrod. (rare) I have to admit since I work on all my cars, and by the way all of them were for my kids, except the vans they were the wife’s.

I just decided to keep the first 98 Caravan as my work/home remodeling truck. This van I hauled some serious stuff in it. Now she drives a 04 Caravan Sport. The crank sensors, I have replaced them also as a regular maintenance, along with the distributors. My son, and son in-laws now do it. Folks, I find the aftermarket parts outperforms the OEM stuff hands down. The 2 Stratus distributors has not been replaced in almost 35000 miles from Autozone, with no problem. But I always remind them to just DO IT, why wait.

But you know kids.

I have had to change out lots of parts on these, and to be frank, if it was a Chevy, it would be the same thing. The 3100, 3400, and 3800 GMC motors runs hot, we all know this. Turns out it is the intake manifold gaskets, which leak coolant, so you have to add it all the time. They put these motors in Buick’s, Pontiac’s, Chevy’s and maybe a few Old’s.

I rescued, a 99 Grand Prix from the car heaven, when I replaced the engine (3100) in a lady's car from church. I got a 65000 mile engine from LKQ, and replaced the gaskets with a better quality set, and she has driven it since Fall 06 with no issues whatsoever.

I have replaced countless distributors on the kid’s Cirrus, and Stratus. Once you go and buy it new from Autozone, it comes with a lifetime warranty. Just remove it, and take it back, give the guy your phone number, and "WAMMO" a new one for free. I have a extra one in all the kids cars, sounds crazy right, but it has gotten them home from Cali, to NH.

I can go on, and on, and as much as I would like to bash Chrysler/Dodge engineers on the heads, and a swift kick in the a$$, I cannot simply add more blotter to here about them, as look at Toyotas today. As far as Dodge transmission goes. DO NOT spin the tires on a Chrysler tranny, nor add any tranny fluid but ATF+2, 3, or 4, that’s it. Keep a bottle in the car. I had to change out 1 tranny, in all of the cars, and it got wet from a flood in my daughter's car. Also try and add the full synthetic tranny fluid, you will be amazed at how well it will perform.

Folks, I really hope this helps. My kids have loved these cars, and have no issues with them at ALL folks. They rag about wanting new cars, but when they look at the money they are saving in the down economy, and how they have learned to work on their own cars, well you get the picture.

I drive one of the Cirrus to work, and I did some performance work on this motor. I added some racing engine components, better thermostat, to run cooler. Replaced all of the factory suspension, and gave it better stopping power with slotted rotors and ceramic brakes :)

Thanks for reading, and hope this helps. Email me at