23rd Jul 2006, 22:30

Look at reality, Mustangs are fast. Duh! It is a V8 power plant, but they are also a dime a dozen, I think my mom even has one.

Look at the people that own a Quest - stock or not, the parts are harder to find and the car is unbelievably rare.

Do I like to go fast yeah! But as well as going fast, I like to have something that most people don't. And on that note, I will stay with the Quest. For a small 4 banger, the Quest might get beat by a V8 but not by much. Keep your Quest. Speed isn't everything, rarity pays off in the end.

21st Sep 2006, 00:57

I just bought a 88' Conquest TSi. Even with a exhaust leak and the need of a tune up it beat a 97' Supercharged Acura Integra... That speaks for it self, and about the car being unreliable I think you all just need to take care them like your supposed to.

23rd Jan 2007, 08:25

I own 5 88 to 89 Conquest. I wouldn't have any V8 car. I know they are not reliable, but they are a great car to look and to drive.

13th Mar 2007, 14:13

I'm from the Bronx. I own a 1989 Conquest SHP that just turned 100K on the odo, I personally feel this is an all-time great!

Growing up my brother had an 86, PHAT! with the all mighty "83 HOOD" & it went fast... I must say, @ 145MPH she feels great! Planted to the ground like the roots to a 100 year old pine tree. I was offered $6000 for her & happily told the guy "nope, not for sale..."

If anyone wants to see pics, email me @ osantiago78@yahoo.com

24th Mar 2007, 19:41

I had a 89 conquest (new) coming out of the toll gate at Miami turnpike, there was a 5.0 stang beside me. We both took off at the same time and it seemed he took me off the jump, but not by much, then I hit 2nd and passed him, but we didn't stop there... I did not let up on the gas until I pegged the speedometer @ 145mph AND THE CAR WAS STILL ACCELERATING!!! (oh, 100% stock) That's when I had enough and let up on the gas. I beat a lot of stangs with my conquest and for 21,000 in 89, it was a great bang for the buck. I wish I still had that car!!!

25th Mar 2007, 08:23

Are your tires rated for 145?

I hope they aren't for obvious reasons. ;)

21st Dec 2007, 14:40

I just bought 89 TSI Quest for $500 because he thought the rear end went out, but it wasn't and I haven't had a problem with it yet.

It has 95000 on the OD, and trust me they are very fast cars that can smoke the tires off all the way to 4th gear. Stock in a quarter mile I hit 110 miles an hour. They have 188 horse power stock, and I've raced 3 cars so far; one was a Toyota Corolla that stood no chance, then a 2000 Mustang, no GT or nothing, it only had V6; I blew it away by at least 7-8 car lengths. The other car I raced was a Cobra GT, like a 2004, and I still smoked that car pretty bad, so yeah I'm all the way with the Quest; they run great and are very reliable.

I still have the original paper work with it, and the window sticker with all the options. It's had one owner before me, and he bought it for $26,000.

8th Feb 2008, 22:32

My brother has a 87 quest and yeah it definitely has its problems, but the Mustang has around 255 to 265 horse power, and the quest stock has either 155hp (8 valves per cylinder), (190HP 12 valves per cylinder) but with a manual boost controller. Adjust the boost from 15PSI to 25PSI on a stock turbo and you just gained 125HP on top of the 155, 190 hp so the quest is looking at about 280HP 8valve per cylinder, 315HP 12 valve per cylinder.

So the Mustang would get beat by the quest depending on the driver and the mods that the car has on it.

And the Conquest does not have a small 4 cylinder, it is the biggest 4 cylinder that Mitsubishi has ever made, or any other car manufacture because a 2.6L or 2559cc is a big 4 cylinder.

But the main downfall is the throttle body fuel injection setup on the Conquest or Starion.

30th Mar 2008, 02:37

Yeah, I have seen multiple cases of people changing to MPI (multi-port injection) and with a little tuning have a mid to low 13 second car at the stock boost (7psi on early models, 10psi on later models) and even more with more boost!!! all with the stock turbo...

And either way, who really cares about mustangs here, this is about the StarQuests, so you mustang guys need to stop butting in. I have respect for anything that goes fast, but when someone starts completely disrespecting a car that is perfectly capable, I can't stand to see you guys bragging about how "there's no way a 4 cylinder can EVER beat our V-8 mustangs" because either way we will almost always beat you at the gas stations. especially in my 90 Eclipse GSX I can beat on that car constantly and still get 23-25 MPG in the city!!!

So try THAT with your mustang!!!

24th Sep 2008, 12:21

I own a 1988 Chrysler conquest tsi. No doubt it is a great car if you maintain it. it is a very quick stock car and can beat a lot of cars that have additions to it. I am about ready to sell it if anyone wants to buy it. It has about 155,000 original miles on it but the engine was just redone not long ago and only has roughly 7,000 miles on it. The turbo just went in it though. The other problem is minor electrical and it is rusted underneath it. I have half a car that has no rust on it at all and is cut to where you can weld it. I would fix it up again but I am currently in college and do not have the time or money right now and hate just seeing it sit there. I will sell it relatively cheap and include the other half of the car of course. If you would like information on it or pics. e-mail me please: JT492D@aol.com. it is a nice car and needs a little work and could become a great car again.

10th Oct 2008, 10:08

I bought a 1989 Conquest Tsi this summer. It only has 43k original miles on it. I bought it off a guy I used to work with 10 years ago. He bought it brand new, I have the original sticker and everything. I really know nothing about cars, but I liked the way this one looked. After reading all the comments on the car I must say I expected this thing to be the fastest car on the planet. It is quick but not nearly as fast as I thought.

The other weekend me and my friends were going to see what it had so we jumped in and could only get it to 129 mph... and was crawling to that mark. It seemed like the turbo gauge wouldn't go past 10. I can't see me really beating Camaro's and Mustangs like people claim.

I really love the car though and wouldn't sell it for anything... It looks brand new and runs flawless. I wish I could get a little more speed out of it though, without hurting the engine. If someone has any ideas for me, please let me know.