7th Nov 2008, 19:26

Sorry. Been reading all of the posts LOL. Let me break it down for the Mustang or any V-8 guys. Find yourself a decent Mustang 5.0 or 4.6 in good shape. I guarantee you will pay at least 6k or more for it with low miles.

Find a quest like I did for 1000.00. 114,000 miles on the car, brand new motor, new fuel pump, new carpet and interior, new tune-up parts, upgraded front mount intercooler, custom exhaust manifold, and a Holset turbo with a 4" compressor inlet. This guy had all receipts. Total for the work plus the 300 he paid for the car was about 5k.

Find me a stock 5.0 or 4.6 with low miles, almost new condition, and as rare as a quest put down 452hp and 409 lb ft of torque on only 23psi. BTW this turbo has seen upwards of 30+psi.

2nd Dec 2008, 23:17

I just got a 1987 Conquest TSi from my Mom a month ago. I had someone come and diagnose it, and it turns out it's a fuel pump, so I took out the fuel tank because I needed to get the pump out, and I find the car has about 4 gallons of gas that has been sitting in the gas tank for about 4 years, so it's all rusty inside.

I replaced the fuel pump already, I just can't find a fuel tank and I'm sure my fuel pump is just going to go out again, no matter how much I try to flush out all that rust. So does anyone know where I can find a fuel tank?

I really wanna get this thing on the road. I read most of the comments on the car, and it sounds like it's a unique car, so I'd like to see what it can do.

My e mail is stud9813@hotmail.com

Can these things really beat Mustangs? Or even turboed Integras?

All my friends have Hondas and they don't know anything about the car I've got, but they say it's a bucket and looks like one too. So I would like to show them up haha.

OK, so if anyone has any suggestions, please write an e mail.

Thanks, Brandon.

13th Dec 2008, 12:35

You don't need a new fuel tank. Motorcycle tanks used to be notorious for rusting inside. They made a special chemical that will etch the inside of the gas tank, then you apply a second chemical that coats the inside of the tank and adheres to the rust preventing it from moving into the fuel system. It works great and lasts a long time. It is really cheap too.

I am going to trade my CBR 1000 for a 1989 Quest tommorow. I can't wait to get my hands on the car. I had an 04 Mazdaspeed Miata, which was a blast to drive. I could spoke the 4.6 stangs in that car too it was hilarious. When I get the car I have a list of mods I am going to do to it. I would like to increase the boost pressure to around 20psi. The motor only has 20k on it (rebuilt). I was wondering what the procedure for this would be? I have never done this before. I plan to purchase a high end all metal head gasket to handle the extra boost, but I am really not sure what else I will need to upgrade? Do I need a higher volume fuel pump and injectors. Is it as simple as getting a boost controlling and turning up the boost?

Here is a list of mods let me know what you guys think:

3 inch dual exhaust with crossover, not sure what kind of muffler would be good. I plan to lose the cat. (will this highflow exhaust case havoc with engine management?)

Nology spark plug wires and appropriate platinum multi electrode spark plugs.

Synthetic oil (of course)

K&N cold air intake.

Man or possibly an electronic boost controller to run 15 to 20 lbs of boost.

I really don't want to screw with the engine internals other that the head gasket.

I am planning on lightening the vehicle a bit, drop the spare tire, lose the A/C so I have no parasitic drag and shed the weight of the system. Lightweight sealed racing battery (9 lbs) relocated to the rear of the vehicle for proper weight distribution.

I was also thinking of losing the power steering to shed the parasitic drag on the motor. Has anyone done this, how does the vehicle perform without it. I had a 87 Daytona w/o it and could drive it fine.

I am also looking into an electric water pump.

Let me know what you think of the mods and please suggest anything else. This will be my first quest and I am not familiar with the vehicle. I am not sure how much boost the engine can handle reliably and I do not know what types of mods these motors like.

12th Feb 2010, 04:21

I recently purchased a 1987 Conquest TSi. I have to say that is definitely one of the most complicated cars to work on, and to modify; but the rewards are astounding! The engine has around 4000 into it. Balanced crank, shot peened rods, high compression pistons and rings, and custom head work. The turbo is stock, but with a boost controller, I have been able to hit 17 lbs safely. I was recently able to race a 2004 Cobra (supercharged), and he had me at the line for about 40 feet. 2nd and 3rd gears are power gears in this car. At half throttle, the power is unbelievable. Needless to say... he lost. by a lot!

If you are considering buying one, take a good long look at the car. Some were molested, and others are in near stock condition. This car is only for people with the time and energy to put into it. this is not a turnkey daily driver. But it's nice to know you can spank Mustangs with a forklift motor...

6th Apr 2010, 17:52

My friend recently purchased an 88 Conquest TSi. I own a 1995 Mustang GT with a stage 2 racing chip, adding 125 to the base 225, and of course a cold air intake and a few other mods, so I'm sitting on about 385 horses.

I didn't believe him when he told me this was a Mustang slayer, so we raced starting at a 50 mph roll, but I dusted him as soon as I hit the gas. I don't think he even started to gain on me at all.

I'm not dogging the car; I think it's a fast car for a 4-cylinder, but I heard so much talk about it and it wasn't competition at all, so say what you want about the stangs, I'm stuck on em.

7th Apr 2010, 18:22

To the above commentor.

Amazing, you beat a stock 4 banger with a modified V8 'stang. Never saw that coming...

12th Apr 2010, 03:11

Mustangs are great cars, but the old ones are not really very fast even with V8. Especially the ones with 220-230 hp and auto transmission is not really very fast cars. You can blast them with most 4 bangers so long they have manual transmissions.

4th Sep 2010, 12:38

Starion Conquests were the best vehicles manufactured by Japan during their peak economic years 1982-1989.

The quality of the metal and workmanship of a domestic vehicle. As the flagship vehicle for Mitsubishi, it became the Group A homologation; a true performance vehicle that is rated on many scales as the most durable under the adverse conditions of competition.

Many confuse the Starion or Conquest with other Chrysler vehicles such as the 90's Dodge Daytona, or even sometimes as a 924 Porsche, but anyone that has driven one will attest that the similarity stops there.

I have the most sincere compassion for Mustang owners, because Ford have been misleading consumers for so many years that their owners regard it as truth.

Mustangs that are fast are called Roush, and are few and far between. All the other "loud" variances are posers; their fault lies in their perception that loud is fast. So that all the eruption of chaos under their hoods distracts enough to give the driver a false sense of superiority, but that is enough for Ford to sell that car.