14th Feb 2012, 07:19

I have an 1989 Chrysler Conquest 2.6, and I have raced a couple Mustangs with it, and I have beat them. My car is completely stock, and the Mustangs were V8. Don't get me wrong, but the Mustangs are fast, and I like the Mustangs, but I will never take a Mustang over the Conquest.


12th Sep 2015, 20:52

My 1987 Conquest TSI that I bought new in 1988 will not exceed 2500 RPM or 65 mph.

History: I drove it regularly until about 2007 when I switched cars with my husband for his fuel efficient compact. Then he became obsessed and bought 2 more 1988 Conquests. He passed away unexpectedly and I was left with 3 Conquests, but preferred my gas efficient car with a back seat that kids could sit in. Then the oldest got a permit and used the 1987 Conquest (I had non-op on the other 2) which I kept a license and insurance on. I didn't know about the 65 mph limit until I took it get the cooling system repaired, but my boy said yes it was odd that it wouldn't go faster than 65 mph.

I hope someone out can give me possible cause. It is clear to me that the shop I took it to has no clue to the problem.

25th Feb 2016, 04:43

To the above commenter (now I am 16, so please don't rely on the accuracy of this information), it sounds like your injector clip(s). A bad injector clip will allow the car to rev up to 2500-3000RPM and then fall on its face; alternatively, it may also be a bad secondary injector.

If the car has had any aftermarket modifications, then it could be hitting the 7.5lb boost/fuel cut off, which is where the ECU cuts the fuel off at 7.5 lbs of boost.

This is just my .02.

If you need anything or are interested in selling any of your Conquests, please don't hesitate to email me.


27th Dec 2016, 16:51

I just bought a Fiji blue Conquest 2 months ago. It's a beautiful car with relatively low miles (85,000). It turns a lot of heads because most people have never seen one. It's a lot of things, but fast isn't one of them. I would call it quick. But honestly who cares if it's fast? It is still fun to drive and can be reliable (sort of) if you don't beat on it. This is coming from someone who has owned IROCs, GTAs, Mustangs, and a WRX. I would still take this over all of those though.