22nd Aug 2005, 23:04

Recently purchased a 2005 SRT Crossfire, pre-owned 4100 miles for under 32K. Resale value could be a problem, but performance certainly not lacking. World class power, handling, and brakes as described in all auto mags and then some. Excellent Mercedes quality. Main downside of vehicle is rear vision, although mainly to see who you've just passed. Very happy with purchase.

23rd Jan 2006, 16:42

I have a 2004 Crossfire and am already wanting to trade it in. The blind spots are almost dangerous and the wind noise is distracting. The acceleration is nice, but it fish tails often.

30th Jan 2006, 14:06

For all of the "comfort" in a Crossfire, you might as well drive an old Pinto.

Decent acceleration & handling. Funky/weird styling.

Visibility is bad, interior space (even for short people) is terrible.

Come to think of it, the Pinto would even be roomier.

24th Mar 2006, 17:00

I recently had a chance to drive an '06 Crossfire... a friend of mine was using one as a loaner while his car was in the shop.

PROS: Great acceleration. Smooth and acute.

Great handling.

Killer looks and design.

CONS: I don't know where everybody gets this "Mercedes quality interior" thing. Definitely not up to par with a Mercedes. Looks nice, but poor use of inferior plastics.

Extremely poor visibility... this car is an accident waiting to happen in that regard.

24th Mar 2006, 23:47

You people ought to think about what kind of car this is. It's a small two seat roadster sportscar. Its not supposed to very comfortable, have good insulation, have great visibility, and have lots of room. Its all about the driving plain and simple.

The guy with the 2004 crossfire who complains about fishtailing obviously doesn't know the dynamics of driving a semi-powerful RWD sports car around a corner.

17th Jun 2006, 20:50

The Crossfire is a very unique car, it's not for everyone. The styling is very "concept car" with strakes in the hood, large hips over the rear tires, tiny side windows... very much a concept car. Weird is not a term I'd apply, "different" definitely! Many people find this a bit too risky for their tastes. This car is very much about the driving experience, one meager cup holder, which is one too many for some who get this car for the driving experience. The cabin is tight, but, then again that's exactly what some of us are looking for in a two sporty car. I can't blame for not finding this a good choice for a daily driver, but those who love the feel of the road, and prefer balance and handling over just pure HP, this car is a consideration. Tall and "larger" people may not find this the right car for them.

19th Jun 2006, 11:05

I'm not sure why everyone keeps going on about "Mercedes build quality"...the engine might be the 3.2L Mercedes V-6, but everything else is Chrysler.

20th Jun 2006, 11:51

I wish that people would research and experience the crossfire before making flippant comments about this excellent car. First of all the crossfire is 65% Daimler from the Mercedes parts bin which translates it 95% mechanical. But if you drove this car you would have experienced this. I have own several cars in my lifetime mostly new and from several automakers and believe me when I say there is the possibility of good and bad in all. This car is excellent, not that it doesn't have it's??? but it is nothing, but excitement to own and drive. Great Value just not a very good marketing job buy Chrysler and People need to remember what type of car this is, it is not your Camry or every day driver. Well done Daimler.

22nd Aug 2006, 01:29

It seems to me many of Crossfire's critics have never owned one or driven one on a regular basis. I have a 2004, which I drive daily. The car is a joy to drive. It has to die for good looks and handles well. It is also not for everybody... no car is.

I have owned a 240Z, a corvette, a stealth 3000 and a Porsche 928 and a ford Mustang. This car is my favorite of all the others. When my 7 year warranty runs out, I'll buy another one.

24th Aug 2006, 23:01

The Crossfire is definitely a step up in terms of refinement compared to the older Chryslers. Crap, my Lebaron looks like a Fisher Price toy next to the Crossfire. I'd say it is a nice different car that is easy enough to own by the average American. Love it or hate it, it's your choice.

18th Sep 2006, 23:14

I don't think you will be able to buy a Crossfire in another 7 years, as one of the comments suggested.

With such low sales, I doubt they'll be making them much longer.

4th Nov 2006, 13:27

They actually stopped making them late last yr.

18th Apr 2007, 09:17

If you go to the Chrysler website, you will see that the Crossfire is still being made. True Sportscars are never made in large numbers.

18th Apr 2007, 16:26

The Crossfire is not a "true sports car" since it is based on a near decade-old platform from a car that was never considered a true sports car to begin with - the Mercedes SLK. Call it a grand tourer, but it's not a sports car such as a Porsche.

There is a reason it is a failure in the marketplace.

20th May 2007, 08:06

I must add that I have done the research and you can still get an SRT-6 Crossfire in 2007 model year. These will be special order only! Why would you do that, I have no idea. Yes, there are quite a few SRT-6s still on lots across America that have never been sold. As far as the SRT-6 not being a sports car, I say you must really not like the design to say that. It's a really nice sports car! We have to understand that everyone has their own definition of a sports car. I have an RX-8 and an SRT-6 and there's no greater thrill driving either one. I've driven the new Corvette's and recently the base model Cayman. For the current price (even though new after 2.5 years), you just can't beat an SRT-6 right now!

17th Jun 2007, 08:53

The Crossfire in SRT-6 form is one of the best built cars on the road today and I believe that statement could cover from 2005 to the current model year sports cars. How many forced induction vehicles are there on the road with the ability to deliver anywhere near 25mpg along with the level of performance that the SRT-6 offers? Not many. I view the top competitors to be the Infiniti G35, Nissan 350Z and the Porsche Boxter S variant. The Boxter handles better, but feels too much like a dressed up Mazda MX-5. The Nissan products both feel bloated and overweight. To beat the Crossfire, you'd have to spend significantly more cash or buy an automobile with a backseat, in which case, I'd suggest an SRT-8 Charger Infiniti M45.

8th Sep 2007, 13:58

I just drove one; automatic V6 and it was everything I need considering I am 23, single, no kids, with a lead foot. I wanted a two door coupe with leather, sunroof, and a big engine. 2 out of 3 isn't bad.

Yes, the car does have one hell of a blind spot and is not the easiest thing to get out of, but the performance that you get for the price (compared to the G35 I'm thinking about buying) you can't beat it. Yeah, it's american, and I said I would never buy an american car... but, not all american cars are terrible. The reliability in a car just depends on how you drive it. Stomp on it and it will stomp on your wallet! Just my 2 cents. I'm just hoping if I do purchase one, that the "Mercedes" electrical problems don't surface.