5th Nov 2002, 15:21

My 1988 fifth avenue used to stall all of the time. It stopped when I changed the oxygen sensor.

12th Mar 2004, 21:42

I have been informed that the issues with some other Chrysler cars of this vintage, as far as not being able to start, are related to a fuel-pump related failure. You may want to look into this.

30th May 2004, 08:22

My 1988 5th Ave died completely one time, needing a new fuel pump. Be careful not to kink the hoses when putting on a new one, or you'll have another complete failure in traffic -- words of experience! Otherwise, cheap and easy to get to in the front passenger side ahead of the wheelwell.

The leanburn system seems to prefer that the cars run right at the edge of stalling -- surging at speed and hesitation on acceleration. Once in a while, the thing will run like gangbusters, but then the computer shuts off the fun spigot and returns it to mediocre performance. Oh well, still reliable transportation...

19th Feb 2006, 23:13

My fifth avenue has new fuel pump and filter. mechanics thought that is why it would seem to starve for gas... once with driving on highway suddenly it wouldn't go faster, and started to drop to below 45 mph. I gave it a lot of gas and it took off, only to seem to loose power again until finally I took it in as it had (the feeling of not getting gas) every few blocks. I thought it was just me, but since I got it back in 1 day from then it was doing the (pauses) again. Thanks for any info. I have to go back to shop, as they didn't do it right.. I guess. Thanks! Nan. email snowflakes_7@hotmail.com

26th Mar 2006, 17:46

I just had this same stalling problem with my 1989 Chrysler fifth ave. I found out after much investigation that there is a lean burn computer that shuts down the engine. Chrysler has known from early on that this was a problem, that was the last year they used this particular computer. even when replaced, the rebuilt ones often have problems. I had to have one specially built for me.

7th Apr 2006, 20:28

I have a 1988 Fifth Ave. It's running rough, and when you put it into gear, it shuts down. It's running rich, because you can smell it, and the water coming out of the tail pipe has black soot in it. And if you give it gas in gear, it feels like it's starving. If you hit the gas too fast, it shuts off. Can anyone help!!!

8th Apr 2006, 13:24

The guys talking about the computer cards may have a point worth looking at. If this '88 Fifth Avenue is of the same style as the V-8, rear wheel drive Diplomats, rather than the style of the 4-cylinder K-Cars, then it might have the same choke problem that many other Dodge's of the era had. If this is the K-car version, listen to the other electronics guys. However, if this is a V-8 with an automatic choke, then it sounds as though it has the choke pull-off problem that makes many of these Dodge's run too rich and stall at every stop sign for about half a mile before it warms up. The choke needs to be set so that the vacuum pulls it open sooner, otherwise the engine floods out at low rpm's and stalls when you stop. You just have to modify the bend in the choke linkage so that there is a little gap between the choke plate and the inner wall of the carburetor, to ensure that some air is getting in to lean out the mixture.

25th Aug 2013, 16:31

I just bought a 88 Fifth Ave, and am having window issues; the driver's side electric window just fell off the track. I hear the motor still working, is this gonna be a repetitive thing?

12th Oct 2013, 16:52

To the above post about the window falling off the track; I had the same problem with mine. It's an easy fix. Take the door trim off and replace the rubber blocks or felts as some folks call them, and tighten up and all should be well. If the motor has worked itself loose, tighten it up. There's no rocket science involved with good old Mopars.

8th Jul 2014, 02:02

Have the carb rebuilt. I had the same problem.