2000 Chrysler Neon LE 2.0L from North America


The true value exceeded the price


1. Rear brake pin sheared in 2004.

2. Interior "rattle"developed over the last few years.

General Comments:

1. Reliability: For a car purchased as a base model LE, it has exceeded expectations for longevity and toughness. A solid little machine, it handles well on unpaved and paved roads with no punishment to the passengers.

2. Performance: A fairly quick car, the 4 Cyl engine is more than what is required for the light frame in order to perform in the city and highway.

3. Interior: Comfortable, functional, but noisy and prone to rattle in its later years. Also, to no surprise... it is a little tight for those riding in the back.

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Review Date: 14th June, 2009

2000 Chrysler Neon LE 2.0 from North America


Reliable, cheap to maintain, and am getting another


Replaced radiator at 170000.

Rear struts at 100000.

Rear wheel bearing at 180000.

Rear main oil seal at 189000.

General Comments:

For the price, it's good value, and has a very comfy ride for a small car.

Repairs are cheap compared to imports.

Has been a great car regular maintenance is a key.

I live in PEI Canada where winter is always a challenge; cold and lots of snow. The car has never failed me even on the coldest days.

I am buying a 2002 Neon and giving this one to my daughter going to college.

I also tow a small camper no problem.

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Review Date: 1st June, 2009

2000 Chrysler Neon LX 2.0L 4cy 16v from North America


Good as a small car, I may have just gotten a lemon


New head gasket

New spark plugs

Rear windshied randomly shattered one day when a door was shut

The car had a low idle problem, and every time I would stop at a light/stop sign, the car would start to shake and rumble around, and finally, the idle would get so low that the car would shut off. I was left to two-foot it when I was stopped, with my left foot on the break and my right reving the gas. I took it to three mechanics who diagnosed it with three different problems. Finally someone told me it needed a computer update, which I think tured out to be the problem.

The brakes make a groaning noise which I have been told by multiple mechanics can only be fixed by getting the car up to 80km/h, then slamming on the brakes, repeat this a couple of times, and the noise goes away for a couple of weeks. Then it comes back, and you start the whole process over again.

The rear tail light has some kind of leak which leads to the floor of the back seat, so in the winter and when it rains, there are always puddles down there.

It takes forever to heat up on cold days, and for the air to cool in the heat.

I have had to replace the battery in the keyless entry remote twice in one year, then I had to get a new remote because two of the buttons fell off. Two!!!

Three of the LED lights blew in the centre console, so its very hard to see the temperature and air controls in the dark.

General Comments:

It's very comfortable

I love the sunroof and all of the luxury power features

The car looks great, and you would never guess it is as old as it is.

It was my first car, so I'm very attached, it's like my best friend, but I just can't afford to keep it running.

Great on gas.

It has good handling

You can hear the engine picking up, and actually feel the car shifting gear. Feels like you are in a car with a larger engine than just a four cylinder.

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Review Date: 3rd April, 2008

2000 Chrysler Neon from North America


Cheap, reliable


Had to replace a rear wheel bearing at 190k while on a road trip. I started to feel a grinding when making right turns, and after jacking the car up I noticed that the weel bearing was completely shot and I could move the tire around in a way that shouldn't be possible.

Black coating on dashboard started to peel at 200k. Small problem for a car with this many miles on it, though.

Air conditioning stopped working at around 200k. I haven't had time to determine why it's not working yet.

General Comments:

Much more reliable than I thought after hearing horror stories about Neons. I got the car for cheap and haven't had to spend much money on it at all.

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Review Date: 20th August, 2007