14th Mar 2011, 07:26

I recently bought 1997 Sebring convertible JXI, and love my car.

It has 60,000 miles and runs great but just began squealing when I turn. Is it a belt loose or the tie rods?

Help please...

19th May 2011, 14:39

What kind of seat covers did you put on it? Because I have a 97 Sebring, and the front driver seat is worn down. I'm needing a seat cover, but because of the way it is made with the seat belt, it is hard to find one.

10th Jun 2011, 10:26

I also own a 1997 Sebring JXI. We bought it new, and it has been the best car we have owned. Yesterday the front seat belts froze. We cannot pull either one out to use. Any suggestion on how to fix?

30th Oct 2011, 22:05

Have you found a solution to your squeaking belts on your car? I have had the same problem when I start my Sebring every morning. I would greatly appreciate it if can give me an answer.

My email is kevindevlieger2010@yahoo.ca

Thank you.

16th Jan 2012, 11:59

Check the idler pulley.

8th Apr 2012, 11:17

Bought my 97 JXi new. It is my favorite car. Could I harp on the fact that after 13 years of ownership, the odometer started taking an occasional day off to run away with the tach? Sure. But for a few bucks, I bought a new driver's door switch, and the ghost of dome lights passed, passed.

The way I prefer to think of it, is that I haven't made a car payment in roughly 10 years now, and have enjoyed the wind in my hair, and Florida sunshine in my lap, driving for over 164,217 miles and 15 years.

I have friends and neighbors with much newer cars, complaining about their cars suddenly going into full acceleration, or not starting at all, and having to buy some part of the security system at over $1000. I've never spent that much on a repair.

If the car died tomorrow, it still was worth more than I paid for it to me. It is one of the best laid out, smoothest, and most comfortable cars I've ever owned. And as long as I keep my beach towel on the driver's seat, I still get occasional compliments on what a beautiful car she is.

13th Apr 2012, 23:34

What did you do to the car to stop the lights from flashing, and the odometer from jumping on and off?

23rd Sep 2012, 20:09

I have a 1997 Sebring JX with 143k on the odometer. I got a great price from the dealer. It was in New York State, had been in the show window all summer, and I made a deal when the first blizzard blew in in November. List $28k, and bought it for $19,500. Then immediately drove south to my new home. It never saw salt and ice in its life.

I have had some of the classic problems mentioned on this blog. The A/C went out at 100k. Since I only drive it in fall and spring, I never replaced it. I have gone through four sets of door checks. This is a weak point. I have gone through three sets of trunk struts. Another weak point.

A new top was put on when it was seven years old. It was the Texas sun that did it in. Since that time it has been faithfully garaged. With its Chinese red paint, black trim and white top with white leatherette interior, it does look sharp.

At 60k the tachometer and odometer began to light up or die on a whim. It drove me and six mechanics crazy. Finally I read an article online that said the solder job inside the dash is awful. It is a $400 job to have someone knowledgeable pull the whole instrument panel and go through and re-solder the connections. That is guaranteed to cure this madness.

Seems like I read that since it was assembled in Mexico, this is partly to blame for the faulty workmanship.

I've replaced an oil pump, but later was told I got took by the dealer. It didn't need one.

What it does need, and I haven't done it yet, is a new oxygen sensor. The car will die unexpectedly, either on starting in the morning or at an intersection. An online article said replacing the oxygen sensor will cure this. And if it doesn't, replace the crankshaft position sensor and it is guaranteed to stop stalling.

Lots of exasperating little problems in 15 years. But it is a really great driver -- like a dream -- and has given me mucho miles of pleasure, zooming down country two-lane blacktops with the wind in my hair, and the stainless pipes making a pretty burbling sound.

The workmanship leaves something to be desired. But I can't say the design is faulty. It has the only convertible top in history that doesn't leak, that has a fool proof lock down and has an electric mechanism that just won't break, plus a glass heated rear window that is wonderful.

Plus when you put the top down, all four windows retract a couple of inches to give proper clearance. When it is up, all four windows and the top have a perfect alignment along a rubber strip. Some engineer made automotive history designing that top. I have NEVER had a leak; something I can't say for other convertibles I've owned.

My JX in Chinese red with black and white gives a sexy look the other Sebrings in the stodgy colors don't have. People constantly ask me if it is a Ferrari. (No kidding!) "Nice looking car," they say.

When I look at it at all angles top up and top down, I think it falls second in line for sexy appearance to the XKE. That's just my opinion. Of course the XKE is a quantum leap ahead of the Sebring. Someone said the XKE is poetry in sheet metal. Maybe Enzo Ferrari. I don't know.

28th Dec 2012, 14:26

Your belt check problem is with a gone-bad control unit located in the back of the hand brake pivot point in the center console. I replaced mine with a unit salvaged from a junkyard car - cost about $15.

24th Jun 2013, 13:23

Wow, I have the same car. I have only had minor problems. I needed to get my spark plugs changed and a power steering pressure switch. Other than that, the car is doing OK... for now anyway.

18th Aug 2013, 17:45

I have read and heard, though I haven't done it myself yet, so can't verify, that the dashboard/instrument cluster wiring is not very well done, but is easily fixed. See the comment by green96sebring here:


The other problem, the intermittent interior lights, is not something I can help you with. However I'll bookmark this article and reply if I do solve the problem.

I haven't written a review of my '97 Sebring convertible yet, but I will. I absolutely love the car and have had no problems with it whatsoever. In fact I'm amazed. As an aside, I can post a photograph of the trip odometer with 820km (that's 509 MILES) on ONE TANK of mid-grade gasoline. That's the 2.5 V6 giving me better mileage by far than my 2.2 Ecotec in my '02 Grand Am.

Love this car. Love it!

23rd Aug 2014, 21:33

There is a seat belt control module under the center console. We just took it out and rewired it without the part. It's not worth the 500.00 they want for a new one. Once you have rewired it, make sure you take belts off before turning the car off, because they will lock up when you turn key off.

27th Jun 2015, 16:36

Thank you for the nail file suggestion. I just bought a 1997 and it drains now. I couldn't figure out why my feet were getting wet. There is always a puddle under the driver's side door.

I have a slight front end vibration. I had the tires replaced and balanced, but still have the vibration. Could be struts??? No big noises, but coming down the pa hill side, the front end began to shake pretty bad. Any suggestions where to begin to see where the vibration is coming from would be nice.