2002 Chrysler Town and Country LXI 3.8L from North America




After the first month, checked the oil and found it burns oil (every 1100 miles). According to Chrysler, that's acceptable! Thanks Chrysler!

I'm not done, there's more. 66,000 miles later, and a month past the warranty expiration, BAM, the tranny goes. $1800 for a rebuild (that's probably acceptable too, thanks again).

The ignition switch went 74,000, and the passenger side door lock acting up.

Avoid this van like the plague.

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Review Date: 18th February, 2012

2002 Chrysler Town and Country Limited 3.8 from North America


Love it, and would and did buy again


Transmission was replaced at 156,000 miles.

General Comments:

I have owned this car for seven years and love everything about it, except some small issues. I would highly recommend this car.

The ride and quietness were excellent for the first four years, but now it seems a little louder.

The 3.8 engine has been great. I get up to 20.5 mpg on trips loaded with 7 family members and cargo. I tow my four large ATVs behind with again the car loaded, and have been very impressed with the power. Most friends that go with me ATVing can't believe with the van has been able to handle.

I did have to replace the transmission at 155,000 miles, which I expected, and I have not been easy on this car.

I do keep up on all the regular maintenance.

My two disappointments have been; the front speakers just don't work like they should, I think they are in the wrong position or angled wrong, and secondly I wish they would've been willing to let the back seat slide further back when there isn't any luggage.

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Review Date: 14th October, 2008

2002 Chrysler Town and Country EX 3.8 from North America


Cargo and passengers love it!


Left auto-door has some sort of interlock with the gas cap that stops the door from opening if the cap cover is open. This gets stuck in the Open position and you have to bang on the gas cap cover to release the interlock.

Check Engine light went on ~96K miles, mechanic fixed it once by replacing the gas tank sensor. Fuel gauge seems to work still, so I ignore the light.

Headlight covers got a glaze in the last year, I have tried to buff it out but it's mostly on the inside.

K&N filter moved the gas mileage up to ~19.5 mpg.

General Comments:

Going from a full-size van driver for almost 20 years, I find this minivan a delight to drive. It feels so much like a car, my kids both enjoy driving it. Very good power for a 3.8, I tow a 2500 lb trailer-boat to a local lake with it. Very comfortable except that the seat did not lower enough for me, so the door rubs on my knee when I drive. I wish it had more ground clearance.

Very reliable, only a few maintenance problems, the fit and finish is great & the carpeting is holding up pretty well to the brutality of a surfer/skier and his gear.

I love the modular seating, I do all sorts of weird stuff with it all the time. I can carry a whole week's worth of gardening jobs in the back, full 4x8 sheets of plywood, convenient tie-downs, 200 square feet of sod, 6 soccer players, etc.

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Review Date: 10th September, 2008

2002 Chrysler Town and Country LXi 3.8L from North America


OK, but not wonderful


This van has been great, but not wonderful. Mostly used for short trips around town, but I have driven it cross country 2 times, with no problems.

It is very comfortable and I love the ride. However, to open the back with the remote is a joke, it worked when I first got it, but it no longer works and the cost exceeds the benefit. It beeps a few times and then just stays there, I have to open it manually.

The controls on the AC quit working, it was stuck on heat and I could not change it to cold. I took it into the dealer, I don't remember what was wrong, but it cost me about $400 to fix.

Driver side power window quit working, cost about $350 to fix.

Power doors sometimes are very sensitive and do not work properly, however, they always seem start working right the next day. I am not sure what is wrong, I haven't taken it in.

Sometimes the van makes a vibrating sound when I turn, I think it has to do with power steering.

Flip down DVD player quit working, I will probably just replace it with an aftermarket brand.

I have heard horror stories about their transmissions, however, I have never had a problem. I occasionally tow a 20' boat behind it, and it has done wonderful.

General Comments:

I am not in love with this car, but if I had to do it over again I would not rule out the Town and Country. It has a very comfortable ride, one of the best I have been it.

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Review Date: 22nd June, 2008