2002 Chrysler Town and Country LX 3.3L from North America


Costly money trap


Too many issues to mention:

1st of three water pump issues at 75,000

2nd of three water pump issues at 82,000

3rd of three water pump issues at 110,000.

The 3rd water pump issue was covered by the dealer who "repaired" the 2nd water pump issue. Total cost was approximately $982.

A/C Compressor went bad at 108,000. We were told by the dealer that Chrysler stated there was a problem with the A/C Compressor in the 2002 CT+C; however, they would only cover the problem up to 75,000 miles. We didn't repair this, would have cost approx. $800.

Noise in engine whenever we turned the engine off, which began at around 92,000 miles... never replaced. We were told it was more of an inconvenience issue which wouldn't cause a mechanical problem. The "problem" would have cost approx. $300.

Oh, for those of you that are having problems with your keys (i.e. having issues taking your keys out, locking steering wheel, etc) WATCH OUT!!! We began having a minor issue taking our keys out of the ignition at around 85,000 miles. This went on for about one month, then when we were out shopping one day, the key WOULD NOT TURN. We called a locksmith, who "guessed" that we had a Chrysler Town and Country. Apparently it is a known problem with the tumbler system and that he orders 20-30 Chrysler T+C tumblers at a time. The problem has something to do with the weight of car keys and any extra stuff on the keychain. Anywho, the cost, minus our AAA Membership reduction of $50, was $240. This is a KNOWN PROBLEM THAT CHRYSLER ISN'T DOING ANYTHING ABOUT.

Driver side window motor failed at 90,000 miles. Cost to repair was $200.

General Comments:

Very roomy, we traveled with two kids, a dog, and a lot of luggage with no problems.

Comfortable to drive. Drove all over the country and I never felt cramped.

Will never purchase Chrysler again. We went with a 2006 Honda CRV SE so I wouldn't have to spend $1,500 to repair the Chrysler to standard. Honda dealer paid off loan so I'm free. Never buy again, never never never.

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Review Date: 12th May, 2008

9th Dec 2008, 06:11

Many variables affect this owner's experience. These include driving style, maintenance, dealer quality etc. Water pump went out at 75,000 miles? This is not rare for any vehicle. AC went out at 108,000 miles? Likewise. This person is getting good service from his vehicle and seems to be complaining because it's not "perfect." A friend has a Honda Odyssey with many more problems than this. Swears he'll never buy another Honda. My 2002 Chrysler T&C has been perfect for 60,000 miles. Majority of good reviews speak for the quality of this vehicle. Honda, Nissan, Toyota reviews reveal the same pattern. Individual experience does not reflect overall vehicle quality.

7th Jul 2009, 16:56

I have a 2002 Chrysler T&C LX. It has 97,000 miles now. It has NEVER had a problem until now, and I guess when it rains it pours.

MY rear wiper quit working for no apparent reason.

The motor that controls the locks in the driver's side door went bad ($75 just for the part), and now the steering rack is going bad.

It shudders horribly when I'm on an incline coming down like a mountain. I haven't gotten it fixed yet, but my estimate was $1100. That is RIDICULOUS.

I saw some people had recalls for steering issues but I can't seem to find anything anywhere regarding it.

Overall a really nice van though. I have the nicest car in my family :)

2002 Chrysler Town and Country LXi V6 from North America


OK, but probably wouldn't buy again


The air conditioner is weak. I had to replace it twice and the second one still whined when the van wasn't moving.

Brakes have squealed from Day 1.

Rattles, Rattles, and MORE rattles...

General Comments:

Good stereo system.

On dirt/gravel roads, the van would fill with dust, due to a incomplete weatherstripping strip. Very annoying.

The seats all around aren't comfortable.

But the van does look sporty when compared to Ford and Toyota minivans.

Interior fit and finish is subpar. The gaps between the dash and front doors is massive. It looks like Chrysler didn't even attempt to make it look uniform... just a huge dropoff from the dash to the door. And the plastics are shiny, throwing up big glares.

Fuel Economy is decent at a average 21 mpg.

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2008

1st Nov 2011, 22:08

I have the same dirt problem. I should change the weather stripping I guess.