4th Jun 2003, 06:23

We purchased our 1996 T & C in 1998. Many of same problems. Taking in on Thursday to have strut towers replaced. Another very common problem although the car does have 100K miles on it. For those in cold weather areas, a good idea to rinse those areas now an then during the winter. Water and salt build up and the strut towers end up rusting out. About 500K each. Wipers do go off when they want, problems with ac, tires lose air due to oxidation of rims. Probably should not say this, but we have not had a transmission problem yet.

5th Jul 2003, 19:54

I have had many of the problems cited here on my 96 T&C LXi (wipers, fuel level sensor, new batter every 2 years), except for the transmission. Perhaps because I have always had the fluid and filter changed every 15K miles, I have been able to avoid issues there.

Someone had asked about how to fix the wipers problem. Well, the typical culprit here is the Multi-function switch that controls the wipers/turn signal/lights. We had this replace several times on ours (under warranty). The last replacement didn't fix the problem entirely. Then the wipers became totally unusable when the car was out of warranty. I tried replacing the MFS, but that didn't do it. One day while investigating this problem, I noticed that if I moved the fuse/relay panel, the wipers would work for a while. Specifically, when I move a connector going to the Body Control Module (BCM), they started to work. The BCM is the computer that controls all the body related functions. After about an hour of work, I was able to get to the BCM and remove it from the car. I was shocked to discover that the Printed Circuit board (PCB) had been modified. That is, some ICs and resistors were replaced. And the problem was that there were cold solder joints all over the place causing the components to loose connection occasionally. Moving the connector cause the PCB to flex and make the connection. Anyway, I re-soldered things and now the wipers work great! Chrysler would have never found this. They would have simply kept replacing the MFS and saying they don't know what the problem is.

I do have a new problem now though, the engine simple cuts off for a second. If you are driving, it just feels like a hick-up as the engine re-starts itself. But if you are idling, the engine will stall. Anyone experience this problem yet?

25th Jul 2003, 18:06

We bought a 96 Town and Country new in Feb. 1996. We had the windshield wiper problem and had to have the computer replaced. Even though it was out of warranty by then, Chrysler did that repair for free. We have had transmission problems, it is now leaking a quart of fluid every week.

Yesterday the horn decided to honk on its own, and not just a little toot. We had to disconnect the fuse in fear of road rage. The airbag light came on a couple of weeks ago. Is this connected? One of the comments said something about a recall for airbag, horn and cruise problems.

Overall, we have been pleased with the car. It is roomy, has a great ride, and we tow our small boat with it. It is a great family car, just quirky.

1st Aug 2003, 00:00


My sister had a 1996 Grand Caravan which is the same as these Town and Countries. In 6 months the clock spring went in the sterring, the air-conditioning quit working, the left half shaft broke in half, the starter went and finally it just quit running. She had enough and traded it for a Chevy Venture and hasn't looked back. It quit running because the ECM went bad.

4th Aug 2003, 19:16

My Chrysler T & C died today. Transmission failed, fluid every where (cracks) and only 70,000 miles. Just had it in for service they told me it was good to go and it did. Purchased used Nov 01, 2001 with only 46,000 think we made a mistake, too many repairs and recalls. The van cost is much to high to try and keep it running and feel safe on the road. With a wife and two kids to have to worry about the van must go... (salvage yard). I hope Chrysler has better luck with there new line of mini-vans, because I'm not buying.

22nd Aug 2003, 21:32


We have a Chrysler Town and Country LXI it is a 1996. We have had very few problems until recently. We have replaced the starter two times. We have a brand new battery that seems to run dead all the time, but when it is tested, test fine. My speedometer and tachometer stopped working today. I have four children under the age of nine and don't want to be stranded anywhere. We are considering buying a new vehicle soon and I am sure it won't be another Chrysler product.

10th Sep 2003, 12:36

Have a 96 Lxi, my girlfriend has a 96 Plymouth Voyager. She laughed when the wipers started out of the blue, her minivan does the same thing.

Bought the van with 30K, now have 110K, have replaced the water pump and the recalls. The starter now needs to be replaced. The leather seats are wearing, but wasn't a problem until over 90K, and I don't have a garage.

Overall, I consider the van reliable and no worse than any other car I've had. Of course, I have only owned domestic cars.

25th Sep 2003, 00:50

My husband and I bought a 1996 T and C this past June. We have taken it on a 2000 mile road trip without any problems. We did have to replace the started last week tho. No biggie. We had a warranty. The left slider lock went a week after we got it. No biggie there either. I love my van and can only hope we don't have many problems, other than the normal maintenance. My husband is going to school to be a certified mechanic. Can anyone tell me what the difference is with the LXI? Mine is not and LXI, but it is loaded with everything. It does not have the roof rack or the leather. Is that the difference?

Oh well, I love my van. It takes me, my husband, 3 kids and a 70 pound Labrador where we need to go.

Leanne from Oregon.

4th Oct 2003, 18:29

I bought a 1999 Town & Country 6 months ago. Since then I had a transmission problem, clock spring, starter. Now it's stalling everytime it's on idle. I took it to the shop and they replaced everything. they charged me $357.00 and the car is still stalling. They say they don't know what it is. Has anyone had this problem before that can tell me what it is?

9th Nov 2003, 09:29

Nov 8,2003

We bought a 96 Chrysler Town & Country Lxi with 90,000 miles on it we have three months later replaced the transmission, The air has stopping working, and the windshield wipers have started to have a mind of their own. seems like the 96 might not be a good choice, with two kids we can't be stranded.

18th Nov 2003, 17:28

I too have a '96 Town & Country Lxi. We have experienced some of what's been described here. Namely, power door locks that seem to lock and unlock, then lock again when using the key. This will sometimes confuse the alarm system and it will trigger the alarms. I have to re-lock the car to silence them. The wipers will occasionally continue running after the car is off. (Very strange.) But the worst is the recent fuel related problem. I think the problem is the fuel pump. When the gas level gets below half tank, the car thinks it's out of gas and will shut down. I was recently towed off the freeway late at night due to this. I thought it was an ignition problem, but was able to get the car to start and with an aerosol gas starter sprayed in the intake, the car ran fine. This told me it was a fuel problem. After replacing the fuel filter, the problem returned later. We figured out that filling the tank would clear the problem. I noticed there is a recall on the fuel pump module seal. I'm hoping that I can get the fuel pump replaced at a lower cost due to the recall eating the labor cost. Anyone experience this half-empty fuel tank / car stalling problem? -JJ in Vancouver USA.