30th Jul 2008, 08:56

We have had our 96 T&C LXI for 4 years now, two of which the car was in storage. I have many of the same issues. Blinker failure (but hazards work). Doors re-lock after using a key requiring the use of the handle as the key is engaged (then using the inner lock). Transmission failed right at 100K. Front passenger strut / mount / sway bar had to be replaced. AC stopped working, Radio and CD changer doesn't work.

This car in my opinion is a lemon. It is a shining example of why I'll by a foreign car next time around. I love the ride and the comfort. However, comfort won't get you from point A to point B.

I'll never buy another Chrysler product and will advise against doing so to all I encounter.

15th Nov 2008, 22:18

Bought a 96 Town and Country LX (loaded) in 1999. It had just came off a two-year lease. I now have 243,000 miles on it and I’m shooting for 300,000 (on the same engine). Have replaced most of what you would expect (wear and tear items) after so many miles to include a third transmission about four months ago. I was about to sell it twice, but decided to keep it as long I could. It still rides as good as when I bought it. I haven’t had near as many problems as I have read about on this board. We drive it all the time to include many long distance trips. One big difference is that it has been garaged since it was purchased.

6th Jul 2009, 01:25

Own a 1996 T and C with 3.8L and tow package; around 160,000 miles. Replaced entire A/C system, starter, both front axles, motor mounts, rear window motor, torsion bar links behind each front strut and cooling fan unit. Had a few recalls.

Similar to prior commentors, currently having problems with radio push buttons, cruise control doesn't work as well as both rear windows. Occasionally windshield wipers will sweep once or twice without turning on switch. One strut tower rusted through.

20th Nov 2015, 00:26

I have a 1996 T&C and it would stop running for no reason. After replacing many electrical parts, my mechanic drove the van for several days, and after eliminating several would-be problems, discovered that the fly wheel was warped. This was causing the crank sensor to not receive a signal occasionally, and the engine would quit running.