1992 Citroen AX GTi 1.4i petrol from UK and Ireland


Super fast go-kart!!!! Great fun!!


Needed a new radiator.

Left hand side CV gaitor.

New handbrake cable.

New lights in the dashboard.

Gearbox is totally knackered!!

General Comments:

Great car to drive - fast, cheap and fun, but rattles too much and parts are too expensive!!! (Basically its a supercharged go-kart!!)

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Review Date: 14th November, 2000

1992 Citroen AX GT 1.4 carb from UK and Ireland


Pants, but well worth it if you have 6 points and a bad accident record


Horn (still not fixed).

Lefthand outer CV boot (replaced with a split one myself which saved me about £90).

Drive shafts.

Gearbox diff and thrust bearing needed replacing.

My garden wall scratched my bumper.

Fog lights.

Buckled alloys.

Passengers electric window ie. motor, regulator, mounting.

Passengers door lock, passengers side skirt (all this due to slamming of the door during heated arguments LOL).

THE BIGGEST CRACK YOU HAVE EVER SEEN on the floor where the left hand mounting of the seat is.


2 MASSIVE rust holes behind the headlights in the engine bay.

Blowing exhaust - some idiot welded a standard back box to my Scorpion center section, so I had to cut that and weld a decent back box to it (dunno if that's legal or not).

Blowing manifold.

By the way if anyone can give me advice on welding the body inside and out and has any info on reinforcing the welds, please email me at sgreenham@burgundyglobal.com

General Comments:

Well fast, beats RST's, Uno's, XR2's, GTE's GSI's and other GT's due to the 4 branch manifold, gas flowed, ported and polished head, and K&N, Stainless exhaust.

The alloys are pants, the body is pants, MY CAR IS PANTS, but I love the thrill of fixing it myself.


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Review Date: 28th October, 2000

20th Feb 2001, 08:45

I now drive a Carlos Sainz Celica GT4 Turbo, and recieve regular rides in my friend's Elises, Imprezas and Porsches, and still rate the AX GT as one of the finest cars I've owned and had the pleasure to drive.

Amazing performance car for the money!

Very very fragile, so it sounds like you had an abused one? They don't take abuse very well as they're built out of paper :-)

1992 Citroen AX GT 1.4 petrol from UK and Ireland


Dents, unreliable, but woohoo!!!


This list is a long one.

Carb blew on 89k, plastic arm broke off meaning the chokes wouldn't open so no petrol could get in the engine.

Driveshaft bent warping the front discs and knackering the pads.

Rear drums replaced due to leak.

Gearbox rebuilt at 90k to fix a noisy wheel bearing. Wheel bearing replaced after £500 gearbox rebuild, strangely failed to fix the wheel bearing.

All forward facing lights replaced due to rust in the lights. Every bulb replaced in and out of the car.

Passenger seat came off its mountings.

Plastic wheel arch fell off.

General Comments:

The words boneshaker, rattle, and unreliable were invented for this car. Everything inside the car squeaks and if it doesn't squeak it's broken.

It looks typically french and has been likened to an empty crisp packet because it dents so easily.

But despite all its faults, it's cracking to drive. Twin choke carb coupled with short gearing and light weight mean it rockets up to 60mph. It runs out of puff shortly after but who cares, your teeth are rattled out at 75mph anyway.

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Review Date: 30th August, 2000

14th Jul 2001, 19:00

Squeaks can be cured quite easily by applying a little WD40 on a cloth in places where squeaks are generated. In my AX it took me 10 minutes, just once, and I have had 50,000 squeak-free miles since.

7th Oct 2002, 11:17

If that's a sign of things to come, it's time to sell my AX. Unfortunately, I've suffered exactly the same gearbox rebuild in order to "solve" a wheel bearing problem.

If anybody else finds that their AX makes a humming sound whilst moving at speed don't let the mechanics persuade you it's the gearbox.

1992 Citroen AX TX 1.4 diesel from UK and Ireland


Utter crap!


Everything! Clutch, brakes seizing on, cylinder seals went resulting in having to get another engine, windscreen washer pumps went, and it rusted.

General Comments:

This was the worst car I've ever experienced. It was slow, noisy, uncomfortable and unreliable. The Citroen dealers try to rip you off with horrendous prices, dishonest practices and shoddy workmanship. I wish we'd never bought it. It cost us £5200 and after 2 years we had to sell it for £900 scrap as the replacement engine blew up and it wasn't economic to replace it a 2nd time.

The only reason it gets a mark higher than 0 for running costs is because it used very little fuel.

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Review Date: 6th June, 2000

1992 Citroen AX First (injection) 1.1 from Italy


Good performance and low cost


Nothing very important.

Some little problems with the injection system... but now all is OK.

General Comments:

A superb car! After 177000 km my car is the same jewel that I bought eight years ago! Excellent top-speed and accelleration (considering the low cc).

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Review Date: 27th April, 2000

1992 Citroen AX GT 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Fun and fast little motor, You won't want to stop driving!


Nothing at all, one reliable car.

General Comments:

I Have always owned AX'S, My first was an earlier one, which I had no end of trouble with. However the revised range is better built, looks better and is more reliable. Generally I would say the high performance and masculine good looks of the car make up for the odd squeak. Oh yeah, another thing, the brakes are better on the later models as they fitted a new Servo to them.

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Review Date: 16th March, 2000