2nd May 2015, 09:13

We have a Citroen C4 Coupe (same year, 2005), and have the same fault (anti-pollution light engine management fault). We have spent 800.00 trying to get it fixed. Had a new coil fitted, new fuse box. Green Flag came out twice to it cos it cut out, no revs. I am so fed up now that it's come back on. Can't afford a new car so I'm stuck with it. Hubby spoke with the AA and they say it could be a map sensor. Do I spend more money? Any ideas would be appreciated.

One depressed lady x

2nd May 2015, 09:25

We have just changed our fuse box. It was OK for 2 weeks. Now guess what, the anti-pollution fault is back on and we're back to square one.

5th May 2015, 22:23

Hi, I've got the dreaded anti pollution bit with loss of power on motorways. Now it's sluggish permanently. Used to go like a bat out of hell. Took it to an auto electrician; lots of waffle, lots of parts, but still no answer. Feels like the turbo isn't working, but reading the comments, I don't think that will fix it.

19th Jun 2015, 09:35

My car has the same issue too, and putting in good fuel like from BP or Shell does seem to help rather than the supermarket stuff. It is very dangerous when entering onto a motorway or trying to gain enough speed to join any fast moving traffic when it is in this idle mode. It also becomes completely uneconomical also.

My car will be fine if I pull over once it has come on and turn the engine off, wait a few minutes then I'll give it some welly and it'll go off, however most often there isn't a suitable place to do this.

I'm just trying to live with the problem as best as I can as it appears there isn't a sure solution, and I would rather be saving up to buy something else and getting rid of it ASAP.

In support of the Watchdog contact.

2nd Jul 2015, 18:53

I have a C4 GP 1.8 VTR+, 07 plate, and it has started cutting out when starting up. It starts, then revs, cuts ignition, revs, cuts ignition, until you give it some gas and wait for the revving/cutting to stop, then it runs normally 90% of the time.

When driving there is a slight throttle lag until the power comes in. It's had a diagnostic check (several in fact), which came up engine misfire, replaced coil pack and plugs, then knock sensor, so put a new one on. Then came up BSI fault, so new fuse box in the engine bay, all to no avail, apart from it doesn't come up with any fault codes, so therefore assuming that it is not a mechanical fault, but a communication fault between the ECU and the fuse box BSI, or the ECU/BSI to one of the sensors.

I am looking like I'm going to have to check every wire with the multi meter to see if there is a wire stretched, or a duff connection.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

11th Jul 2015, 14:47

I too have similar problem. I have only done 38000 miles, and when I get to a roundabout, it often stalls, and I have to start the engine again; once going it is OK. I was fortunate today that my friend has a full diagnostic kit and it is showing everything OK. In the old days I would have taken out the needle from the carburettor, cleaned and put it back. Today, what do I do???

11th Jul 2015, 14:53

Well sir, if you have a worn or duff wire, we all have, look at how many comments there are. I think perhaps we should all start commenting on Citroen UK's Facebook page, and see if they will take action.

28th Jul 2015, 21:18

I'm pretty sure it's illegal not to have a catalytic converter fitted to your car.

6th Sep 2015, 08:04

Just had the exact same issue with my 2005 Citroen C4 Coupe VT, 1.4.

De-pollution light came on, engine cut out and couldn't be restarted, stuck in Eco mode.

New fuse relay box needed after running diagnostic checks; also a new battery and a £40 towing fee (as I didn't have a tow attachment), £320 in total.

19th Sep 2015, 05:01

Hi there,

I've got a problem with my C4... 2005 coupe 1.6 petrol. A few months ago I noticed it started to lack power on hills and was sluggish in pulling away. No problem when it is idle, and the engine otherwise sounds fairly smooth. It's starting to become less economical with fuel too.

Now the antipollution light is permanently on. Sometimes the ABS/ESP light comes on, but that generally disappears if you turn the engine on/off.

I haven't yet taken it to the garage as performance is not massively affected for urban driving (and I don't use the car more than once a week anyway), but with some long 100 mile journeys to my girlfriend's house, having read some of the comments on this wall, I can see a car breakdown happening in the future!

Before I take it to the garage to spend a fortune, any ideas on self-help/diagnosis?

Thanks, Mike.

3rd Oct 2015, 09:16

Hi Guys & Girls.

I have a C4 1.4 petrol, which I purchased a few weeks ago. All was fine, flew through the MOT last week, & then yes you've guessed it, the anti pollution warning light has appeared & a loss of power forced me to park the car up.

Seems in reading the comments on here, it could be one of at least 15 problems.

7th Oct 2015, 18:30

I own a Citroen C4 1.6 petrol 2005 plate, and I can honestly say it is a nightmare; fault after fault, you get the picture. I have the good old anti pollution engine management light on, and it is running like a bag of spanners.

12th Nov 2015, 18:56

My brother has the same problem with anti pollution light - misfiring etc, the same as all previous posts. Can you please tell me where the Watchdog campaign is?

6th Jan 2016, 21:14

Had the same issue myself. Believe it or not, the driver's wheel bearing has a sensor on it that reads the revolution and is interfaced with your ABS, ESP etc. Another one to check is your battery; if you're getting low voltage, a whole list of faults will appear.

3rd Feb 2016, 19:32

Bought our 2005 120 HDI from a main dealer - glad we did, same faults as everyone else, had a courtesy car for 6 months whilst they changed everything except the block. New MAF, ECU, turbo... was fine till we had the clutch changed, then all back again. It used to go into limp mode, but now as soon as it detects any boost, it kills the engine - fast lane of the M65, overtaking and suddenly no power. Citroen want hanging for this!!!

10th Feb 2016, 20:36

This is like Citroen anonymous! Hi my name is Chris and I've got a Citroen C4 coupe VTR +.

All: Hello Chris!!

Depletion system faulty and engine light on, have changed the coil pack twice, starter motor went, oil leak and now the car has been cutting out in dangerous places and I've been left stranded and embarrassed!!

My garage have had it for 2 days and can't find the fault; today they said possibly a sensor somewhere, but are still investigating.

How can a car just cut out, what a joke, nearly caused a pile up the other day, not funny at all. Going German next.