1999 Citroen Saxo SX 1.5 diesel from UK and Ireland


Superb hot hatch


Only the air bag light keeps coming on.

I also had a slight problem with the tickover, but it's now sorted.

General Comments:

Even though it is a diesel it is still quite nippy. I will go for another Saxo next time, that will then be my fourth Citroen.

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Review Date: 1st November, 2000

1999 Citroen Saxo VTR 1.6i 16v petrol from UK and Ireland


Great value, high performance


Ignition block failed meaning that the car failed to start on a number of occasions, this also affected the heating system and made the car stall quite a lot. When contacted, Citroen UK simply said that this is a common Saxo fault and that they will repair it at a cost of £150.

Also there is a constant flashing of the airbag light on the dash. Citroen cannot find an airbag fault and cannot stop the light, which I don't really mind but it can sometimes be distracting.

The cigarette lighter is broken.

That's about it.

General Comments:

Good all-round car, surprisingly quick with incredible acceleration. Quick-shift gearbox allows faster gear-changes for higher acceleration.

Top-end speed around 135-140mph.

A lot of fun to be had in this car!

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Review Date: 30th October, 2000

7th Nov 2003, 15:40

Actually 115 isn't right either - got mine doing 120mph on the M25 at night - doesn't even scream at you - and the only thing stopping me from pushing her further was the thought of speed cameras! It wasn't big and certainly wasn't clever, and I won't be doing it again.

1999 Citroen Saxo Westcoast 1.4i from UK and Ireland


Great fun at an affordable price!!!


The air bag light occasionally flicks on and off, now fixed by the dealer.

No real problems except the usual wear and tear of a car in heavy use everyday. Front tires can wear out a bit quickly!

General Comments:

Great car, great fun for a young person. All the sporty looks with a low insurance group as well. Could do with alloys, just to finish it off.

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Review Date: 27th October, 2000

19th Mar 2001, 03:49

Yeah I have a Westcoast myself. I agree, a great little car with great looks, but could do with some of the extra features that the VTR and VTS have like a better interior. Let's face it, the Westcoast limited edition's interior is plain ugly and that yellow gear knob and in fact anything else yellow has to go. In posieden blue the dials come blue as standard which is a nice touch and the standard suspension could do with been upgraded and lowered like the 1.6 range.

12th May 2001, 01:30

I had a rear window blow out for no apparent reason (stationary at time) and the boot lock is now jammed. The window repair company suggested it was a fault on the car, which Citroen deny. Anybody else had this problem?

1999 Citroen Saxo VTR 1.6 8v petrol from UK and Ireland


The Saxo VTR is the definitive hot hatch


The rear brake discs had to be replaced after a few thousand miles due to very bad "scoring", but that is the only problem I have had.

General Comments:

People who have reviewed the Saxo VTR say it is tinny, noisy, uncomfortable and not very well built, they have a point. But they seem to forget that the people who are going to buy this car don't care about a few creature comforts, we are bothered about the fantastic handling and an engine that loves to rev. The Saxo VTR is the best hot hatch in its league and indeed a lot better than some higher priced models I could mention.

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Review Date: 23rd October, 2000

2nd Feb 2007, 11:04

Suppose you have driven all the cars you have mentioned? and of course you would no which cars are better than which just by driving them. and as a matter of fact according to statistics, the VTR is quicker than a couple of cars you listed, which I am not going to mention to avoid further argument.

2nd Feb 2007, 11:06

O and, what are you chatting when you say the engine cuts out above 6000? Have you ever actually owned a VTR?