1994 Citroen ZX Volcane 19TD from Australia and New Zealand


All this car for how much again?


Air Horn wore out

Central locking and locks jammed

Parcel shelf straps broke

Window winder electrics wore

Injectors leaking causing a chain of other problems

Internal Door leaver spring broke

Dash lights blown

Paintwork flaking.

General Comments:

The Volcane has stiffend chassis and very large anit roll bars, the ride height is a fraction lower than other models. Vented discs on the front wheels and disc on the rear. Fog lights, tow-bar, air horn, bucket style seats, parcel shelf blind and more all come factory fitted. A very practical car for both urban and country driving, running costs are low repair costs are average to high.

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Review Date: 1st September, 2005

1994 Citroen ZX td 1.9td from UK and Ireland


Well built fast car designed for your granddad


I bought for the ridiculous price of £600, a pure bargain, so I was well aware there would be problems with it..

First thing to go was the alternator. £150 repair bill.

Next I had to get the exhaust replaced, £180. but it's a common problem with ZX's.

The central locking is wierd to say the least. I can only unlock the car from the driver side. No other lock allows the key to turn?

I tried fixing one of the passenger doors, and now unfortunately the door refuses to lock in sync with the rest of the central locking. mildly annoying!.

Theres also a missing light on the dashboard.

General Comments:

A really good car to own. Considering its age, I'm more than happy with the build quality. Driver airbag, side impact bars and seat pretensioners as standard.

Usual single windscreen wiper is a little hard to adjust to, also considering I'm quite tall. just doesn't clear as much of the screen as I would like. Also the seats seem to be designed for the midget in mind, and the head rests would still cause my whiplash even on the highest setting.

There are a few knocking sounds going round corners? but I put these down to the wierd suspension setup.

On the plus side, the acceleration is really good. if it were legal, I would be able to drive upto/peaking at 110 mph on the motorway..

The back seat comes right off, a good feature more cars should be using.

All in all a very good car, I will be buying from citreon in the future.

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Review Date: 4th March, 2005

1994 Citroen ZX Aura 1.8 8v from UK and Ireland


Excessively Fast, Really!! But Looks So Lame


Heaters Failed - When I bought the car the heaters were working perfectly, then all of a sudden they just stopped.

Burst Shock - My front left shock burst and produces an annoying clunking noise over uneven road surfaces and speed bumps.

Dash Lights - A common problem from what I have read, there is only one dash light on, this could possible be due to the cars 'always on' lights.

Tyre Wear - Again a common problem with my zx, it eats tyres like no tomorrow, but that'll be due to my driving style.

General Comments:


I've got to admin, the seats from the zx are as extremely comfortable, you just fall back and melt into them, this is then let down with the horrible dash features and layout. Yuck! Everything looks so bland and uninteresting.


To look at the car is dated, not very attractive to a young drivers (early 20's) like myself, all my fellow driver friends have expensive moddified cars, I don't however I can't complain, it's not the worse I've driven.


Now this I can really sing and dance about. What this car lacks in looks and gadget, it really makes up in grunt! I have the 1.8l 8v which rolled out the factory at 103bhp, and I love every horse of it, off the mark it can take pretty much most things on the road, I've eaten and spat over a lot of 2L's who think it's a sheep.

The acceleration off its amazing, and top end is 120+ (darn speedo).

Reliable as hell, and amazingly flexible at corners.


So far they've been good, I've kitted the car with a full install. New CD player, front speakers, back speakers, 6x9's and a sub, but when I leave the face plate on it seems to drain my battery. ODD.

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Review Date: 22nd January, 2005

24th Jan 2005, 06:02

Dash light is due to "always on" in tese cars. heater and shock do have failures in a 10 year 160000 miles old car. However, ZX does not eat tyres abd never did. Mine allowed 55000 miles for the front tyres and 130000 miles for the rear ones. Maybe you are driving a little too sportively???

11th Feb 2005, 15:09


Found out about the tyres, it appears that my tracking is out hence I'm getting excessive wear on the outer wheels, now have been fixed, so hopefully I'll get a little more outta them.

You could be true about the sportingly side of things, but the car has never seen a wheelspin.

22nd Feb 2006, 09:53

You could always try increasing the tyre pressure by a couple of pounds. It makes for a bit firmer ride, but it does increase the life of the tyres in my opinion.