1997 Daewoo Cielo L 1.5 Petrol from South Africa


Repeated tappet cover gasket oil leaks.

Oil sensor switch leak. Idling irregular. Repeated attempts to convince dealer to fix idling and stalling when pulling off have fallen on deaf ears. Ignition leads replaced free of charge at 65000km. Didn't solve problem. Very poor after sales service in general. R/H front window winder seized. Driver seat locks in position at times. Brake fluid and cooling liquid not replaced as per service schedule.

Dealer unable or unwilling to adjust front wheel alignment. Problems right from the start. L/F tyre replaced at 10000km due uneven wear. Had to eventually have proper wheel alignment done myself at independent dealer.

General Comments:

Car purchased new with 3 year/100 000km maintenance plan (was included in purchase price). Haven't paid a cent for services as yet;(maybe the cause of poor servicing). Has been very reliable, and economical. Avg fuel consumption over life of car 7,5liter/100km.

Overall quite happy with the product, but disgusted with the service.

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Review Date: 9th May, 1999

12th Jun 2001, 02:01

I own a 1997 150iL 5 door Hatch. To date it has done 146000 km's.

Had to redo the front brakes.

Blown head gasket at +/-80 000km's (fixed under warranty).

Fairly happy with my local dealer whom I bought the car from.

Still going strong despite the high milage and uses no oil.

Overall impressed by the reliability of car.

27th Jan 2007, 14:16

I have had a cielo 1500 cc 1997 for nearly 2 years now. consumption has been great on the open road. 15km/l. town driving obviously not as good. things that have needed attention are.

Water system - man oh man. I eventually routed the heater loop out of the equation as a pipe had cracked behind the firewall. I just hooked it up into the surge tank. problem solved.

The clutch cable just went the other day - it was the plastic/rubber parts of the cable - just perished. check them out.

Trying to find out info for my new water leak - where the I think water temp. sensor plugs in. at the bottom of the motor on the right. 3 prong plug.