5th Apr 2009, 15:02

Continual problems with air bag light. In the end £580.00 cost to me, and with Chevrolet being very slow to act, I am considering Watchdog on TV, otherwise fingers crossed all is OK. Mileage when I had the air bag problem was only 37000 miles.

Bill Rolfe, Berkshire. 5th April 2009.

12th Aug 2009, 06:15

We've got a 2004 Kalos 1.4SX, which has constantly got the air bag light on & recently the "check" light symbol on the dash coming on. I've taken it to my local garage who've checked it out & resolved the "check" light problem... but it has re-occurred. Took it back to the garage... who checked it & said there was nothing to worry about... "it may be one of these things" he said.

I won't take it to the dealership, because I'll only get charged an obscene amount for something that seems to be a regular occurrence on this model.

Anyone else with similar problems???

1st Nov 2009, 20:32

I too have a 54 plate Kalos 1.4 SX. Agree, the EMG light is always flashing on, sometimes staying on, other times going off. Happens mainly when the engine is cold, within 2 miles of the engine starting. Have spent over £300 to no avail. Now just running the car with the light on. Will not be buying any more Chevy's, be warned.

4th Jul 2010, 06:14

I have a 2004 Daewoo Kalos 1.4 SOHC K petrol saloon, that in the past week developed a sensor lamp cluster problem (flashing) regarding the lambda oxygen sensor.

It now has a new problem with the immobilizer lamp flashing and also the hazard lamps flashing with the ignition on/off. The vehicle has covered less than 28000 K miles. I had this problem with the hazards about a year ago, but it turned out to be a corroded (dirty) earth lead on the battery. Has anyone got any ideas please?

20th Dec 2010, 17:28

I have just bought a Kalos 1.4 2003 reg. I'm getting a squeaking noise from both rear and back suspension. Also, as I apply the brake, I hear a noise as if there is something not engaging, and have been told its because of the extreme cold weather, and given time, it will sort itself out. Can anyone help me solve these problems??

31st Mar 2011, 03:44

We have a 53 plate, bought it privately. We were told that owner hoovered the car and the airbag light came on, and we believed him. Took it to garage and they sorted it! 2 weeks later and it is on again, it did go off for a few days then on again. A bit fed up with it now. Going to garage again this afternoon, hope they can help.

16th Aug 2013, 13:16

I have just bought a Chevrolet Kalos. It has a squeaky clutch pedal. After investigating and getting into awkward positions, I have noticed that the bracket that holds the clutch pedal is breaking away from the rest of the pedal box. I have just done a temporary fix with a G clamp. That will do until I can get a more permanent fix.

23rd May 2014, 12:22

Regarding squeak on the Kalos rear suspension, mine had been squeaking for a while, driving my wife mad. Had road springs off and greased spring seats, but that didn't get rid of it. Next I was going to remove the shockers one at a time to see if the squeak stopped. Today my wife got out of the car and we heard the squeak. I told her to get back in and bounce up and down while I tried to pinpoint the squeak. I found the fuel filter behind the petrol tank was rubbing on a radial arm as it moved. I pulled the filter away from the arm by bending the bracket slightly, and guess what, no more squeak. Try this before spending any money on suspension parts.

5th Jun 2014, 08:18

Daewoo / Chevy Kalos:

Airbag control-light problems?

Check the Yellow connectors under the seats! It's a common problem. Remove the connectors and make a permanent soldered connection.