17th Nov 2008, 13:04

Leganza is just as good as a Toyota if treated routinely. You "lemon" haters out there, sorry you have lemons but get over it. The car is fine, many poeple run these cars past 200k miles without major work. They sell them in China and Europe a lot for a reason. Mine has 119k miles and is just fine.

20th Nov 2008, 10:30

Well... where do I start.. I got my used Leganza in 2002, which had 70,000KM on it..

First thing that went out few weeks after purchase was the shift lock solenoid (its located on the break pedal), got that changed.. then the heated seats stopped working. After fighting with the dealer they agreed to fix it, then noticed in the winter the heat was not great.. got the thermostat changed, heater core, coolant flush, still till today, the heater is crap, barely enough to defrost the windows if lucky.

The following summer I changed the AC condenser because of a leak, then few months after that got the timing belt changed at the same time, changed the cam shaft sensor, then changed that pipe (not hose) at back of the engine that connects to the heater core because it was broken.

Then the following year the head cylinder went out, got that changed, as well as ball bearing and also wheel hub bearing and also new tires.

The O2 sensor went on it, got that changed... Then the drive axle went.. and on the other axle I had to change the CV boots, both inner and outer boots.

These are only the few things that I currently remember fixing in the car.. I am very sure there are a lot more...

However the heater still sucks and I can’t wait to get rid of the car.. It costs me more money to fix and maintain.. I should have got BMW instead if I had known it was going to cost me tens of thousands of dollars. Do yourself a favor and look for a Japanese or a German car.

19th Dec 2008, 20:38

I just bought a 2000 Daewoo Leganza CDX, without knowing that there are no dealers left in the US. All parts have to be special ordered from Korea, and take weeks to get in. Mine has 82K on it, and seems to have been in a bad accident unknown to my knowledge. The dealer was a real rat and didn't inform me about any of this!!! The engine on mine also rattles roughly, and I don't know why. My mechanics say there is nothing they can do to help since this car is no longer being made.

Does anyone know if GM can service these cars? I heard they bought Daewoo out. Or where? Please SOME TIPS on where it can be taken to get serviced!!! THANKS!

19th Nov 2011, 02:22

These cars are horrible buys. They were hard to find parts for when Daewoo first pulled out of North America, and lots of parts are unobtainable now. I think the only reason Daewoo owners are posting good reviews and defending the brand, is so that they might stand stand a chance of selling the one they have, to some sucker that reads their misleading reviews.