2000 Daewoo Leganza SE 2.2 from North America


Cheap to purchase, has been reliable in hard service


Unknown to me, head gasket was blown when I bought it from second hand dealership; 123,000 miles, no warranty. I was stuck for 900 dollar repair.

Replaced the timing belt and associated parts when I bought it, due to its reputation for failure of the timing belt and resultant engine damage.

I bought it cheap, but these two major repairs have made it less of a bargain.

General Comments:

Once I got the problem with the head gasket sorted out, it has been a very good car for the past 9000 miles.

Very comfortable seats, head rest adjusts, and has lumbar support knob like my BMW, I appreciate that as I can rest my neck on long drives.

The interior quality I would rate as cheap and not very durable, but seat cushions are firm and supportive, much more comfy than my Hyundai Sonata.

I use the car daily in courier delivery work. I drive about 170 (hard) miles per day, and it has given great, dependable service. Fuel mileage is much better than I anticipated (23 combined highway and congested city stop and start driving).

It was cheap to purchase and I bought it for city delivery work. In that regard it has surpassed my expectations. 132,000 miles on it now, hoping to get a couple years worth of wear out of it.

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Review Date: 18th March, 2011

20th Mar 2013, 03:16

Do you still have this car, and what is your latest assessment?

2000 Daewoo Leganza from North America


Not a good idea?


I purchased the car used, and one week into ownership, my heater stopped blowing hot air.

About a month after that, the A/C blew lukewarm air out of it. Took it to get fixed and found it would cost me 900 to fix.

Two days later, I noticed my engine was running hotter than usual. Found that I had a major leak from the oil pan and that the gaskets were bad.

The best part was no one could fix it, because the part was nowhere to be found. Since production of the car had stopped in 2004, parts were virtually impossible to get, and even if found, they would cost more than they were worth.

And last but not least; while driving on the freeway, the engine suddenly downshifted into 2nd gear when I was going 75mph, causing the car to immediately overheat and stall before I could pull off the freeway. As a result the head had to be replaced, which would cost 1200. (Or I could just replace the whole engine for 3000.)

That's if the parts could even be found, mind you!

The car is now at a 'Pick A Part' location and no longer my problem (thank goodness).

General Comments:

The car has no real power.

Engine is cheaply made, and will crap out before you know it.

Don't buy one.

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Review Date: 19th February, 2009

21st Sep 2009, 16:45

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this car. I was about to buy one for my daughter but had never heard of the vehicle. I'm not a car person and a single mother so I looked it up on the computer and found your comment. it was very helpful. I will keep looking...:)

10th Dec 2009, 00:49

I bought my 2002 Daewoo Leganza brand new. I now have 97,000 miles on it and have had to put 5 front ends in it. The last two times was after warranty expired. Yet I have never read about anyone else complaining of this problem. Obviously it has to do with the way it was made. But, since there is no recall on it I have to pay for it out of my own pocket. I would not recommend buying one of these. Parts are hard to find since they quit making them. If you can find the part, it's expensive.