2000 Daewoo Leganza SX 2.0 from North America


A waste of money!


The right flood light went out at 30000 miles.

The left flood light went out 90000 miles.

The heater-core went bad 70000 miles.

The radio LED lights on some of the buttons went out at around 24000 miles.

The battery went out at around 32000 miles.

General Comments:

The design of the car is good.

The amenities for the price are good.

The car lacks power.

Parts are hard to locate.

Everything on the car is cheaply made.

Buttons, knobs, switches.

The paint-job looks good, but it easily chips.

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Review Date: 24th November, 2003

25th Nov 2003, 11:13

So you made it to 98,000 miles with nothing more than a heater core and battery replacement, and a couple of light bulbs? Hardly think you would have room to complain... I hope my car makes it that far with so few problems!

19th Aug 2004, 16:57

Its not just 1 or 2 things, its not a lemon, but you have a lot of little things that add up to a lot Add to that the fact that parts, when you can find them, are outrageous because no1 can find them. Trade in value isn't good, sunroof went bad, radio went bad, heater core went bad, electric window...bad. It was a great price when I bought it, it runs good till sumthin happen. I geuss you get what you pay for. I payed less than a comparable car at the time so for what I payed it's a good car, I have leather and top of the line everything else, but now I wish I would have got a cheap civic instead. =o (

O well live and learn. =o)

2000 Daewoo Leganza CDX 2.2 from North America


A great value


The brake light switch went, but was replaced by the dealer that sold me the car.

General Comments:

The Leganza is a terrific car for the money. The ride is quiet and smooth. The acceleration is acceptable. It will hold four adults relatively comfortably (the back seat is somewhat tight for tall people). The fit, finish, and general quality, far surpass what you should expect in this price range. They can be acquired for short money in the United States because of a parts shortage. The shortage was created when South Korean suppliers staged a parts boycott until old bills were paid. Most of those issues have been resolved, and parts are flowing again. Like other people, I was understandably anxious, but I have been encouraged by correspondence with parts suppliers in Great Britain, Austraila, and Puerto Rico. A supplier in Puerto Rico says he can get any part I need in less than two days. Many parts for my Leganza are also used on Suzuki (timing belt, etc). There are seventy thousand Daewoos on American roads. It is foolish to think that people who have the parts sitting in their warehouses just outside the United States won't find a way to sell them to us. I am looking for another Leganza CDX for my wife.

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Review Date: 3rd February, 2003

22nd May 2007, 12:23

You can get parts online from many web sites as auto zone (www.autozone.com) and others.

24th May 2007, 23:58

All I can say is that if you are buying the Leganza you are taking a risk. Agreed that parts are available through mail order or Internet, but you'll have problems when you need to get this car fixed.

It's a real hassle even for routine maintenance since no dealer or tune-up place stocks any parts for the Leganza. First you have to buy a repair and tune-up manual for this car. Everytime you need to do something you need to consult this book, wait between 2 days and 2 weeks for the parts to arrive. Then you can start the work or go to the tune-up place and hand over the parts. It's a real hassle. And you better hope you are not missing a part. Then this car will sit there until the missing parts arrives. Much of the work can't be done by non-professionals like me and few places will even touch this car. And then they are only willing to do routine operations and not handle more complex problems. Like we had a transmission problem and it was a nightmare to get it fixed (turned out to be a $11 switch). It took months. My stupid sister bought one of these and she thought she was real smart, but I'm the one stuck with maint and repairs on this one.

Yes they are cheap, but do you really have that little money to put up with all this hassle?