2001 Daewoo Matiz SE+ 0.8 from UK and Ireland


Low cost, high spec and fun to drive


Only minor faults, for example the glove box rattles and I have had difficulty in getting the key into the drivers lock.

General Comments:

This is a lovely little car.

It's fantastic on fuel and has all the mod cons. I was looking for a small car with as many luxuries as I could afford - what I got was a 14 month old car with electric windows, power steering, ABS, air conditioning and a fun feel for less than £3500! Cars in a similar size / price band were extra with these features.

It doesn't look at all cheap, despite the price, and I find that it is much more fun to drive than any other car I've owned - the fact that it does 45 miles per gallon is a bonus.

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Review Date: 17th February, 2003

2001 Daewoo Matiz SE+ 0.8 petrol from UK and Ireland


Nimble, spacious and cheap.


Speedometer failed at 18,000mi.

One central lock is playing up.

Engine lamp on, exhaust gas valve failure.

Crash repair center messed up the airbag.

General Comments:

Assorted minor failures, but it's never failed to start or stop (the ABS is good!).

Cabin is definitely for 4 people, not 5, though the folding rear seats make hauling kitchen appliances around easily possible.

Performance is more than you would expect, a slight stirring of the gearstick will see the little engine takeoff, and it's very 'throw-able' round the twisty bits.

Effortless cruiser at motorway speeds, to forget about minor road overtaking. Adding passengers and luggage is definitely felt in the performance.

Economy, I'm averaging 47-48mpg and have managed 60+ on a long run with a light foot (but that's no fun).

Power steering & good visability makes city driving simple, and the smallest gap is yours to take.

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Review Date: 13th January, 2003

2001 Daewoo Matiz SE Plus 0.8 from UK and Ireland


Car OK, dealers not


Airbag warning light on all the time.

Interior light not working.

MIL engine warning light has gone on, vehicle in limp home mode. GM dealers pathetic, no spares, have had to hire my wife another car for over a week so far. Dealer serviced vehicle, tried to charge £160.00 for 10,000 mile service. Only problem is, is that the car is still undriveable as they can't get spares.

General Comments:

Stay away from Daewoo or it can end up costing you a small fortune in money and frustration.

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Review Date: 26th November, 2002

20th Apr 2005, 07:10

Couldn't agree more! Never had such a frustrating experience dealing with a company. Now trying with Chevrolet to get things sorted out, but I don't hold out much hope!

8th Jun 2008, 23:22

DAEWOO Sucks, don't buy one. I got a second hand with very low KM, no shop anywhere around to repair. So many small problems with Neutral Switch then Air Bag lisht, all within 1 week...

What a piece of Junk.. No more Korean made cars!!!

18th Dec 2008, 10:56

I echo these dealer problems. The car itself is great but parts are not cheap and dealers want a fortune - so I do all repairs myself. Example: engine light (MIL) came on and dealer charged £38 just to tell me what the fault was! The EEGR valve had failed and a new one was about £160! The dealer wanted £208 to do the job which I found out involved 2 bolts, one wiring connector and just 15 minutes. The item is a sealed non-repairable item so I had to purchase the part and do the job myself. A tip : get your own diagnostic reader for £80 on the Internet and by-pass the dealers.

3rd May 2016, 01:23

We have a similar problem and desperately need help.

2001 Daewoo Matiz SD 0.8 petrol engine from India


Unbeatable performance and simply Good


No problem.

General Comments:

This car seriouly quick. This point I am making it because of self experience. It moves between in the gaps within no time.

Leg room is simply the best. No other small in India as far I have seen does not have such good leg room and comfort in driving for long distance is simply too good.

I love to drive the car for long distances without any problem.

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Review Date: 4th November, 2002

24th Jan 2006, 04:49

I too agree with your comments. My Matiz too has similar pick up and best movability in traffic of Mumbai.