3rd Aug 2008, 04:18

Hey I drive a sirion from 2005 and I think the air con is really poor - I live in the Middle East.

Whats your thoughts on this?

3rd Aug 2008, 14:31

The air conditioning is not as powerful as systems in some other cars - the whole ventilation system in the Sirion is the weak spot in an otherwise excellent package.

In the UK, I find that even in a new 2008 car with 4,000 miles, the air con is slow and takes a long time to cool the car down. Once cold, it is OK, but there is not a big enough draw of air through the car, necessitating opening the window every so often.

For a cheap car, though it is worth considering that the car has STANDARD air con on the base model, and all the competitors with the same cabin size are more expensive and have the air con as a cost option.

The way I look at it, the air con is no better or worse than other budget cars, and the fact that it is a very cheap car and the air con is free!! In that respect, it is a great feature.

As I have said on other comment threads, the Sirion makes excellent sense as a cheap car - the 1.0SE is a fabulous car and absolutely unbeatable for the money. Once you get over £7000, the competition simply gets better.

I love my Sirion for its many qualities - I can live with the just-adequate ventilation/air con system at this price. You expect more if you spend more!! I do feel smug when I see an Aygo/Yaris/107/C1 driver sweating in the sun....!


27th Aug 2008, 04:40

We have a black 1.0SE, and find the aircon very effective. Switch to recirculate and it only takes a minute to cool even the rear seat passengers. This is in the UK though, where summer has been a little disappointing...

5th Nov 2008, 09:23

I agree totally. I bought my Sirion 1.0 SE 3 months ago (review to come soon) to replace my Kia Rio Diesel. I do a 200 mile a day commute and the car is the most comfortable I have owned for it. I am averaging 56mpg (the Kia could only manage 48mpg) and am keeping up with the flow of traffic happily.

The space inside the car is immense! With the rear seats down it is like a tardis and was a real help when moving home!

I cannot recommend the car enough.

10th Nov 2008, 14:08

Update: my Sirion now at 7500 miles and my wife's is at 6800 miles.

Both cars running superbly, with only the minor click sound on steering full lock to full lock.

I usually change my cars every 4-6 months, but I am absolutely amazed by my 1.0 Sirion and cannot bear to part with it. It is truly excellent and combines impressive performance and huge economy in a comfortable, well built package.

However, we have a baby and need space for four adults, ISOFIX seat and pushchair etc so have today agreed a deal to swap my wife's Sirion for a Daihatsu Materia which uses the 1.5 Sirion running gear, but is larger with more rear seat width and a bigger boot. This was a tough decision as we both adore our Sirions, but need more space to take the (large!) Grandparents out with us.

We have confidently ordered the Materia after a test drive and our very encouraging ownership experience of Daihatsu, based on our previous 2006 Daihatsu Copen and the two 2008 Sirions.

The deal was amazing - we got £6000 back for our 6800 mile 1.0 Sirion S and got a 5,000 mile 2008 Materia demo for £7030 (plus £170 RFL), including a service, five year warranty/breakdown and carpet mats. So nine months of motoring in a most enjoyable car has cost us less than £500!! Bearing in mind the low asking price of the nearly new Materia, this is outstanding.

My wife was unconvinced by the look of the Materia on the brochure, but warmed to it in the flesh and was sold after the drive. It is not as efficient as the Sirion and does not have much more space, but fits our needs and we could not turn the deal down.

That being said, the Sirion will be a very hard act to follow indeed - at the price, it is class-leading.

22nd Nov 2008, 05:31

That's a very good deal, Geoff - not surprised you went for it! And the expected 2010 road tax won't affect you, I suppose, because it'll be gone by then!

We've had some interesting debate re the Sirion and I look forward to your review of the Materia!

No much to report on my 1.3SE Auto - thank the Lord - but the graunching steering and abysmal heater continues to annoy. Waiting for the Soul, but early reports slate the rough ride, which would certainly kill it off for me. Probably wind up with a Note...

Cheers - Peter.

22nd Nov 2008, 06:15

Hi Peter - the tax for the manual Materia is £170 now and rises slightly to £175 in 2009 and £180 in 2010. The biggest change is the first years "showroom tax" which does not apply after the first year.

I am impressed with the Materia so far - initial thoughts are it handles and corners superbly, with better steering and poise than the Sirion (surprising with the height), but the suspension is a little harsh on poor surfaces and 4th and 5th gears are too close; 80mph in 5th means a noisy 4000rpm coupled with wind and tyre roar. The build quality is first rate and equipment good but the design is not as clever as the Note for example-stupid rear shelf, no clever cubbies/drawers etc, but the sense of occasion/fun is massive. The Materia is an enjoyable car to use though, and causes much debate amongst friends and other road users..!!

At the price I paid it is magnificent but they are far too expensive new, with high tax and 30-35mpg so far...

I drove the auto version, which was smooth but slow (nearly 3 seconds more to 60), but seems to have a better, higher top gear. Even higher tax and even thirstier though.

Once I have assessed it fully over 3000+ miles, a detailed report will be posted. At present, I love hustling the Materia along twisty but smooth rural roads, plus the reaction it gets in town, but it is thirsty and motorways are tiring.

14th Jan 2009, 17:24

See new Daihatsu Materia report comparing 2008 Sirion & 2008 Materia - somewhat surprising!

29th Jan 2009, 11:35

Further to the original report, I report with sadness that I have sold the Sirion (as we decided to go down to one car to provide funds for house renovation) and kept the Materia. A bizarre decision as I much prefer the Sirion to the Materia - but the truth is that the Sirion was hugely in demand and dealers were bidding against each other to buy it in as stock... they all quoted LESS to buy the Materia which booked at £1400 MORE in the Glass's guide.

The 1.0S Sirion was easily the best car I have ever owned and I am gutted to see it go - it was the only car that reached the first service without going back to the dealer beforehand...

Superbly competent, huge fun, spacious, comfortable, practical, enjoyable to drive and economical-it will be sorely missed...