19th Jul 2009, 10:28

I bought a 1.0s Sirion from a local dealer in June this year - taking advantage of the governments Scrappage Scheme to get £2,000 off the £8,300 price in return for my, utterly reliable, 11 year old Toyota Corolla.

Given the incredible reliability of my Corolla, I wanted another car MADE IN JAPAN - but baulked at current high Toyota prices - and that most Toyota's are no longer made in Japan - though the very good but rather pricey Yaris still is. The Sirion fits the bill exactly, and is made by Toyota Group subsidiary Daihatsu - who also make the Yaris, with which the Sirion shares its underpinnings.

Early days yet, but I am so far very impressed with the car - and I agree that the 1.0 litre engine is perfectly nippy for anyone but "boy racers" - and certainly a revelation for someone who has owned old style 950cc engined cars like the early Fiesta, and Hillman Imp (AKA worst car ever built runner up to the Trabant).

The £35 annual Road Tax is great too - and the insurance is reasonable too. I only use this as a runabout around Shropshire's sparsely populated roads, but its roominess and ease of driving makes this perfect for me and my wife. No faults so far - and hopefully I can look forward to none in the future if the reports on this thread are a good indication of the high quality of this vehicle.

19th Jul 2009, 16:41

Good luck with it - they are excellent cars (original reviewer back).

Advice with 1.0 Sirion; run it carefully for 1000 miles then thrash the living hide off it to loosen it up - this will transform the sticky gearbox, improve the power delivery markedly and improve the fuel economy. The car is UTTERLY different at about 10,000 miles if driven enthusiastically - so don't judge it yet!

The scrappage scheme is a good idea and you did OK out of it - but I only paid £6304 for mine... prices have gone up and discount then comes off - so no real change!

Read through earlier comments on here about useful additions to the car - the bulbs and sticky cubby mat being the most essential.

Would buy another tomorrow - great car!!

28th Sep 2009, 02:36

Just bought a Sirion 1.3 SE + under the scrappage scheme. I felt like a traitor trading in my 1993 Hijet, but need a car less affected by high winds and more able to deal with potholes on country roads, and don't need the Hijet for camping at the moment (but I WOULD love to get another Hijet sometime, because is was great to use as a camper van, but that is another story..). Anyway, I was determined to buy another Diahatsu. My Mum (now 94 and still driving until she was 92 had two Diahatsus and no problems).

I was so pleased to hear the comments about sticky gears, because other than that I just love this car. So comfortable to drive and roomy (can't quite sleep in the back of this one!) So, I shall take heed of your comments and "run it in", then drive it hard!!

7th Nov 2009, 15:01

After reviewing my Sirion 1 litre S at 15500 miles, I have now covered 26k miles with total reliability.

I said in the first review that the second service would be £180 inc VAT. It actually was £135 inc VAT at my local Daihatsu dealer.

I have been very impressed with very even tyre wear after rotating my tyres at approx 10k. There is plenty of life left back and front.

After mentioning it in my first review, this car seems to drive better with age, with the gear change becoming sweeter with the more miles I do.

We have four Daihatsus in our family, three bought from new with a combined mileage of 90k miles, and we have not had to return any of these cars for warranty work.

As I have said before, great cars that are built to last.

7th Apr 2010, 15:26

On Daihatsu website today:

"Please note: Due to the current weakness of the Pound against the Japanese Yen it has not been possible to order cars from our factory. As a result, some models are now in very short supply.

We are sorry if you are unable to find the exact colour and specification of the car you want, however your dealer will be able to advise you on the availability of stock across the UK."

So no more Daihatsus coming into the UK.

If you want one, check out the Perodua Myvi - same car, some detail differences. I have owned 2 2008 Sirions and also a Myvi. We have just bought another Myvi 1.3SXi in metallic for £6380. See 2010 Perodua Myvi "Toyota..." for comparisons with Sirion.

The Sirion is a superb car; shame they are no longer available. The Myvi is the next best thing and also much cheaper. Worth a look!

23rd Apr 2010, 00:18

How do you guys do with the excessive body roll during cornering for the Sirion?

23rd Apr 2010, 04:34

It depends on what you are used to...

I don't think it does roll excessively myself, but gives a controlled approach to corners, which gives you plenty of warning of the limitations of the car. For a small car, it has an excellent ride quality due to the softer springing and handles well for the type of car it is. A key factor are the tyres and pressures, which add to the roll if incorrect, but a well set up car drives well, especially considering the height of the car.

I would say the biggest downside in the drive of the Sirion, is the slab sides being sensitive to crosswinds, and making novice drivers nervous on windy motorways or passing HGVs.

I note on the UK Daihatsu website that Daihatsu UK are no longer importing cars into the UK due to the Yen exchange rate.

This was my review originally, written after owning the near identical Perodua Myvi 1.3SXi, which we commented as being not as good as the 1.0S base model Sirion. I had sold the Myvi to my Parents, and run the Sirion before having to sell it/them for financial reasons. At the time, the Myvi deal was £6500 and the Sirion deal £6304. Now the Myvi is £6180 OTR and the Sirion unavailable, so the Myvi is a worthy choice, especially at the money if you were considering a Sirion. They have enjoyed the Myvi so much they have bought a new 2010 car (£6380 inc metallic OTR) and I bought the 56,000 mile 2007 Myvi back off them and run it now.

Toyota, Daihatsu and Perodua are all Toyota group and make the same car under different names in different markets - as the Daihatsu Sirion, Daihatsu Boon, Toyota Passo and Perodua Myvi - all the same shell, engines etc, but with cosmetic differences and are built in different factories - all under Toyota supervision.

The Myvi is worth a look now it has better quality control, upgraded tyres and a three year, 60,000 mile full warranty with two years breakdown. It cannot match the total quality of the Sirion, loses some kit and the five year warranty/breakdown deal - but look at the price and availability!

See my other reports:

2007 Perodua Myvi "so far, so good..."

2010 Perodua Myvi "Toyota Passo/Daihatsu Sirion..."