24th May 2010, 21:32

Agree with you on the crosswinds that easily deflect the car on highways. Would lowering the car with sports progressive spring alleviate it, or is it the design that we can't really do anything about?

I only find Sirion manageable after installing front upper strut bar and rear lower arm bar. Before this, it was hairy experience when doing turning/cornering.

25th May 2010, 14:48

It is a city car, with reasonable long distance capability. The suspension, handling, braking and dynamics are perfect for what it is supposed to do!

I drive very hard and found the Sirion easy to attack B roads in; yes there is body roll and you do find the limit of the damping easily, but it is very safe and progressive - and very forgiving on mid-corner bumps and holes.

It takes a different approach to hoon a Sirion as opposed to say a Corsa or a Swift; you set the road position first, take up the give in the springing/damping/body roll and go for it.

An inexperienced young driver driving beyond the car's and their capabilities will prefer a harder sprung, bigger tyred car - it takes a little technique to drive a more comfort orientated city car at warp speed on twisties, but is far more fun finding the limit of the capabilities and "just" keeping within them.

I now have the 1298cc VVTi/DVVT engined Perodua Myvi (same basic car as a 2005-on Sirion) and that is great fun on our local B-roads. My 2007 Swift left me cold with its dull electric steering and lumpen lack of dynamic feel.

Personally, if I wanted to improve fast Sirion driving, I would advise paying more attention to the tyres and pressures and to get some rally/race training!

30th May 2010, 14:28

Re: fitting rear facing stage 0 (birth to 13kg) child seats, see comparison with Isofix equipped Sirion and the identical but non-Isofix Perodua Myvi.

See 2007 Perouda Myvi 1.3SXi "So far..."

We have run two 2008 Sirions and now run 2006, 2007 and 2010 Perodua Myvis, but we have run into difficulties due to lack of Isofix, as the alternative belt-using seat or base will not fit. It would make sense that a non-Isofix rear facing seat will not fit the rear seat of the Sirion, whereas the Isofix one will. The issues are due to belt length, AELR mechanism and access to the front belt guide.

Hope this is useful.

17th Jul 2011, 03:05

I have a Sirion 2008 1.3 SE Sports pack with auto box in pearl color. The rattling noise squeaking is not really from the dashboard, although it gives that impression, it's from the outer under windscreen plastic, so you just have to push it down a bit, which worked for me. Plastics; I know they are cheap, the agent changed my steering rack 3 times, but finally I got the new one modified from Japan, and it's excellent now. The calipers rattle from factory, but can be fixed if you tighten the pins.

12th Dec 2011, 17:40

Where can I purchase an upper strut brace, rear upper brace or any other for my 2004 Sirion? I've seen the D-Sport page, but I'm not fluent in Japanese. Appreciate any advice.

Love my Sirion GTVi 1.3. Have done air cleaner, full exhaust, hood scoop & soon to do springs.

Great value, fun getabout.

G. (Australia)