30th Jun 2003, 00:28

I love my Avenger too. It has some problems, like a serious power-steering leak, a really bad engine "shuddering" problem, but it's a very sexy car and a blast to drive! I hate to break it to you guys, but the Avenger is actually a Mitsubishi, mechanically.

22nd Jan 2004, 23:07

I am a paramedic and use my avenger as an emergency response vehicle. I am very pleased with it. I've had to replace all 4 wheel bearings (common in 9 out of 10 avengers) but otherwise haven't had any real problems with it. The turning radius is terrible, but it has a sporty / classy look to it that I like, and is completely interchangeable with the eclipse. I've had mine up to 146 mph and it wanted to keep going, but I ran out of road. I run with Eagle RSA's (H rating) so the handling you can't beat.

22nd Apr 2004, 13:31

I own a 96 Avenger ES Manual 4cyl. Put in 30k miles on it and now in 114k. Rear passenger side hub spindle was making noise after replacing all tires from Firestone Affinity T2. First I thought that noise was due to the tires. Otherwise I have not spent more than 100$ for battery, Radiator hose, wiper blades and door switches in the past two years of owning my Great Dodge Avenger. I have always used it for all long trips in the past and planning for an All American Road Trip this summer with my wife and 6 months old baby. I am proud of its performance.

19th Aug 2006, 19:55

Dodge Avengers are not Stealths. Stealths are the exact twin to the Mitsubishi Eclipse. Avengers only have certain Mitsubishi parts.

19th Oct 2006, 18:48

I've had my 98 Avenger for 3 years now. It's at 117k and I'm considering selling it. While idling, the car has become increasingly louder (including vibration) and sometimes this includes the RPM's rising and falling by a few hundred. I don't know why this is happening. If anyones has opinions on this I would appreciate it.

I Love my car otherwise. I recently had it repainted and brand new headlights. I've had numerous compliments, it's a great car.

13th May 2007, 15:59

"Dodge Avengers are not Stealths. Stealths are the exact twin to the Mitsubishi Eclipse."

Stealth's are the exact twin to Mitsubishi 3000GT's. Not Eclipses...

4th Oct 2007, 15:35

Well this is quite an interesting site. Looking for a car for my son, and have read reviews on the '95 Mazda 626 and the Avenger. It's unbelievable what people expect from a car with 150K miles on it. Wow. I figure at that mileage, it's kinda out of the manufacturer's hands... they did their job.

OK, let's clear this up. The Avenger is in fact based on the Gallant. Drive train, suspension, dash, seats all of it is Mitsubishi. They were made in the same plant, side by side. Chrysler styled it and put the logo on it. The 2.5L V6 is not a Mopar engine (neither is the 3.0 in minivans by the way).

Same today. The 2 door Stratus/Sebring are Mitsubishi. The 4 doors are Chrysler. The convertible is based on the 4 door. The only thing is, the '96-'00 used the 2.5 Mistu V6. The newer 4 doors use the 2.7 Chrysler engine, based on the 3.3/3.5/3.8 family. Awesome motor, if the oil is changed at 3000, as all motors require, yet is forgotten. For further info, check out allpar.com.

6th Feb 2012, 21:55

Replace your EGR valve.