1996 Dodge Avenger 4 cylinder from North America


Good-looking, fast, fun to drive, a bargain


Lots of the small plastic parts have broken off.

The cover for the coolant keeps flying off.

I have replaced the brakes once.

The transmission sometimes gets locked up if I sit in traffic for a while, but dealer could not duplicate the problem.

Car sits very low to the ground so I have scraped the front bumper so often I had to replace it.

Really bad turning radius, you cannot do a U-turn with this car.

General Comments:

Very reliable, great acceleration, I've had this car since it was brand new and I kept it for over 7 years now.

Seats and interior are sharp, it looks very modern and it is comfortable for long drives.

Doors are very large and heavy, and mirrors do not fold in, so watch out or you'll ding them.

Great gas mileage, I regularly get about 29 miles per gallon highway, and you can put in regular unleaded.

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Review Date: 25th June, 2003

22nd Jan 2004, 22:54

I agree with the horrible turning radius on this vehicle. I always have to do a Y turn when attempting a u-turn. Every-time!

15th Sep 2005, 14:34

I also have a avenger I can do a you turn in on I just gas it and pull the parking brake and slide and turn around its easy and fun.

1996 Dodge Avenger es 2 door 2.5L V6 from North America


Sugar-coated lemon


Transmission had to be replaced at 120,000 km.

Horn stopped working at 130,000 km.

C.V. Joint had to be replaced at 130,000 km.

Tie rod end was replaced at 125,000km.

General Comments:

The car handles great and acceleration proves to be arousing.

It is a chore to get in and out of the car.

The windows vibrate when they are half way down.

Transmission makes funny noises and shifts hard when down shifting, even with a new transmission in it.

There is little to no room in the back seats.

Nice audio-system, it helps with loud road noise on the highway.

This car could have been a lot better with a little more thought and design.

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Review Date: 14th May, 2003

22nd Jan 2004, 23:37

What do you mean it's hard to get in and out of?!

2nd Sep 2004, 09:02

There was a recall on the C. V., did you have the dealer fix it for no charge?

This car has the most room in the back seat of any other 2 door out there, I challenge you to find a roomier 2 door car. My friends have eclipses and they ride in my car instead because it is roomier.

May I suggest a cause for your vibrating windows. As with all cars with frame less windows, never push on the glass to close the door, ALWAYS push on the door itself. Pushing on the glass all the time is a sure way to cause a loose vibrating window...

1996 Dodge Avenger ES 205l VS with upgrades from North America


High performance racing machine


Both of the bottom ball joints have gone bad, but I have replaced them right way.

General Comments:

This car is quick, fast, and responsive. With engine upgrades and ram air, that takes it to almost 300hp, without NOS, it kills any car that wants to race!

The car would be even better if I could get the weight of it down.

The outside of the car looks like it is brand new. With a low profile body kit.

The inside of the car looks perfect too. With a DVD player and a eclipse could system.

The engine sounds great. When racing you can't hear it, until the NOS is added.

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Review Date: 23rd February, 2003

1996 Dodge Avenger ES V- 6 24 Valve from North America


Fast, Responsive, and completely Hot


I've had to replace the front brake pads and rotors about 6 months into owning the car.

Recently, I replaced the left rear wheel bearing because of a humming noise.

New battery put in after 6 months of owning the car.

General Comments:

This car is absolutely beautiful, both inside and out. The instruments are placed perfectly and the outer touches catch the eye.

Fast, and responsive, but not impressed with handling, which was solved by adding four new "H" performance tires.

Considering what I've replaced on the car, one must keep in mind that it is only expected. Reliability is a 10, keeping in mind that I added 26,000 miles on the car because I love driving it. I honestly believe that some of the problems people complain about with this car is their own doing. I've never had a problem with the moon roof, engine, transmission-- and I ran a complete vehicle history.

Not many may have faith, but I do. My 'venger made a trip from Pennsylvania to Vermont this past week. Yes 1100 miles in 4 days, and now has 150,000 and runs strong.

There are no leaks, no noises except the tweeter that I blew myself.

Above all, knowing the car's reactions is the most conenient. The parking brake has actually saved me from two accidents at this point, (one not being my fault).

So I suggest that by reading this, the next time you as a dodge owner would like to put down the company, take car of your car and treat it as the car it was meant to be, the key to a great driving experience.

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Review Date: 22nd February, 2003

3rd Jun 2003, 09:10

I think you are right. I have an Avenger also, and I love driving it. I bought it in October of 2002, and when I bought it it only had 29,000 miles on it. It now has around 43,000 miles. I never had a problem with it, exept I had to get the rotors cut about a week ago, and I think I may need new brakes. Otherwise, I love the car.. its my baby!

Jessica, Pa.