1996 Dodge Avenger ES 2.5 from North America


Excellent bargain as a USED car or off-lease purchase


The lower control arm bushings were replaced at 65,000km. The dealer replaced them at their cost due to "noise" or rattle heard only by me before paying for the car.

The flex pipe for exhaust needed replacing at 135,000km. No other exhaust problems as it is Stainless steel throughout.

Driver door open sensor (switch located on bottom of door frame) is failing. Intermittent problem (shorting out) which affects the alarm system and interior light due to door position not being known.

General Comments:

Most reliable car I ever owned. Has never left me stranded. (knock on wood)

Battery last 7 years.

Parts are very expensive. $980 CAN for 12" flex pipe for exhaust. It has three sensors on it for pollution control and is stainless steel over braid hose.

Chrysler mechanics have confirmed to me that they rarely work on the 2.5 V6 - except for tune up work.

Drives smooth corners exceptionally well. Keep the stock size tires on the vehicle. The extra width helps.

Trunk space is more than adequate.

Acceleration is impressive.

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Review Date: 25th January, 2003

22nd Jan 2008, 11:12

If the stereo says Error when you insert the CD means the laser unit on the stereo has stopped working or is malfunctioning. You can get it fixed for about a $120 (approx).

1996 Dodge Avenger Base 2.0 from North America


A very beautiful car, but must be taken care of


Transmission blown.

Brake rotors continually warp.

Intermittent windshield wipers have never worked.

Trunk leaks.

Driver's seat uncomfortable.

Thermostat stuck in open position--caused check engine light to come on and was replaced.

Lower arm ball joints were replaced, right before the recall so I had to pay for it myself.

General Comments:

I actually bought this car wrecked in the rear left quarter panel and fixed it up. I have expected to have problems with it because I originally purchased it at 114,000 miles.

The transmission blew after a year or so of driving it, and I discovered that it had already been replaced with a rebuilt transmission, so it is already on it's 3rd transmission, and it has started having problems staying in reverse again.

My intermittent windshield control has never worked, and I have no clue how to fix it without taking it to the dealership; I think I'd rather live without it.

My trunk also leaks, although I haven't made any attempts to figure out why.

My brake rotors keep warping, and I keep having to get them turned. I am considering purchasing high-temperature aftermarket brake rotors instead.

The driver's seat becomes very uncomfortable after 3 hours or so of driving, but I guess this is to be expected.

Overall it is a very beautiful car, but it can cost quite a bit to maintain if it isn't taken care of. I realize that I have had a few problems with it because the previous owner didn't take care of it very well. The biggest things I am dissatisfied with are the fact that the transmission doesn't seem to be very reliable, and my brake rotors keep warping.

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Review Date: 2nd January, 2003

11th Apr 2003, 22:48

I have a 1999 Dodge Avenger. I like it's looks, but hate the engineering. I have had to replace the head gaskets, transmission etc. Dealer is very rude to me and I have decided to bury it!!

22nd Jan 2004, 23:43

To the 99 Avenger owner who is going tobury it...,email me and I will consider taking it off of your hands. sengineer@charter.net.

8th Jan 2009, 15:11

I have a 1996 Avenger... did you ever figure out why the trunk leaks? I have a new seal. My spoiler was stolen, so I had to cover the holes with duct tape (which was painful) till I get a new one. but it still leaks really bad! I can smell the mildew setting in.

1996 Dodge Avenger ES 2.5L from North America


A gorgeous car with a comfortable interior


Center cup holder broke.

Slight wear in the driver seat.

General Comments:

Other than what I just mentioned this was a great deal.

Compared to my old car this one handles like a dream and is a lot faster then most people give credit for.

I haven't had this car for a long time, but so far nothing went wrong for me and according to carfax nothing major has happened to it. It's very reliable.

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Review Date: 11th November, 2002

5th May 2004, 07:36

I recently purchased a 1996 Dodge Avenger. So far so good. It's a very sharp car and clean looking. The only problem with it is the spoiler's paint is fading.